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    He is just a kid! Why bring Pak and India in between? Also, he looks to be from a poor family. If he were my son, I would be mighty proud of him. I hope he does well for himself in the time to come.
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    F*cking topics such as this TOTALLY upset the already uneven mind of the cricket -disturbed ICF fan. This is what I thought for instance (and I'm sure you guys were thinking the same): Oh good Mayank Agarwal is in the India selection queue, he has had a great season. Maybe he can be a second VVS or Dravid for us. Goody, goody gumdrops, now can someone pass that second bottle of my favourite HEMORRHOID CREAM. Hi ho hum hum hum...apply apply apply....WAIT A F*CKING SECOND...queue? Bose, DK there's a queue? Whaddaya mean queue? Like a queue queue? Like there's numbers being distributed say 1,2,3,4,5 and they hand them out to players? So what number did they hand out to Agarwal? What if someone jumps the queue? Let's say Jadeja takes his (presumably) # 3 ticket and tells Ashwin (#2) :"F*ck your legspin fatty-bao, get outta the way and ALSO kem cho to you mofo!!!". What happens to Pant, Pandey, Gill, Iyer, Nagarkoti, Pandya Sr and Laxman Sivaramakrishnan...WHERE are they in the queue? CAN YOU SLEEP WITH SOMEONE TO JUMP THE QUEUE? DINESH KARTHIK AND STUART BINNY I'M LOOKING AT YOU!!! WHAT'S SHASTRI'S LOVE LIFE AT THIS TIME? ABEY I'M GETTING A HEART ATTACK!!! WHAT IF THE queue doesn't move? Who'll be responsible? CAN I BLAME DHONI? CAN I BLAME KOHLI? CAN I BLAME SRT? And who has final ordering of the queue? What if he dies? Pancho, who'll remember who was in the queue? Like this is a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE you retards!!!! Down with the BCCI!!! I have an ulcer ---ergo I need a strong drink... make it a boilermaker (whisky queued by a beer). I'll be seeing queues in my dreams tonight pancho.
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    Guess the sun sign of posters

    I'm leo bitch
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    kid is faster than vinay kumar , unadkat , dhawal etc etc
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    And you won't see any Indian ex cricketers jumping up and down over such videos because India mein talent ki kami nahi hai, Pakistani cricketers act like over excited cheerleaders over any lallu panju, just shows that pakistan mein actually talent hai hi nahi isliye kisi bhi tattu ko dekh kar their imrans and wasims have an orgasm and start chanting tailunt tailunt.
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    http://indianexpress.com/article/india/breastfeeding-gilu-joseph-mathrubhumi-publications-much-ado-over-nature/ Since Wednesday evening, the photograph of a model breastfeeding a baby has generated a storm of reactions on social media. The photograph appears on the cover of the latest issue of Grihalakshmi, a popular Malayalam weekly magazine for women brought out by Mathrubhumi Publications, with the headline (roughly translated to English as): “Mothers tell Kerala: Don’t stare, we need to breastfeed.” In an interview to The Indian Express, Gilu Joseph, the model who features on the controversial cover, said that a query for cover shoot had come to her like any other assignment and as soon as she found out what the issue being addressed was, she decided to do it. Joseph defended the concept of the photoshoot saying, “It is a problem to interpret this (breastfeeding) sexually. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? Why would you think it’s wrong? Which god will you offend by feeding your child?”
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    Happy Holi!

    Happy Holi to all icfers . Have fun safely .
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    PSL is a trulyunique league

    Karachi: A few team owners in the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) are not happy with the attitude of some of their overseas signings, who they suspect are not going all out to avoid fitness/fatigue issues before the lucrative Indian Premier League. Sources in some of the franchises competing in the PSL have said that some players have even pulled out of matches citing niggles. "Joffra Archer is one example. He is playing for Quetta Gladiators and he pulled out of a crucial match and this didnt exactly make the owners, management or fellow players happy, a source said.He said the Quetta Gladiators owner, Nadeem Omar, didnt say anything to Archer but suspected the all-rounder was only keen on being fully fit and fresh for the IPL, which begins shortly after the PSL ends on March 25.Archer will make his IPL debut this year and was bought for an astounding USD 800,000 by Rajasthan Royals.Defending champions, Peshawar Zalmi, are also not happy with the unavailability of West Indian veteran all-rounder, Dwayne Bravo, who is yet to show up in the PSL third edition. Zalmi depends heavily on the all-rounder who is reportedly yet to fully recover from an injury and reach Dubai."It is not about the money but when you lose a player of high caliber it upsets the teams plans," one source said.Bravo has been retained by Chennai Super Kings for this year's IPL for 6.40 crore approximately USD one million.Sources say few others in the PSL who have been auctioned in the IPL are also suspected of not giving their best and reserving their resources for the more lucrative Indian league.Pakistan's former Test captain, Salman Butt, says he is not surprised since there are many T20 leagues being played in the world but the IPL remains the most lucrative for players."Top players would prefer to be in the IPL 100 percent fit and in fresh. Because if you perform there you get richer and noticed quickly." https://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/foreign-stars-saving-themselves-for-ipl-feel-psl-team-owners-1676527.html
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    Even though you have a point, its in bad taste to make this point on this thread. At the end of the day, its a young kid who's bowling nicely.
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    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    NO selector, not even vengsarkar and sandeep patil have been so correct and good as far as team selection is concerned, msk and team got the right team picked for africa and rested jasprit and then played him in tests against africa , which was a master stroke, some other selections of Kedar and shreyas iyer have also been Successfull, even manish oandey has done fair, even got a genuine all rounder hardik and dumped Stuart Binny -correct decision. even dropping finger spinners for odi n t 20 and playing wrist spinners. good selections...got a very good pace attack in africa and even got few pace bowlers to go to africa to bowwl to our batsman..Many great moves....MSK and team are doing cool job.
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    Guess the sun sign of posters

    many anti-dhoni fans in ICF are showing the signs of cancer
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    Don't the average pakistani fans get tired of the usual "bahot tailunt hai" BS Abey phateecharon tailunt ka theka sirf tum ne utha rakha hai? Bc koi bhi phateechar ko tailunt tailunt kar ke hype karte rehte ho
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    Where is the proof that he is 5 year old??
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    Folks I was told NOT TO OPEN THREAD FOR INDIA RELATED MATCHES I stopped but now my thread other than India matches Stopped by some OVER JEALOUS PERSON and they feel proud of their ROTTEN ACT Shy9
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    Aravind and Peeny Qumar are two of the most hated trundlers on ICF. haaaaw caaaaaan yu not no him!
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    https://www.sport24.co.za/Cricket/Proteas/morne-morkel-drops-retirement-bombshell-20180226 Cape Town - Proteas fast bowler Morne Morkel has announced he will retire from all forms of international cricket at the conclusion of the four-match Test series against Australia starting in Durban on Thursday. The 33-year-old has played 83 Tests, 117 One-Day Internationals and 44 T20 Internationals in a successful career spanning 12 years. He has taken 294 Test wickets - including seven five-fors - and is currently the fifth highest all-time wicket-taker for South Africa in Test matches. He has an impressive tally of 529 wickets across the three formats. Explaining his decision, Morkel said: “It was an extremely tough decision but I feel the time is right to start a new chapter. I have a young family and a foreign wife, and the current demanding international schedule has put a lot of strain us. I have to put them first and this decision will only benefit us going forward. “I have loved every minute that I have played in the Proteas jersey, and I am incredibly grateful to my team mates, Cricket South Africa, and my family and friends for the support over the years. I still feel there is a lot of cricket left in me and I am excited for what lies ahead. For now, all of my energy and focus is on helping the Proteas win the upcoming series against Australia.” Cricket South Africa’s acting CEO, Thabang Moroe, praised Morkel’s commitment and contribution towards South African cricket: “On behalf of Cricket South Africa, I would like to thank Morne for the tremendous and highly valued contribution he has made to South African cricket over the past decade. “He has been a regular selection for both the Standard Bank Proteas Test and ODI squads since 2008, having made his debut as far back as 2006. He has formed part of the golden era of fast bowlers that have made the South African Test team a champion outfit that is respected throughout the world. “Being a champion fast bowler is one of the most difficult professions in the sporting world. It requires tremendous skill, dedication and perseverance and, by no means the least, the courage to bowl through the pain barrier at times. Those are characteristics Morne has shown throughout his career. “Lastly, on behalf of the South African cricket family, our stakeholders and fans around the world, we thank Morne for being both a fine player and an outstanding role model who has made our country proud. We wish him everything of the best in his future endeavours.”
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    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/pakistan/chinese-prisoners-working-on-cpec-in-pakistan-mp/articleshow/63133575.cms To all the Pakistani participants here - are you not ashamed of how pathetic and shameful of a slave your country has become to the Chinese ? They will get their prisoners to work in your country but will not hire your people - yet your entire nation kisses their boots. Are you not ashamed that you are willing to be a slave begging country but will not live with amicability with India ? Your Kashmir obsession has destroyed your country - nothing has curtailed India's rise and nothing will stop Indias path to great power status - just remember that. Pakistan could have been a filthy rich country had it focused on education and trade with India and had access to the massive Indian market. Instead it focused on military and militancy to harm India and try to wrest Kashmir. Are you not ashamed that your leaders prefer to be a Chinese W&*(e than a respectable sovereign power ? it is upto you to spread the word and try to save your country from becoming another Syria.
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    How did D Karthik get back into the Indian team?
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    A section of society ! 8000 and more dowry deaths per year is not significant ? Do you think 63 million missing girls in a country is not a problem? It is a silent genocide.....happening under the patriarchal system. Least we can do is question it and let change happen .
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    Guess the sun sign of posters

    @Muloghonto saggitarius or capricorn taurus. @Cricketics libran or gemini @Book_Worm cancer ??? Pisces @Alam_dar aquarius @New guy cancer or taurus
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    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thousands of people had gathered for the funeral and to pay their last respects. Many from different parts of India and the some from different parts of the world. She definitely was a very loved artist across the spectrum. RIP.
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    Gentle giant. Will never forget how he bounced Johnson when MJ was red hot and the torrid time he gave to Michael Clarke and battered him with short stuff. Was hoping I'd see him until the next World Cup as he's their best ODI bowler but maybe SA are increasing their quotas.
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    But Shastri would select players for incorrect format says “go smash them” and yells at press if they don’t well.

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