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    But but but... According to dhoni bots dhoni is the best t20 batsman in the history of the universe and pant is not ready Hits fastest t20 century still not ready
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    During his maverick innings, Pant clobbered 12 sixes and eight fours to add to his tally of four catches behind the stumps earlier in the match.
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    Where the * are the trolls and bots hiding now?
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    Whoever wanted Parthiv as keeper in place of Saha please come and put attendance here.
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    u19 WC: India vs Australia

    India 55/0. Btw Mods, reply box is missing when creating new content,or replying to messages. Please fix. Thanks
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    No spot available. Already have 2 T20 stalwarts in Dhoni and Karthik in the side.
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    Imagine Parthiv Patel in Aus giving Smith 2 chances every innings .
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    Love Ganguly for this reason.
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    New guy

    Tolerance limit with Kohli.

    I have no idea what is he even trying to achieve with these things. He had an amazing fan following, he is the captain in all formats. All these decisions are costing him and his team. He is spitting over his own legacy by these stupid decisions
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    Pakpassion is going bonkers with Mavi and Nagarkoti
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    Yeah he has been going through a bad patch. Pathetic to see some insecure guys here ripping on a youngster for that. I am not asking for him to be included in the test team right now. But he surely deserves a place in our T20 team.
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    Nagarkoti Fastest 149 k Average 143 k Mavi Fastest 145 k Average 142 k
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    Naaaaaaag bowling aaaaaaag vs Australia consistently 143+kph , hit 146kph 4 times with the fastest of 147kph got one wicket too.... Bishop was full in praise for his action and pace!!
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    Right now Saha averages 30.63, Parthiv 33.77...a difference of just 3 !!!! Outside India Saha averages 29.47 while Parthiv averages 25.50.....Saha gets 4 runs more per innings on an average. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/279810.html?class=1;home_or_away=2;template=results;type=allround http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/32242.html?class=1;home_or_away=2;template=results;type=batting Parthiv has 0 100s, Saha has 3 100s. Both have 1 50+ score every 4 matches. No one can tell with a straight face that Patel is a better batsman. Now coming to keeping: Parthiv has missed 9 catches in 3.5 tests beginning from his 2016 comeback. In the last 17 completed tests Saha missed just 4 catches. Moreover some of the blinders Saha takes won't even be considered as chances for any other keeper in world cricket. By most estimates Saha is the greatest pure keeper at least in the last 2 decades, he may or may not be Alan Knott level behind the stumps, I won't judge because I haven't seen Knott keeping. I genuinely believe since I started watching cricket only may be Healy can be compared to Saha. OTOH Parthiv is the worst keeper in history of cricket. Yet team management and some fans believe Saha should be replaced by Parthiv, I don't understand how or why? Simple question, how much should Parthiv average to compensate for his dreadful keeping. He drops 3 catches per test, Saha drops 1 catch in 4 tests. So in a 4 test series you would expect Parthiv to drop 12 catches and Saha to drop just one. Assuming each drop costs India 30 runs (being very liberal here because we have to look at partnerships and not merely batsmen score after any drop catch, moreover bowlers lose rhythm after drops), that is additional 360 runs. If Saha plays all 8 innings you expect him to get 240 runs, Parthiv needs to get 600 runs in those 8 innings just to be at par with Saha. in short PP needs to average 75 just to equal Saha. Right now he averages 33, outside India it is a pitiable 25. Great keeper batsmen like Gilchrist, Andy Flower, Sangakkara averaged at least 20 short of the 75 mark at the peak of their powers. Patel is 33 years old, same age as Saha...unlikely they will get into Steve Smith territory with the bat anytime soon. What is Kohli smoking?
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    Nagakoti and malvi 90 mph plus , under 19 . Searing pace shaw and gill best young bats in world . Shaw will be atg pant smashes electric Ton . Batter / keeper talent is crazy . No stopping india
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    Indian fast bowling factory

    It pains me to make this thread :p ..but yea..such a thing now exists. Nagarkoti & Malvi are impressive. Gone are the days of churning out trundlers. So what has changed? Why are there all of a sudden fast bowlers coming through?
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    Just read an interesting stat, Parthiv has dropped 9 catches in the 3.5 tests since 2016 comeback. Saha dropped only 4 in his last 17 test matches as keeper. Yet Saha is dropped because he averages 3 runs lesser than Patel.
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    Tolerance limit with Kohli.

    Not too long from our decline in international cricket if he keeps on with his rigid mindset. You look on his celebrations in the field as if he is proving a point to whole country about his selections to be right every time. I am not against losing but you should accept your wrong decision and poor performance about that. After last match he told that nobody expected Rahane to be in playing XI. Every sensible cricket follower expected him to be in XI irrespective of his recent form. I wish someone in media could ask him to why justify about selection policies are different for Rohit and Bhuvi. For Rohit, you go with current form and for Bhuvi, you go with pitch conditions. At least stick to one strategy. I am done with this sick attitude.
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    Indian bowlers effectively has to take 15 wickets in each innings
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    Parthiv keeping + Kohli first slip = Nightmare. It is as good as not having anybody there
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    Nagarkoti Fastest 149 k Average 144 k Mavi Fastest 145 k Average 142 k
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    Mavi and Nagarkoti, easily averaging 140kph+. Even the commies Ian Bishop and Danny Morrison seem to be excited. Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk

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