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    Like All format players, Kohli, Bumrah, Bhuvi and Hardik rested. Regular fast bowlers getting rest. Dhoni not in the team. Shankar, Hooda, Pant, Sundar getting chances. New batting all-rounders being developed. Dislike No Krunal Not a single genuine fast bowler. This attack lacks pace. Shardul and Siraj are fast-medium and Unadkat and Shankar are medium. Siraj did not look ready for T20s . Khaleel Ahmed could have been tried. Has all the variations and genuine pace.
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    Not by any means. He's gonna screw us for many more years/series to come.
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    Decent team, just hope Lokesh and Pant get a run and go bonkers and give selectors and Kohli a headache
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    Younger? He is 30, not 36. Rohit at similar age is still trying cement his test spot as youngster.
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    missed a huge trick by not selecting krunal , wud have been ideal on those pitches
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    IMO we clinched the 2015 leg but SA have clinched this one in spite of us beating their 2nd grade team in white ball cricket. Test cricket is the only format that matters and we got ambushed in the 1st 2 tests. Jo'berg was a sweet win but for me the tour ended then and there. Even though we won but overall more problems than solutions after this ODI/T20 leg tbh. We will most probably reach the SF next year but lose the moment we run into a red hot peaking team and make no mistake the teams that will make the semis in 2019 WC will be red hot. This team's average level is good but peak level is very low. Peak to peak we will definitely lose to Aus, Eng and only be 50:50 against SA, NZ, Pak. TBH if Lanka get their bearings right like in the CT group game even they will run us rugged, this joke of a middle order is waiting to get exposed on the big stage yet again, top 3 can only take you so far.
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    Firmly cemented his position as no 2 behind Smith in this era. For the time being let us desist from placing these 2 above retired ATGs because we don't know how their careers will end. Guys like SRT/Ponting/Viru had a dip in their later years while Sanga/Clarke/Inzi pushed up their stocks in their latter years. I expect Smith to have a dip, lot depends on how he times his retirement, whether on a high in 2023-24 or kicking and screaming like Ponting at an advanced age. Kohli may do better post 34-35 but Indian ATGs (bar Sunny, Dada) have a bad habit of not knowing when to quit. As things stand both these 2 will retire as ATGs no matter how much they decline. Root and KW IMO shouldn't figure in these discussions for the time being. I am assuming OP meant batting and not captaincy because that opens a can of worms and irrespective of recent results Kohli has more negative points than his bhakts would like us imagine, starting with his absurd selection policies. With the bat he still needs to have 1 good England tour, 2-3 quality knocks (by quality I don't mean breezy 20s and 30s) on raging turners and a good WC, esp in KO stages. These 2 coming years will be an acid test for him because if he misses the bus here, he may never redeem himself in 2022-23 cycle because of age/injuries/form etc. He is in his peak age and if he doesn't strike gold now he will never be comparable to Smith in any serious cricket discussion. I am sure he will give a few quality performances on raging turners at some point simply because he will get more opportunities there. If I were to summarize: T20s...> GOAT ODIs...> Top 5 of all time, closer to 5 than 1. Unless he rectifies his WC and KO/finals records he isn't getting anywhere close to the top irrespective of how he ends stats wise. Bilaterals have lost significance in the current era, most teams field their 2nd/3rd choice teams and in general ODI cricket is a format losing relevance. WCs and to a much lesser extent CT/Asia Cup are the only things worth playing for. Tests...> Not an ATG yet but an Indian ATG nonetheless, behind VVS in my list now.
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    He is miles better than anyone we have at the moment for that number 5 postion in ODI.Can hit from ball one , clutch as they come and a gun fielder.
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    WTF is Sunny G doing? Holding the tip of the mace
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    There is something strange going on regarding the treatment being meted out to KL Rahul He is arguably the 2nd best all-format batsman in this team ... but is not a default starter in ANY of the formats. --- is not in the ODI squad even --- has the best SR + average combo in T20Is but is not even a first-choice backup player. The newspapers must become vocal
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    1. Rohit Sharma (Captain)2. Shikhar Dhawan (vice-captain)3. KL Rahul4. Suresh Raina5. Manish Pandey6. Dinesh Karthik (wk)7. Deepak Hooda8. Washington Sundar9. Yuzvendra Chahal10. Axar Patel11. Vijay Shankar12. Shardul Thakur13. Jaydev Unadkat14. Mohammad Siraj15. Rishabh Pant (wk)Mr MSK Prasad, Chairman, All-India Senior Selection Committee, said: “We’ve kept in mind the workload and upcoming schedule while finalizing the team for Nidahas Trophy. The high-performance team has suggested that adequate rest should be given to our fast bowlers to help improve athletic performance, maximize rest and prevent injury.”“Mr MS Dhoni was not available for selection as he had requested for rest,” he added. Link- http://www.bcci.tv/news/2018/press-releases/17166/rohit-sharma-to-lead-india-in-nidahas-trophy-2018
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    Yes indeed they didnt dominate as batsmen from respective sides didnt help their cause ,this is ironical that trundler dominated sides performed as a unit but we as fans were certainly backing some players to do well and get noticed but alas it didnt happen.I think these tournaments should be used to gauge individual performance
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    A batsman with average of 24 and SR of 130 is better than someone averaging 50 with SR of 147. This is extraordinary. Bias against someone can't be more blatant.
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    Well, that's what Rohit will make your feel as a audience when he gets out... He gives the impression that he got the toughest ball ever bowled... Poor guy....Can't blame him....not everytime he gets indian flat wickets or srilankan team to make double century Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Tapatalk
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    Shikhar should have been rested as he is playing all the forms of cricket. As Rohit & Dhawan are not rested, Rahul, Rishabh may not get any games
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    From TN. Medium pace bowler and hard hitting batsman. A replacement for Hardik. He was there in the 3rd Test against SL in 2017 but did not make the XI.
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    Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    He will play at no 3 in stead of Pujara in England, calling it first. For Crooked Kohli commercial interests trump team interests. You see what is happening with Rahul right now, merit is no longer a criterion for national selection. Having likes of Rohit and Dhawan in the test team will make Kohli look extra good, team jaaye bhaad mein. If it were up to him he would permanently drop Vijay, Rahul, Pujara, Rahane from our test team and fill their spots with white ball hacks. He can't do that because it will be too blatant, so next best thing he can do is keep everyone's spot insecure so that no one except him can perform at full capacity. Indira Gandhi did this when she was PM and all state Congress leaders were systematically destroyed/neutered. Kohli is no different, unless we have checks and controls Indian cricket is heading down the same path. Rohit, Dhawan, Pappu in tests and Karthik, Jadhav, Dhoni in ODIs........
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    Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    Their is nidhas, IPL, odi n t20 series in england before the test series and he ll pile on runs n runs to make kohli forget everything . Both shastri, kohli along with harsha, manju, sunny will sing the same song - he is back, back in form .......the talent, the x-factor and this will be his turn around series
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    RIP Still remember the awesome hit Chandni song. One of the monostable songs of those times.
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    Bumrah bowls Morris with a 145 k delivery that beat him for pace.
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    on one hand we had players like Rahul Dravid encouraging younger players to take part in t20 world cup of 2007 and on the other we have the same set of players playing even after 11 years without giving a chance to next generation... The likes of Dhoni/Rohit/Karthik should not be playing t20
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    KL rahul shud tell Shastri n Kohli- Idhar dekh B#....DK

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