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    Chahar is not only a promising bowler, he’s Street smart too, it appears.... Another volunteer for Mrs. Dhoni’s Grocery Delivery team...
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    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    ^ Dan Christian’s main skill is to cut a deal with the Aussie coaches of the team... The coach gets 25% of Dan’s per match earnings and a lump sum at the end of IPL for retaining him in the franchise... Dan has perfected this skill...
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    As per Chahar Advice 1 ... Not to bowl to their strengths. Was Chahar planning to bowl to their strengths if he did not get this advice ? Advice 2 ... Bowl a good line and length Was he planning to bowl a bad line and length without this advice ? Advice 3 ... Stay cool Yes ... This is a reasonably helpful reminder in pressure situations.
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    Mindians to pollard @vvvslaxman @Zelig
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    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    this is the story of s every IPL season
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    Avesh Khan is perhaps the most hostile pacer in India now. Apart from genuine pace , he has height, bounce and seam movement. Seems to bowl jaffas and hostile deliveries almost every over. He is sufficiently accurate too and has the ability to pick wickets as we saw in the U19 WC. Should be a part of Team India's pool of pacers. He was sent to SA as one of the 4 practice pacers ( the other 3 being the quicker India A pacers ). That means he has already caught the eyeballs of the selectors and our Team management. This is good news.
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    Plane tickets already booked for Eng next year
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    Bowlers like Chahar and Kaul usually bowl quicker in T20s. Chahar is bowling 130 k to 140 k/ 142 k in this IPL. But, just like Kaul, he bowls 122 k to 135 k / 137 k in 5 day matches. Chahar does not have either a high arm action or height.... hence lacks natural bounce. He depends almost entirely on conventional swing till now. I prefer all-condition pacers more.
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    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    DD owner is manhoos !
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    This is the best IPL season so far!

    Accidentally ran into some video highlights of IPL games from 2008-2010.. Some very noticeable changes... - Back then, every team pretty much had 1-2 absolute sh!t Indian players who were enormous liabilities, that is not the case anymore.. With 10+ years of T20 cricket, the talent pool or local T20 talent is now large enough to contain a critical mass of quality players to supply 8 IPL teams. - Most teams also had a couple of big name international stars who were well past their prime (Remember 'ICON' player concept in the first year or so?). That too is gone, teams are picking smartly and not going after big name players or spending a large part of their purse on out and out fast bowlers.. The above two reasons - and others - is resulting in overall better quality of play.
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    @Laaloo @Gollum @maniac @kira @King Tendulkar
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    KKR Wasting Shubman Gill

    I just feel like KKR are wasting someone like Shubman Gill at #7. He is someone who can play the anchor role at #3. He does have more potential than someone like Nitesh Rana or even Uthappa. He should be switching order with Uthappa, as Uthappa can just slog coming at #7.
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    The Dark Horse

    BJP's vision for India

    More tax on the working class...cut slacks on the ruling class...Farmers..meh who are they?
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    Imagine guy like Avesh on fast bouncy track. He would have killed Elgar in Wanderers
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    BJP's vision for India

    Hindutva is a political ideology. Just like Islam where politics and religion is inseperable. Visions of Ram Rajya strikes terror in the hearts of minorites and hindus who dont have a history of worshipping Ram. Whatever happened to Unity in Diversity. Ram burnig Ravan ceremony is a celebration only prevalent in the north.
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    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    No, it wont win them games or IPL. DD's IPL is almost over after 5 losses. Gambhir is past it and has been the biggest reason as a batsman for DD's losses. DD has the worst PP performance till now and Gambhir is the biggest culprit with an SR of 96, even worse SR of around 70 against pace. they are depending too much on Pant to give them acceleration who is theior top scorer with at SR of 170. Even he cannot do it every game. Iyer has been fine too. Two batsmen alone cant win you game after game. Maxwell, Gambhir, Roy except one game failed big time.
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    Disappointed with Sran, seems to have a fast bowlers physique but their seems to be no effort to bowl quick.
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    Nagarkoti has the potential to be a 140 k to 155 k pacer if he can stay fit.
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    Avesh Khan 4th over 142.8 k 143.0 k 141.2 k Inside edge 138.5 k Wicket 145.0 k snorter, thuds headhigh into keeper's gloves 145.4 k
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    The current dispensation gives him hope, after all he was picked for CT 2017. I don't put it past retard Kohli-Shastri duo to bring back Gambhir, UV, Raina, Harbhajan, Ishant, Chawla..... for WC 2019. Form, ability, age etc are no longer the criteria for Team India selection, sab saale bike hue hain.
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    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Four times your arse...3 times only
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    Relationships and Marriage

    That is so clinical. How about lol?....love of life.my husband has saved my number by that .

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