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    Why people hate minnows in WC?

    Because they end up winning tournaments like CT and ruin the whole thing.
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    Ravi Uncle doing what he does best

    Woah! Is he a "coach" of an international side or a substitute part-time PET teacher? He hasnt spoken a word about tactics, preparation, plans, turning points, winning sessions, behind the scene stuff...nothing... He is in commentator mode. Its working fine now with most players in form.
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    Why people hate minnows in WC?

    When a minnow makes a deep run, it's fun. But minnows create too many boring games. Even games that might have been fun and not involving minnows become inconsequential because teams can afford to lose. A couple of minnows are fine.
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    Dabur Amla career over????

    Why does it have to be abut religion everytime. Our green brothers are the ones who built him up like the second coming of Don Bradman but he was good but not the greatest. Pakistan did not have a good batsman and let us be honest all of them were living vicariously thru him. So you are the one who has made it about religion. It is never abt religion on ICF.
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    Even @maniac seems to have given up on Rohit. Don't see him around :)
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    Sanju Manju saying the right things for a change. https://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/nidahas-trophy-rishabh-pant-must-be-given-an-opportunity-to-play-in-sri-lanka-says-sanjay-manjrekar-1678687.html?ref=hp_top_pos_13
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    That Delhi Player he mentions was Ajay Sharma who was at that time king of domestic circuit.
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    "I wish I'd Imran Khan in my 1999 World Cup team." - Wasim Akram "I wish I'd Arjuna in my 2007 World Cup team." - Mahela Jayawardane "I wish I'd Arjuna in my 2011 World Cup team." - Kumar Sangakkara "I wish I'd Stephen Fleming in my 2015 World Cup team." - Brendon Mcculllam People have many more excuses and anticipations after losing
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    Siberian tiger is the biggest
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    That was the tour when Ganguly was selected because of his connections. He refused to carry drinks, because he came from a wealthy family, and he felt carrying drinks was beneath his dignity.
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    King Tendulkar

    Dabur Amla career over????

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    End of the day his technique is always been poor . Needed and relied heavily on hand eye coordination. Older now so hand eye slipping so he slipping same will happen to smith
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    chinese export ghatiya maal to india. india has reciprocated the favor.
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    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Much needed dose of reality for cheerleaders of latest U19 flavors of the season.
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    Should have lost captaincy and his spot in ODI team after Pakistan drew test series in India and thumped India 4-2 in one-dayers. If memory serves me right, that was John Wright's last series as India's coach. Chappell did this Chappell did that but majority of Ganguly's problems were self-inflicted.
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    To think that he was still a ticket collector during 2003 WC is amazing man. People can say whatever they want but to come from such a modest background without any backing and went onto become one of the greatest cricketers is a fairy-tale story. Immense respect for the man. Dont think in current era of nepotism, we will see such rags to riches players again.
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    Can't buy actual coaching credentials either, have to undergo courses and exams. Even cheer leading requires some training. The least qualified "coach" in world cricket is also the most highly paid
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    Took a tiger just 3 seconds to snap the neck and maim a 1000 pound wild buffalo. Pure muscular strength Tiger is nature’s cruel killing machine.
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    The Never Ending Thread

    Second one. Interesting thought though.
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    Ricky Bhui

    Why not? There is no Indian who would deny the opportunity of an American citizenship.And the possibility of him making Indian team is very very meek.So it is a better career option.
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    Franco Vazquez

    WC Qualifiers

    Top 3 to Super Six and then Top 2 to WC
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    express bowling

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Vihari was emulating Smith regarding his trigger movement ... a very prominent back and across shuffle to the off stump. It seems to be working for him. We will see more and more youngsters do it now after Smith's super success.
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    The buddy-team selections has cost us the series. Hope Kohli is watching the test match and realize that he took Indian captaincy for granted and utilized it for his own selfish agendas.
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    My guess Ganguly's selection was questionable. He was like a frightened turtle facing the bowlers in the one match i saw. He was totally out of his depth. That is why we were all shocked when he unfurled gorgeous shots on his way to his debut 100 in England. It was a contrast from what we saw in Australia. There were rumours Ganguly got into the squad due to influence. Kambli had a decent season. Manjrekar was in raging form coming into Australia where everyone got exposed on fast pitches except Sachin.

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