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    To think that he was still a ticket collector during 2003 WC is amazing man. People can say whatever they want but to come from such a modest background without any backing and went onto become one of the greatest cricketers is a fairy-tale story. Immense respect for the man. Dont think in current era of nepotism, we will see such rags to riches players again.
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    Dont think even with Dhoni we had any chance to win the 2003 WC final...360 was impossible to chase those days. I wish we had clutch players like Dhoni or Kohli to support Sachin in 96 WC though. We could have won that Semi final at Eden gardens but no one was there to support Sachin. That WC was ours and what a feeling it would have been to lift the trophy in Lahore.
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    no doubt, a peak form MSD over Dinesh Mongia/Kaif anyday.
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    That is exactly what bevda used to do in his playing days. No wonder he loves similar players. He is stupid as well as unrepentantly arrogant. A very deadly combo.
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    https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/wish-i-had-ms-dhoni-in-my-2003-world-cup-squad-says-sourav-ganguly-1818442 dont worry dada , mahi bhai will compensate his 2003 absense with his presense in 2019 and 2023 WC
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    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Expected the pitch to have some juice. But nothing here for fast bowlers.
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    Biggest Election Victory - Tripura

    It made news and Punjab CM also responded. Modi, being a wily politician tried something.
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    3 of Starc's wickets were caught. How many catches were caught of INdian bowlers? I think most people here did not watch the match in entirety. I watched it. Starc looked toothless in the first half. He did get reverse swing later but theres a little more to all this than just saying Indian bowlers didnt do it. Australia had already put up a score of close to 350 by then. I say we already have a bowling attack pretty similar to such attacks. They just need to acclimatize better and need backing from the team.
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    That legendary man was Kapil Dev
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    our Problem was our two mainstream fast bowlers who were instrumental to our rise to No.1 Test ranking, suddenly lost their rhythm and form. Umesh, who was totally world-class against Australia, suddenly lost his pace (at least 5 ks) and rhythm in srilanka. Shami, after being recovered from his injury, is not the same force, he used to be. It is very difficult to recover as a team, when two of your best fast bowlers, suddenly became so in-effective, before the start of a big series. We are lucky that we had Bumrah , otherwise it would have been shambolic.
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    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Heard of day night games?
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    Zak was nervous and India lost plot in first few overs only. Anyway, having Dhoni in 2003 team would not have solved any problem.
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    Yeah it's crazy that it would be the same bowler. And the batsman Will Pucovski- it's the third time he's been hit on the head apparently. Once fielding, twice while batting. Surely he needs to re-evaluate his career now.
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    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    That was a poor shot from Shaw. Trying to hit against the turn. India A have gifted wickets today.
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    Deodhar Trophy 2018

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    Here in Australia that would be considered sexual molestation/sexual assault on a minor and he would be doing jail time and have to register on a sex offenders register. He will be on that list all his life and he won't be allowed to live near schools or where children frequent don't know how it works in India.
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    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    I dont get it, first ppl want to somehow push rahul into this lineup. Then we also want to groom shaw so that he is ready in a few year now everyone wants mayank to cut line plus drop a regular and play him and cherry on top is the very same people call indian management confused.
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    Biggest Election Victory - Tripura

    Momota DiDi already feeling nervous.....
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    Ravi Uncle doing what he does best

    "His passion spreads like an infection" Translation: This cancer has metastasised.
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    Just checked that he is playing for DD in this IPL2018. I think this will be one of the most exciting editions of IPL if you want to check out the local talent...
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    SA vs Australia, 1st test Durban

    It is very very bad that, this otherwise good Cricket forum has boss named Saurav forever who thinks other than India matches are NOT IMPORTANT He removed thread of all other international cricket than either he opens the thread or his best friend open thread he removed other members name and put his name. I think he should come forward and apologize on LIVE CRICKET THREAD other than India.other people (members) are not animals
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    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Am still not completely sold on Mayank , always rated him for his amazing timing and think he's very gifted , but it's tough to tell if that talent/gift is enough to score at international level , but then when you score like the way he's done it deserves a shot at Indian team and few games to prove himself . Seriously what else do players in domestic have to do ?
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    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Somehow when i watch this guy he doesnt convince me that he will do to well at international level atleast now. I see guys like pant, gill, shaw, nair and they look like international materials but somehow mayank doesnt give me that confidence
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    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Thread of champion fans!!

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