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    Salman Khan. Hate that smug on his face as if he owns everyone Also, he is the biggest hypocrite. He is always giving big lectures to people on big boss but he is the biggest and has history in women physical abuse, druggie, murderer, terrorist supporter(contact with Dawood and underworld), alcoholic. And his charities tend to go in support of only one religion. I make a point of not watching his movies in theatre. Not paying a penny to this arrogant hypocrite terrorist sympathizer Salman. Can’t stand why people like him.
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    And in the mean time, Badrinath ...

    Why are you digging all these threads... Badri piled on runs and hence Dhoni wanted him in the side. Vengsarkar could recognize that Badri was not international quality and hence wanted to drop him. Srini Mama who was a bullying political BCCI head wanted to have Badri in ( probably because of being TN player even if he is not a CSK player) stating that he had great stats etc. etc. Vengsarkar was dropped and another Tamilian Srikanth became selector and had Badri in the Indian side. Badri being Badri did not live upto international standard and eventually dropped.. Here ended the story.>>> What is the use of digging everything now. Vengsarkar might be feeling bitter that he lost his job then unfairly. He atleast had some point (or some complaint about his life etc.). What do you and me have at stake..... to bring up everything again.....
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    Rajasthan fast bowler –Nathu Singh, who is able to generate speeds in excess of 145 kph, had turned many heads at the Indian Premier League (IPL) Auction 2016 when he was brought up by Mumbai Indians for a whopping Rs. 3.20 crore, but his rapid rise didn't take much time to fall. Then, he was signed up by Gujarat Lions for 50 lakh at the IPL Auction 2017. However, the pacer went unsold at the IPL Auction 2018 and now has returned back to the MRF Pace Foundation to revive his career. Speaking to Sportstar, Nathu Singh said, “Probably, I did not pay as much attention to training, fitness and preparation as much as I was told to do at the MRF. The body was not strong. Consequently, I suffered a stress fracture on the lower back last season.” Though Nathu admitted that he had strayed from the path, he did not lose hope. He further added, “Senthilnathan sir at the MRF was gracious enough to call me and give me another chance to train here. Then, there is the great Glenn McGrath to guide you. I have to fight my way back to contention again.” Now, he has started training with tennis ball cricket as well as has been working some aspects of his bowling including shortening his run-up to revive his career. He signed off by saying, “The arm rotation has to be good to generate pace with the tennis ball and you learn to bowl Yorkers.” Link - https://circleofcricket.com/category/Latest_news/18107/i-have-to-fight-my-way-back-to-contention-again-nathu-singh
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    no, two tests are certainly not enough to judge any player.
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    Subramaniam Badrinath

    Interference? Selectors get questions all the time. Wasn't everyone questioning Mayank Agarwal's selection issue and selectors had to say that he is in the queue. Don't think anyone was hell bent on moving Kohli out. So instead of appreciating performances of Badrinath, what does former selector comes up with? Badrinath was just CSK quota pick and pretended he didn't deserve a chance. Right now it being made case of nepotism which it isn't and Vengsarkar was not sacked for not backing him. He chose to let selector position go away for MCA position which was more valuable to him.
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    Nathu is giving me vibes of Munaf Patel. Hope he doesn't cut down on pace. He is still a young guy. Hope he works harder and gets stronger.
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    Subramaniam Badrinath

    8 year old thread :) wow. Not many rated him. Rightfully he was kicked out. But there was no injustice to Kohli as Vengy suggested. He earned his selection through consistent domestic performance. He was found. He was discarded. End of story. Vengy unnecessarily is stirring sh*t.
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    Section 498A it is, being misused by Indian women to blackmail their husband & in-laws in false cases.
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    This is reality of India women are big time misusing laws , just follow Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj on FB and you will these type of cases on daily basis
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    I didn't know that Badrinath was having a good run back at the time. If Vengsarkar didn't do his job properly, don't know why he's crying in-front of the media for getting kicked out. Does he want to pit Kohli against Dhoni, if that is his true intentions then I'd say go for it.
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    Kapil was better than every Pakistani bowler except may be Wasim, his stats took a hit because he had to single handedly carry the pathetic bowling attack and he also was too ethical to indulge in ball tampering
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    Waiting for the day when I can virtually watch the match from any of the fielding positions. [emoji2] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    PSL is a trulyunique league

    Don't you know its because of the top class bowling attacks of PSL that batsman often struggle to get going.
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    PSL is a trulyunique league

    http://cricbuzz.com/cricket-scorecard/19377/krk-vs-qtg-19th-match-pakistan-super-league-2018 Now this is one of the most strange scorecards I have seen. Team chasing 180+ target, 8 wickets fell but not a single batsman has strike rate of well over 100.
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    These guys fight with everyone . Can’t live peacefully with any community or religion .
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    Right now based on his horoscope he should be fine Brihaspati(MSK Prasad) is “rotating” all the elements in Dhoni’s favor by giving chances to DK,Pappu etc. Now despite any issues in Brihaspati’s rotation eg, likes of Pant etc cashing in ,Shukra(Ravi Shastri) who is in the head planetary position will ensure Dhoni is safe. Also shining bright in his favor are Chandra(Virat Kohli) in the deep wicket position which usually bodes well for a luck of an individual...usually this is when we see results like a lazy bum winning a lottery or a total loser landing a hot girl etc etc thanks to this planetary position which explains Dhoni’s free ride in LOIs. But let us not forget the most important planet in Dhoni’s horoscope-The Surya(Seeni Mama) which often shines its light and acts as a protecter whenever Dhoni’s Star is fading. There is always the most ignored planets in a horoscope like Mangala (things like Yo-yo tests) and Budha(Stumpings and 50% advice to spinners) which surprisingly or not so surprisingly in Dhoni’s case become prominent which once again proves that the guy is super lucky. Now the most important fact is if every other planets fail him, amazingly enough he also has the back up of planets like Rahu(Perera etc in internationals) and Ketu(Axar Patel etc in IPL) to bail him out. Shani( maintaining a good strike rate or playing for the teams cause) is obviously the strongest planet here and should usually ensure curtains for the mere mortal but given how strong the remaining 8 planets are,Dhoni is unfortunately going to torture us
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    TDP quits NDA

    I support the claim of AP & its people for special status & their demand of more funds so that it can be used for benefit of local population. But I don't think the central government will give them what they want. These crooked politicians for their own selfish motives can betray anybody. Next year by this time, the Centre might prepare/release some plan considering upcoming general & assembly elections. How can you expect a smooth transition when this bifurcation was done hastily & the motive being winning elections instead of prosperity of millions in that area.
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    Subramaniam Badrinath

    Where did vengsarkar say Badrinath did not deserve the place. He just said kohli should be there in place of badrinath since he had vision for future unlike Shrinivasan who was more interested in picking his man and proved it by removing Vengsarkar.
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    WTF has happened to my thread?!
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Good point made. Being a cricket forum, we need proper cricket discussion being presented here with facts & logic. The mods have to be proactive here & look at the thread what it has become. Unnecessary posts which add zero value to the thread has been continued by a few posters degrading the quality.
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    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    infact bombed by the ICC using multi cameras and neutral umpires so that the bottle top operations( the basic ingredient) with in the factory are nullified to 0 effect.
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    So Afghanistan, Malaysia and Indonesia all changed from Buddhism to Islam because the people living there were violent people and so karma came to bite them in the backside? Or is it because Islam is aggressive and Buddhism is passive? Christianity is dying in Europe because people are more educated and it’s pretty much dead in the Middle East due to Islamic fundamentalism. When is karma going to pay back the Islamic aggressors?
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    To all the posters here in ICF !!!
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