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    Kudos to Indian bowlers

    286, 130, 335, 258 These are the 4 scores by the much vaunted SA side after the 1st 2 tests. Pretty sure all of us would have taken these scores in a jiffy before the 1st ball was bowled this series. The most incredible part about this effort is the 11 dropped catches in the 1st 2 tests, meaning the bowlers have got the Saffers out 5 times for just 1000 odd runs. 1-2 drops per test match is acceptable, 11 in 2 tests is clearly unacceptable, especially if you consider the fact that the likes of Du Plessis, Amla and Elgar were dropped multiple times. Earlier Indian team used to lose the plot after dropped catches and end up conceding huge totals, this unit is different and deserves praise for the ability to bounce back after the consistent *ery by our inept fielders.
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    Could Pant do worse than Pappu and DK Bose? DK Bose is as poor a keeper these days.
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    Laaloo ji has more chance of scoring something tomorrow than Rohit Ji.
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    This team has had some epic collapses in the past few years. I'm not resting even if we are 280-2.
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    Austin 3:!6

    Bring on the ODIs

    Now the test series gone...bring on the ODIs.
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    Bring on the ODIs

    How I wish yuvi was also there to support young dhoni and karthik.
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    Apparently they wanted left hand-Right hand combination. Not a single batsman is even able to connect one ball properly and they think left-right hand combination is a great chanakya level smartest ever strategy. But at the end of the day they did the right for wrong reasons. Rohit would be plain embarrassing to watch against quality bowling on uneven pitch and would live upto his name of Maggie.
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    Why SA management has selected Ngidi in place of injured Steyn, they should have learned from Indian selectors & should have selected some tried & failed 30 + bowler
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    Yes you shameless conspiracy and fake news mob . The mob hammered kohli for dropping saha . They did not believe he was injured and all kanspiracy . now karthick called up as back up as saha is actually injured . so you shameless gutless mob who hammered him for dropping saha can now show your real men and apologise to our captain .
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    Only thing that can save his wicket
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    Greater chance of old school tail-enders like Patel and Nehra spending more time at the crease than Sharma
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    Just 1 batsman

    That one batsmen has ensured that hes the only batsmen . Drop Virat for a few matches and I would like to see him bat like this on his come back against Morne/Rabada etc
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    Lungi Nigidi [ Potential Great ] !!!

    Can you imagine Lungi vs Pant in IPl no it’s not really about the “haha” with all the puns...I am already dreading Sunil Gavaskar’s PJ’s on commentary
  17. 5 points
    Counter attack where the pitch is keeping low and the bounce is ankle height...The thread would have made more sense if the OP has stated we will shut shop and draw the game and rain will save us ... @Cricketics stop watching best of Manoj Kumar on YouTube and watch the game
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    Missing 2 more soldiers from brigade delusion infantry 101 sandeep and KT
  19. 5 points
    Am optimistic about win too. But to expecting from Rohit Sharma takes a psychotic disorder the least.
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    And we would be chasing 187 instead of 287 with saha behind the stumps.
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    Pleasantly surprised. These girls are something aren't they? Their average yo yo score was just above 18, lowest 17.7 (33 women players took the test). Indian men's cricket team has an average of 16.5 with passing mark of 16.1. NZ cricket team has passing mark of 18, Aus 19..... Surprising thing was 4 women scored 21.1 which is higher than the highest of Indian cricket team. Manish Pandey's score is 21, Kohli and KL Rahul top at 20.9 and Pandya 19.5. I knew field hockey was bloody tough, but this is unexpected. We won the 2017 Asia Cup beating heavyweights like China, Japan and South Korea. 10 years back a suggestion about beating China would have been laughed at, they would beat us like 6-0/8-0 those days and compete with the likes of Netherlands and Australia in Champions Trophy/WC/Olympics etc. South Korea and Japan too are heavyweights in the women's game. Now in the last couple of years we have an even H2H with China and positive H2H against other Asian teams, besides stealing occasional wins against the European and Southern Hemisphere ladies. Nari Shakti https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/hockey/top-stories/indian-womens-hockey-players-acing-the-yo-yo-test/articleshow/62482398.cms
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    Should have been fined the rest 75% for idiotic selections as well
  23. 5 points
    So which 20 year old have great skill sets? Your comment is a classic argument of Dhoni bhakts who forget that Dhoni is the biggest example of being successful having very limited skill sets, even more limited than Pant.
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    If you see their batting they are struggling not just technically, but mentally too. All of them barring Kohli are scared, insecure and uncertain. They is clear lack of clarity about what their approach should be and they look like they are batting just to save their place. Pandya had his place secured and he played freely in first test. That type of mentality is missing from other players.
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    Just 1 batsman

    Last time around we had 4 such batsmen. Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane Eng series we had 2 Vijay Rahane Aus series we had 3 Vijay Kohli Rahane How do we have 1 all of a sudden? You have to ask why team is regressing?
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    During our previous overseas cycle, everyone used to mock Indian bowlers on their inability to take 20 wickets, call them names & what not. Now we've got a competitive bowling lineup which took 40 wickets in these 2 tests. At least bowlers kept fighting & gave us a chance. Despite a dozen catches being dropped, they tried their best. But this time around our batsman have massively underperformed. The top order can't escape this responsibility. What's the use of calling it a world class batting lineup if the batsmen cannot stand tall when odds are at stake.
  28. 4 points
    Rohit 100 not out and patel 50 not out to win it . Imagine icf reaction if this happens lol
  29. 4 points
    start ipl as soon as possible bored of these type of overseas performance
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    Amazing spell of fast bowling by Shami 3 wickets in 6 overs and 2 more edges Speeds 135 k to 144 k Most importantly ... getting good bounce for which he is known for. Surprisingly ,he was lacking this earlier in the series. All 3 wickets were with deliveries that bounced extra. Got reverse swing and seam movement Bowled in very good areas.
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    pant can easily replace dhoni
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    Shastri should make himself useful and start the rain dance.
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    King Tendulkar

    Apologise to kohli thread

    There you go . Mob proved they are shameless . No integrity . saha genuinely injured . Yet mob says now, its kanspiracy . Some of you guys got pak genes lol some now claiming saha not injured and karthick being flown in as cover story lol o please lol no one man enough to apologise and admit they were wrong . Feel sorry for your wives and girl fiends or more likely your boyfriends ( we are equal opportunities site so don’t panic ), this level of stubbornness!
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    In the pic on the right, the kid looks so much like M Vijay. If this is the Naveen kid you are talking about, well, make your own interpretations.
  36. 4 points
    Pakistan never fail to cheer us up :)
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    Mavi and Nagarkoti's wickets today. Check out those quick yorkers https://streamable.com/n4v1l https://streamable.com/edx81
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    Apologise to kohli thread

    What's the proof that you are human???? It can be any software..
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    Apologise to kohli thread

    How does this prove Saha is injured? Present scenario is if you want to get rid off someone you don't like play the 'niggle' card. We have seen this right from the WI tour 2016 when Vijay and Che had convenient niggles just to accommodate Dhawan and Rohit. Kohli in his captaincy stint (T20s, ODIs and Tests) has shown enough evidence of being a feckless crook. No wonder so many sports journalists on social media, including veterans brushed off the stupid niggle excuse card. Saha is a quiet shy person, he will never speak out publicly or make a drama out of this thing, that's how humble chaps from Siliguri roll. And he doesn't have the backing of CAB/Dada because he is not from Kolkata, only people from Kolkata matter for CAB officials.
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    Vijay and Kartik together lol have they played for same team after Vijay ran away with DK's wife lolol
  41. 4 points
    What, is Parthiv Patel dead?
  42. 4 points
    pant is a keeper/bat, maxwell isn't. If maxwell was a keeper, he would be preferred ahead of Paine and Wade any day in ODIs. i think you dont even have this basic understanding of cricket. also pant has played one less match and just 12 runs behind BHui.
  43. 4 points
    Or this could be an elaborate cover up to save face. Kohli can go to any extent to prove he is right or to escape scrutiny.
  44. 4 points
    woah woah woah... slow down... my mental stability was indeed off balance since parthiv Patel blamed Pujara for the missed catch yesterday... it isn't something I do everyday :D
  45. 4 points
    Of all the people that one can randomly Google search, why would anyone search DK? Tells a lot about a person's mental stability.
  46. 4 points
    DK is selected to make Pappu look good @Laaloo
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    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Does Dhoni have any nephews that we can fast track?
  48. 4 points

    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Despite all this some people still having a go at Saha? Seriously do you guys even understand cricket?
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    we could have won the series had we been playing papua new guines and not south africa
  50. 3 points

    Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Rishabh Pant top run getter in SMA trophy zonal league. @Rasgulla http://www.bcci.tv/syed-mushtaq-ali-trophy-2017-18/stats/most-runs Strike rate of 210. No one else in top 10 with over 200 runs. http://www.bcci.tv/syed-mushtaq-ali-trophy-2017-18/stats/highest-strikerate

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