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    We have been seeing this year after year during Pink matches. The other team shows full support for the cause and the Indian team just comes and plays like they couldn't care less. At least it looks like that by their non participation .It would be different if it was not a pink match for support and awareness and individually and collectively they don't give a damn . But it is not so. They participate in the match without participating in the cause. The stadium is painted pink.Even most spectators take the effort to wear something pink to show support.It is not just symbolic. It is to show support and spread awareness.The SA team jerseys are going for auction . Indian teams non participation in any form is not an oversight. It can't be unless the whole team,management and bcci is colour blind. Just wearing pink ribbons won't be such a big effort. Breast cancer is a world wide issue that effect families all over the world. Just a little support does not cost much . It is not like the board is losing money because of some conflict of interest.They need not change the jersey,just ribbons or shoes would be enough. It is not like it is a cultural thing that is alien to the team. It is not a national issue. It is a health issue that all women face. Even Indian women ....a lot of them . So why does the team/ management / bcci not care enough to buy some pink ribbons at least. I feel sad looking at these matches and the team looks like a team of uncaring brats. Would you like to see the Indian team participate in some form or the other? Yes ? No ? Don't give a damn?
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    Dhawan needs to score a daddy hundred to score more than 300 otherwise our consolidators will consolidate to 260 and then rahane will say we aimed for 240 on this pitch.
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    Batsmen to follow for India: Rahane, Bhuvaneswar kumar, IYer Batsmen to follow for SA : Dhoni, Pandya,
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    Dhoni will be the perfect antidote for this high run rate
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    Man I don’t know but I love Morkel’s bowling. The guy puts in lot of hard work into his bowling. Especially in test matches where Steyn, Rabada and Philander have bowled more fuller to the batsman, Morkel has bent his back to bowl those short ones. Bending your back consistently can fk your body up and Morkel has done it all his life. You got to appreciate such bowlers, regardless of where they come from. One of my favorites from South Africa till date.
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    Rozilla in the subcontinent: Rozilla outside the subcontinent:
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    Hopeless overseas and against any decent swing bowling. Time to move on to younger players with better mentality and technique.
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    Roshit besharma is as consistent as kohli in this series
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    On a serious note....this always happens. The other team shows full support for the cause and the Indian team just comes and plays like they couldn't care less. At least it looks like that by their non participation . Just wearing pink ribbons won't be such a big effort. Breast cancer is a world wide issues that effect families all over the world. Just a little support does not cost much .It is not like the board is losing money because of some conflict of interest.
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    Atleast Pandya should have had pink streaks in his hair.
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    The current crop and the forth coming crop of Indian pace barrage can outbowl outdo phaticharistani pacers anywhere in the planet be it gali,muhalla,nukkad, Melbourne cricket ground, lord's,wankhede,vagairah vagairah
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Let's see Wasim waqar (ok I'll give you that, good bowlers) Imran (ball tamperer) Fazal (lol who the fk is that) Sarfraz Nawaz (father of ball tampering) Asif (phateechar match fixer) Amir(phateechar match fixer) Gul (lol poor man's zaheer khan) Junaid (lol are you kidding me) Zahid (lol who the fk is this nobody) Akhtar (Chucker) Shinwari, Junaid, Hassan Ali, Amir these phateechar bowlers won't even make the India A team
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    The problem is, such incidents only pull down a players morale. If Anukul comes to know Venky and Dravid were/ are against him, imagine the mental plight of the kid. Understand that this kid is from a poor family coming from an irrelevant small village. He must already feel out of place, and such things will only make him nervous.
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    Delhi boys are at it again. Only the Mumbai boy keeps failing.
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    Rohit day by day is proving what a colossal mistake it was to play him first two tests. This guy is such a Minnow basher. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We're currently playing a balancing game between Israel and the Arab world, which is how it should be. There is a benefit to paying diplomatic lip service to both parties in this conflict. Would it have made any difference to the Indo-Pak ground realities if the Palestine envoy had not met Saeed? No. It was just a bit of grandstanding on their part to appease their friends, that's it. Let's not get caught up with pappi-jhappi sentimentality. Realpolitik is paramount when it comes to geopolitics. India tends to gain from the persistence of the Israel-Palestine conflict and we should milk both sides whenever possible. This gesture from NaMo was to win brownie points with the Arabs, that's all. Israel are our strategic partners for NOW as both India and Israel are threatened by radical Islam. It is the basis for our intelligence sharing agreement. We must remember that the Israelis are no saints themselves. They have a track record of backstabbing their allies/former allies (France, Iran in the 70s and even the Americans) when it is expedient to them so keeping them at an arm's length is the way to go. Them 'selling' weapons to us during Kargil was business for the most part and I've already addressed why they share intel with us. Geopolitics is very complex. For example, China is our largest trading partner while at the same time it is also our biggest rival/enemy in Asia. We continue to do business with China even though we know how it funds and supports Pakistan as well as Naxals/Maoists. Shouldn't we embargo the Chinese? Ideologically yes but logically no. We continued trade with China even during the Dolam stand off. No need to get upset or carried away with political grandstanding, it accounts for very little at the end of the day. In geopolitics, India's best interests are what matter at the end of the day.
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    Top 20 averages in ODIs !!!

    Amazing he came so close to 10000!! Dhoni as well. Look at 2,3,4,5 - kohli, AB, Bevan, Dhoni. 200+ matches 50+avg.
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    India still has 5 times as many wins in Australia and South Africa this millennium than you do with your "battery". Whats the point of having a bowling attack with Wasim, Waqar, Imran, Fazal, Sarfraz Nawaz, Asif, Amir, Gul, Junaid, Zahid, Akhtar if you can't win?
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    You dare to mention a noname like shinwari, a tried and tested failure like junaid and a phateechar match fixer like amir as some fast bowling superstars, you are the one who needs a reality check
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    Shaw's trigger movement while playing pacers is rather uncommon and many would say that it makes things more difficult for him in some ways. He drags his back foot outside the leg stump before the ball is delivered ... as if he is trying to play inside out. This makes it more difficult to reach channel deliveries and reduces the idea of one's off stump position. Shaw is frequently seen playing and missing channel deliveries. Tackling round the wicket short balls maybe more difficult too. P.S - I am a great supporter of unorthodox techniques if they are yielding consistent results. Steve Smith, Jasprit Bumrah , Sehwag are great examples. Shaw may turn out to be such a player too... and the rest of his game looks very good.
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    KM Asif 10-0-65-3 Md. Siraj 10-2-46-3 A. Rajpoot 9.4-0-51-3

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