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    He has no class. Even after seeing the world if you act classless then it is in his dna. Can't be helped.Ghatiyapan ka koi illaj nahi.
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    Manju calling manish pandey as manish pandya...everything n evreryone looks mumbai for him...
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    vs vs Marwaris vs One team lead by a test specialist and the other lead by a guy who can't play a test innings to save his life. But both have had mix start to IPL 2018 After three defeats in a row, the Indians decimated RCB, finally when all departments clicked. Maggie finally found his groove and looks good once he gets past those nightmarish swinging balls, no wonder he is hiding at no. 4 . But young rookie keeper out injured, maggie might be s h !tting his pants again at prospect to come in at no. 3. Bambis will continue to bank on Lewis to continue providing them the power packed start, and rely on their Gujju-Punju trio of Bumrah, Markande and Krunal to pick wickets and control the run-rate. Royals are now looking clueless in their selection after splashing the cash in the auction, one of the best openers from 2017, Tripathi, with SR of 158 languishes in the middle overs and opening the bowling are the terrifyingly deceivingly dibbly dobblers Dhawal and Unadkat . This is like Raina's wet dream Making matters worse for Royals is pricey English import, the Ginger breadman being a flop in batting and bowling. Good news is the captain is finally channelling his black belt power into aggressive batting in the PP. Royals need to get their batting line-up correct and let Butler and Tripathi take advantage of PP. Prediction: Royals to win by 4 wickets or 10 runs. vs The likely XIs (by cricinfo) Rajasthan Royals: 1 Ajinkya Rahane (capt), 2 Heinrich Klaasen, 3 Sanju Samson, 4 Ben Stokes, 5 Jos Buttler(wk), 6 Rahul Tripathi, 7 Dhawal Kulkarni, 8 K Gowtham, 9 Shreyas Gopal, 10 Jaydev Unadkat, 11 Ben Laughlin Mumbai Indians: 1 Suryakumar Yadav, 2 Evin Lewis, 3 Rohit Sharma (capt), 4 Ishan Kishan (wk), 5 Kieron Pollard, 6 Hardik Pandya, 7 Krunal Pandya, 8 Mitchell McClenaghan 9 Mayank Markande, 10 Jasprit Bumrah, 11 Mustafizur Rahman Krunal vs Hardik
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    Bad day so far for Dhoni and CSK haters like senile old uncle lalooo Nothing to bitch and whine about
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    We will cook biriyani for you this week !!! I am appointing Rayudu as our honorary mayor for my hometown Bhavani !!!
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    Thats why CSK has always been a top team, someone or the other standsup bravo billings dhoni watson raydu
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    We will lose the 2019 WC as well against them. Unlike us, our skipper dont consider pak as an enemy and that was just another loss for him. Gone are the days of MSD when Pak could never beat India on any ICC events. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Wooden spoon watch [ IPL 2018 ]

    Just took this pic, my wifey has kept all these wooden spoons in the kitchen, no wonder KXIP has not won the IPL Finals yet
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    Jaise East Pakistan ke border mein ghus ke dhoya tha Indian army ne waise hi kisi din wagah ke gate se ghus ke Lappad langenge tum logo ko agar India ka maatha satak gya toh #TameezMeinRaho
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    Who the F cares about the opinions of the low IQ padosis? Can't believe someone actually created a thread to discuss the opinions of phateechar padosis LOL
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    He's probably taking his frustration out at not being able to play IPL
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    Proud MS watching Rahane bat in a T20 match
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    149.8kph serious heat..... seedheat by jofra
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    149.2 kph archer bowls mclneghan....quality bowling
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    You can always watch the PSL. I heard Gayle and Watson did so good in the PSL.
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    Yeah one game...suck it up. Ignoring your habit of picking anything on Dhoni, you got to agree he always led our team with head held high against Pakistan. I have yet to see a bigger humiliation than CT final and Kohli giggling with Pak players after the game still makes me mad. Lets face it, the only reason these nobody's like Hasan Ali conjuring guts to do these silly stuffs is bcoz they feel they have a upper hand now after the CT win. The previous era (2003 - 2017) of Pak cricketers were docile because they were perennial whipping boys of Indians. Unless we trash them again in a major event...their cricketers will continue to behave like this.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Thoughts on this? Genuinely interested btw as you seem to know your history. How Gandhi, Patel and Nehru colluded with Brits to suppress Naval Mutiny of 1946
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    I am of the opine that T20 is not the best format to judge a batsman or a bowler. Can't be sure 100%, but judgement tells me that had Wasim Akram played T20 today, he would have been tonked all over the park. The game has also changed and in T20, technique is not required. A batsman like Shahid Afridi could become a bradman in T20. Lets not judge Bumrah or Shami based on T20. No batsman or bowler can master this format. Atleast thats what my limited knowledge tells me. In tests, I am pretty sure, Shami and Bumrah will be a handful anywhere in the world. Again reiterating it, in my book Shami is the worlds best fast bowler and not Rabada. Bowlers like Unadkat are just hacks. One season wonder.
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    I always felt it is stupid to have this ceremonial one upmanship on the border I guess it gets tourism money but it's cringe worthy. India should post some regular border patrols in the area. Let the other side have all the Bollywood.
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    Chottey log, Chotti Soch. Let them be happy over the CT Fluke. Its not like they're winning anything major anytime soon.

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