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    Absolutely gutted to see the way Smith was crying at presser today or the way he was taken at the airport by dozens of police as if he is a convicted murderer. There are many players who has done ball tampering in the past but no one was treated in this fashion. Yes ball tampering is a cheating but its not as serious offense as match fixing/spot fixing. Giving a top class player like Smith 1 year ban for this is way too harsh.
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    Ozzie sanctimony is nothing new

    Louts Sledge, but not be sledged. Get personal, but cry foul when others did. Your wife and ma are fair game for abuse, but heaven forbid you bring mine into the sledge. Abuse bowlers who show genuine concern after knocking you with a bouncer. Harbor racism, but scream like a baby when others allegedly did it to their guy. Claim one-bounce catches, but preach "walking." All this led up to brainfade, sugarcoat and sandpaper. Waugh, McGrath, Ponting, Lehmann, Smith, Warner - all cut of the same cloth. Act tough and aggressive, but break down the moment it comes back to bite them or if another team stands up to their fake aggression. In short, f em. F em all.
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    I feel bad for him but here CA is the problem not Smith. When they were caught cheating in India after the DRS affair they should have fixed it at that times. There actions were contrary to that and that is the main reason we are here. The players started thinking CA would bail them out all the time.
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    Epic one liners !!!

    @velu @The Dark Horse @Vilander @vvvslaxman@Forever Indian Now give me my upvote
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    Ball tampering is always premeditated. When South Africans used zippers to tamper the ball was that not premeditated. he only mistake was that he accepted it in the PC unlike South Africans. If he had denied it, nothing of this sort would have happened.
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    Steve Smith Press Conference

    Saw his clip early morning, and still thinking about it abou how he cried. There is something not right in seeing a cricketer of this stature cry. Respect to Smith - Not for tampering but for owning up with class and taking all the blame on himself. He failed as captain on the field but he now finally showed true leadership by taking the blame upon himself. If one is human enough, they will feel for Smith here. He did not kill anyone. He tried to be childish and clever and tried to cheat to make his country win. He did not do drugs or sold his country for money or murdered. Its hard to see a living chanpion player cry like that in the media who has gained so much success. The picture keeps playing in the mind from that press conference where he cried. The whole thing is unfortunate honestly.
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    Steve Smith Press Conference

    Terrible acting. A role in one of the Australian soap operas awaits. Neighbours or Home and Away. Which will it be?
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    Adopted legends of Pakistan fans

    Not sure about son, but their newly adopted father is surely China.. Lol
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    2/3 matches or max 5 games is more than enough for this pre-meditated ball tampering. Its no where similar to fixing n stuff. Right now the chaos is just pandering/appeasing to the mob who wants to see some blood. The media/social media and some players have been instigating crowd and using their anger to ask for blood. That is just ridiculous. Anybody defending the behaviour of media and instigators are the worst hypocrites as if they have never lied in their life. This mob lynching that is going is actually threat to these players and their family's lives. Hope they keep a watch on them for safety. Only if such outrage was shown towards actual criminals and corrupted people who have done actual crimes, lot of things would have been better in this world. Right now these guys are just soft target and are being bullied by the mob. Ball-tampering has its own penalties and should have been handled appropriately instead of behaving like they have caught some Osama bin laden reincarnate. Its shameful that people are advocating how this whole circus is being carried out. What next? Are we going to see public hanging of batsmen who knicks and does not walk or someone claiming a bumped catch? Jeez, what is wrong with people.
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    So what are you thinking??? What is legal according to you? Get a knife and start slicing it into a different shape so when it pitches it wobbles in a surprising direction? How about we inject it with liquid so it swings more? Rules are there for a reason. Follow them and there will be no need for these "tears".
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    For the umpteenth time its not that he tampered with the ball. Its the fact that he tried to break the rules of the game in a pre-meditated manner using an inexperienced player who he knew wouldn't say no, just so that he can get an edge in the game. Imagine you have a South African captain playing a test series where they're tied 1-1 and in the third test against India where India is chasing 250 to win at 101-2. When is he going to get an opportunity like that to win a series in India? Someone with a lower bar for ethics like Smith is going to roll the dice in his favor and cheat because at worst the ban is a test of two if he gets caught. He can lose the series and be the captain who couldnt do it OR cheat like Smith did knowing that ICC is only going to slap him on the wrist. Do you really want to watch a series like that? Nah, the game is way way bigger than Smith and his after the fact, crocodile tears.
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    A length of ban should be decided how good a batsman you are?
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    Big deal (and different) because: Clear evidence of pre planning and mass coordianation of cheating Asking a junior player to do the dirty work Evidence of systematic effort to bury the evidence First time an Australian caught doing it Australia give off a holier than though attitude and have accused other teams of ball tampering or chucking Introduction of a foreign object Completely brings the game into disrepute and undermines confidence of global viewership
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    Steve Smith Press Conference

    It's so much fun watching smith fangirls have their world shattered. In matter of days smith has fallen so far behind almost every cricketer. This guy will always be remembered as a CHEAT, he won't be called a legend or a great, his legacy has been destroyed. King Kohli has overtaken this guy even in the test format and kohli now wipes the floor with smith in all formats. Smith trolls have been hiding their face since the sa series
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    Karthik vs Saha

    Everybody misses a few, even Healy cost his side a series win in 1994 Pak with an easy stumping miss. I will take someone who misses once in 3-4 tests over someone who misses every innings, no brainer esp considering our state of catching. I have seen Dhoni miss many catches off spinners, his stumpings are generally good but not his catching. Saha may be a mediocre batsman but what exactly has Karthik shown all these years to prove he has what is takes, an average of 27 with a solitary 100 against 2007 Bangladesh is no crowning achievement. He was good in 2007 Eng but that was 11 years back. I like Karthik and he will be my back up keeper and back up opener for Eng, any day Karthik over that buffoon PP. Just that I see Saha's spot as permanent in our test team barring injury.
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    Asansol Riots

    yeah, I think culture is downstream from politics in this case, remember the Communists were anti-Netaji during the time of independence, so once they seized power after independence, they destroyed Bengali culture I guess and replaced it with what they view as proper communist culture. It seems communists around the country are pretty anti India, ie tukde tukde brigade I saw this in the news the other day https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/national-anthem-played-for-first-time-in-tripura-assembly/articleshow/63431601.cms So it takes BJP to come into power for our national anthem to be played in one of our state assemblies in our own country
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    Asansol Riots

    I was born and brought up here, spent the 1st 20 years of my life in the Asansol-Durgapur-Raniganj belt. The M population is much much lesser compared to other districts in Bengal. This region is also closer to Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar) than Bangladesh border, so most of the Muslims here are Biharis (Urdu speaking). I highly doubt Bangladeshis are involved here, those mofos are a proper menace in districts like Dinajpur, Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia etc.... they aren't a problem in Asansol-Raniganj-Durgapur....... ok in some areas of nearby Burdwan Jamaatis have set up base under the stewardship of TMC chief but even till as recent as 2012 (when we left the state), never heard/seen any communal tension in this region. The M population must be less than 10% in this area, probably one of the lowest in the state, so if Hindus are allowing peacefuls to bully them I really don't know what to say....yahaan ye haal hai to Malda/Nadia/Murshidabad mein kya haal hoga !!!! The telling part here is that in spite of being close to 90% Hindu majority region the LS MP from here has always been a Muslim as far as I can remember..... can you imagine Hindu MPs from Malerkotla or North Kerala...forget Kashmir or Dhubri/Malda, Hindus are a chewtiya community. My heart bleeds for Bengal but never going back there. I still keep in touch with my friends there and they yearn for the CPM days, under Mamata bombs go off every single *ing day, it's a complete mess out there.
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    Leftists, Libtards and jnu ites like mehta will defintrly glorify this guy..but god forbid if a Yindoo is caught pissing on the roadside Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    I am quite surprised by the mood swings everywhere including this own forum. There were several people who voted for a severe punishment (like 6 months to one year ban) and now the ICF has turned into compassionate care giving center after watching Steve Smith's video. Yes, he apologized and so did Warner and Bancroft (who IMO is the only one who really deserves our sympathy). But l A passionate Indian fan on Cricbuzz comments To which another fan (probably Australian ) responds: I agree everyone deserves a second chance and I would not agree with the too severe comment of the fan (like life ban), but would have certainly said it even if it is Virat Kohli or Ajinkya Rahane or Ashwin or any damn player, if there is conclusive evidence (as in this case), there is a stern need to punish such a players to let it act as a deterrent for the future players. The fact of the matter is, it should not matter who the sports person is and how accomplished he has been so far and all. Ball tampering sets a very very bad precedent for the entire sport and will lead towards fans loosing faith in the accomplishments of their players. We will not know if it is the bowlers/captain/team that won us the game or their secret antics away from the real action. Let us please stop shedding tears looking at the tears of Steve Smith. Glad that he realizes his mistake and he should certainly be forgiven but not until he and his co-conspirators face the deserving punishment!!! It is probably harsh but really needed for the sport to be in the right shape!!! I hope the fellow Indian Cricket fans on this forum share the sentiment expressed here!
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    Steve Smith Press Conference

    Man! Thought he had balls but it appears someone tempered them ...
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    Not harsh at all. He deserved this for what he did.
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    Close this thread. It's an insult to king Kohli to be compared to a CHEAT.
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    Who made them the custodian? This argument is almost like USA is a beacon of liberty and freedom for the rest of the world.
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    King Tendulkar

    Karthik vs Saha

    People don’t understand cricket dk has horrid glove work so is a complete no no for tests in white ball cricket shining should be booted out and dk takes over

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