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    Fastest Bhum 145 Pandya 143 Bhuv 142 Ukad 141 Lots of slow deliveries. Only bhum and pand were quick. Bhuv used few quick deliveries. Ukad totally took pace off ball.
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    Nothing will happen. We won’t break away with ICC and we will stay host all the tournaments which we are supposed to. Future headlines might also involve how Pakistan can’t tour etc and hence we shouldn’t host. Pakistan will still tour India and play us in a group game in a wc and they will also get knocked out early.
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    Pandya was hitting 143 quite often. Bumrah I saw a fastest of 144 and Bhuvi was bowling around 142. Unadkat was notable. He was burning the speed gun with his 113-114 express deliveries!
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    I don't care if you care or not. Kohli has a job to do as a batsmen and he is doing that job brilliantly. We are Just acknowledging his performance.
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    Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    I am confused. Which thread of this story have you picked up ? Did you forget the part of visiting PM refusing to meet your sitting CM to appease pro Khalistani groups who are by their very definition anti India ? Yes, it is quite a surprise that there is a govt and a PM who has put India’s pride and integrity ahead of sucking up to white man again. Or it is white “people”.
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    Malcolm Merlyn

    Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Anti Khalistani terrorist is not anti sikh.
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    Malcolm Merlyn

    Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    India is not answerable to canadians in any way. They can think whatever they want, they can do jack. They though carried out the worst terror related air disaster till 9/11 Regarding 1984 riot, its a separate issue and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. But seems sikhs in India have forgotten that as they have elected congress govts in Punjab and Delhi. Dont know what locus standi some canadian has in this matter.
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    Old guy

    SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    not more stupid than inability to read thread which has 6 lines.
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    Its their t20 tournament. Pretty much every country has now. Its good to have more leagues around the world so that more and more players are making money. Gives a lot of different players a chance to shine and make it into their national teams. Nothing joke about that. SLPL, CPL all are going to help their players develop and only get better. Its good for cricket and cricketers in general.
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    Kohli is on his way to conquer all the three toughest overseas challenge that any sub-continent batsmen can face.. Kohli Stats Across formats : Last AUS tour : 1270 Runs(4 Tests 5 ODIs 3 T20Is) Current SA tour : 870 Runs(3 Tests 6 ODIs and 3* T20Is) Time to correct the last outing kohli had in England. Anderson and Broad..better be scared.
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    Dear Khota, You need to understand the difference between Test format and ODI format. Dhawan can certainly do well in tests against minnow team but he will never sustain outside the subcontinent.
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    Pandya hitting 143s at the end of a long 60 days of tour is amazing.
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    forget condemning Air India bomber, he has his own website, where he SPECIFICALLY says that Operation Blue Star was a genocide of Sikhs. So moral of the story is, the most powerful Canadian Sikh politician thinks that when the government sends in the military against a terrorist who's taken over a building for MONTHS and refuses to lay down arms, fortifies it with his supporters, its 'genocide', because this terrorist happens to be Sikh.
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    Yes thanks for clarifying that point . Yes team game , insightful stuff . What next earth is round
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    Disciple making his preceptor proud today lol
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    Vijay Hazare quarterfinals broadcast schedule is out. Only 2 games will be broadcast - QF 1 and QF 3. They will broadcast both the semi finals and then the final also.
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    SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    What conqured ? Lost the test series won the odi one. ?
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    Played the sheet anchor role to perfection today. Would've made Dhoni proud.
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    You should put this in the same thread as that Ajman T20 classic.
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    Tests in NZ would have been great to watch.
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    Nirav Modi paise leke bhaga thread

    Author Ravi is a banker over 2 decades and is from IIMB - quite a coincidence
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    Possibly the dumbest suggestion of the century. Open with Rahane/Rohit/Dhawan. I mean. come on that is plain illiteracy. Unless you are closely related to these players (even they won't suggest this) . As you can see i am the first one even to respond to this. that is just to point out how wilfully ignorant you are about assessing strengths and weaknesses of players.
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    lol...ppl hating on Pandey now...haha...ICF zindabad...the truest and real fans
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    he should have learn from bhuvi instead of dho.i

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