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    The production, and editing overall was phenomenal. From the shot of the sandpaper to Lehmann's face when he realised he had been busted, to Handscomb surreptitiously on the walkie talkie to the slow and protracted stash of the evidence down your pants shot and then empty your pocket and show the umpire a different cloth. It told the story beautifully, and could not have been scripted that well.
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    If Dhoni can still be captain after csk fiasco.....the aussies have nothing to worry.
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    King Kohli proven right for his allegations against Duckface. tis a good day. funny thing is Pakistani acting all high and mighty today.... need I remind you of Imran "Bottle Caps" Khan?
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    Oops ... Bancroft did a pakistan

    So, where was the tampering? Do you even know what ball tampering is? Your country has produced a lot of cheating ball tamperers and you still don't know what ball tampering is? #Pathetic
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Did he have a choice? The brilliant camerawork showed more than just ball tampering by Bancroft. It showed how coordinated it was and that pretty much every Australian player, coach and staff member knew about it
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    It is possible but it's not always a certainty as we have seen in this test series. SA were reversing the ball from 25-30 overs onward, that's impossible without ball tampering IMO. Plus the lush green grounds make it even more difficult. It will be interesting to see how much reverse swing SA get in the 4th innings. They will be under the spotlight as well. But I guess you can get away with it at home because everything depends on what the host broadcasters decides to capture and show, umpires can't really keep an eye on everything.
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    ^ Smith didn’t have a choice. Very rarely entire series of events has been captured so clearly. He did right thing.
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    Twitter messages

    Vaughan rubbing it in.
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Smith the lying scumbag also should never be picked. This incident has punctured an SUV sized hole into the "Aussies play hard but play fair" narrative that has been peddled since time immemorial. Aussies made a big point of hounding Stuart Broad calling him a cheat. Now Barmy Army and other fans will have a field day calling the entire Aussie team cheats. Cricket Australia must act swiftly and ruthlessly to prevent damage control. It is better to play with honor and rebuild an honest team than to win with this sorry ass bunch of cheating thugs.
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    That's reserved for pretty much one and only
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Team a India is the real top and honest team playing Cricket today. Proud of them the way they played in SA and gave a good fight.
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Today all Pakistani fans be like. Oye Australians aaj pakde gaye humaritarah.
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Welcome to the club Aussies. We are not alone anymore.
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    Shami injured in accident.

    m.timesofindia.com/sports/off-the-field/mohammed-shami-injured-in-road-accident/amp_articleshow HIGHLIGHTS Shami was injured in a road accident today while travelling from Dehradun to Delhi, according to ANI As per reports, Shami sustained minor head injuries and got stitches on his head He is currently recuperating in Dehradun Poor guy Burre din chal rahein he bechaare ke. Get well soon shami.
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    He will be removed from captaincy, I have no doubt about that. From my observation on social media, the whole country wants him removed. You can't ignore such strong public sentiment. In fact, the govt has asked CA to remove him as well. This will be his last test as Australia's captain, I don't think he expected such a massive response back home in Australia. Gotta give it to Aus public though, they have been strongly against Smith & Co. on this.
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    Only Indian bowlers can do that.
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    I can hear Warne and Waugh giggling somewhere reading the quoted post.
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    Yeah...because Mamta Banerjee knows how marriage works . Besides does she know what reconciliation even means?.....she will.probably end up teaching her how to take the fight on the roads. Mamta should recruit Shami 's wife into her party of goons .
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    Admitting to the ball tampering in a press conference must be his biggest brain fade incident. What an idiot.
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    Why so angry man? Only Pakistani were cheats but now you have Aussie to keep company be happy.
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    Over reaction much? Aussie players are integral part of IPL success... deal with it...
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    thats not tampering this is
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    Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    You are such a lowlife loser.
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    Oh how different things look a year later

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