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    Avesh Khan playing today. Over the years, DD has consistently supported young and uncapped Indian players ... and deserve a lot of respect for this.
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    present continuous vs future
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    Going to Kotla today hope Pant does well
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    Not talking about just before World Cup ... but the general principle involved while choosing superstars. No one expects a player to remain the same his whole life. Ideally speaking, while choosing teams, one should choose the BEST 6 batsmen, BEST 4 bowlers and BEST keeper or whatever the desired combination is. The question is not whether a player is contributing or has become a liability ... the question is whether he still qualifies as the BEST 6 batsmen etc. for that series or a couple of series.
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    With MI having the most easy path to playoffs CHuskies are losing their marbles and common sense.
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    The Realist

    Not Good Enough....Next!!!! Thread

    Even Dinda in all those years when every team he joined finished bottom never reached the heights of a 70. Arise Sir Thampi you have been knighted into the trundler hall of fame forever.
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    Harshal is not bad. He clocked 140. Definitely has the potential to be tried out in LOI.
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    Avesh 1st over ... just 6 runs 142 k ... at the stumps ... no run 144 k ... attempted yorker no run 142 k ... at the stumps ... 1 run 145 k ... makes Watson hop 145 k ... 4 132 k ... outswinger ... play and miss
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    That was pretty slow, but most great players have such knocks a few times in their long careers. Now I watched that match, so context matters. Most of us were surprised as to why we didn't enforce follow on, may be bowler fatigue could have been a reason. When we came 2nd time around it suddenly became very very overcast and the new ball started doing all sorts of things. IIRC it was even drizzling a while in the final session and our batsmen had to go on and off. In England overhead conditions can make even benign surfaces look like spitting cobras and that day was no different. Our top order were getting beaten left and right, made to look like novices, SRT was playing and missing every 2nd ball, soon we were 10/3.....those who saw that match live were really afraid that we would get bowled out under 3 figures, that's how difficult batting was then and Jimmy Anderson was exhibiting a swing bowling masterclass out there. Now comes the context, we hadn't won a series there for 22 years and were 1-0 up, only needing a draw in the final test to get the Pataudi Trophy. If we had gotten bowled out for 80 odd we would have allowed England a sniff at equalizing the scoreline. Dravid became a wall and Dada started counter attack. He was living dangerously and almost got out a few times but somehow pulled it off, that was brilliant by him...in fact that Dada (post 2006 SA tour) was the best version of Dada in test cricket. Dravid didn't score many but literally became a human wall during the course of that partnership. When he got out the ball had lost its shine and the sun was also out making life easier for the remaining batsmen. We left the declaration too late, ideally should have set them 450 to win in 125 odd overs...I blame poor captaincy more than defensive batting there. First not enforcing follow on when the conditions were overcast and then late declaration.
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    It is criminal they made kalra our u19 star in the final sit out the entire season
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    D.Chahar bowling some beautiful outswingers in his first over. Getting good carry too. Pace between 130 k and 136 k.
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    Play all the youngstas. Prithvi, Iyer, Pant, Abhishek, Avesh, Sandeep, Kalra etc.
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    High pace is still there. Swinging the ball regularly. Good to see.
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    I’ll be hoping CSK to win so that DD doesn’t carries momentum to the next match...
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    Captain Amrinder Singh would have been a great PM candidate had they invested in him from the beginning. One of the most sensible Congressis going around.
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    You would expect better from a Mod. One of the first points in the guidelines the home page of ICF is shouldn't throw wrong allegations on players and here we have a moderator doing it . But shouldnt be surprised I suppose.
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    funny is that ....india will have the advantage if ball swings....bhuvi etc vs aussie bowlers who struggle to swing the ball and rely of seam movement.....also aussie lineup will struggle against swing.
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    Frankly this is a low quality post coming from you because you are a sensible poster who generally makes good posts. Nobody's underselling Dravid the ODI batsman- really? These were the exact words to which I responded to "Kane is 100 times better player than Dravid in 50 overs and 20 overs format"......I know this was figure of speech and he didn't mean it literally. But is KW really that much better than Dravid as an ODI batsman? Kane isn't King Viv and RD isn't an Amay Khurasia or Kanitkar that one can make such a sweeping statement. Regarding Dravid's SR I had never verified it myself before but based on hunch found it a bit unrealistic to believe that it was in the 50s and 60s...so checked it out myself.HERE Till the end of Dec 2002 he was striking at 69.28...so clearly closer to 70 than 50 or 60. Sachin was a marvel at that time so won't bring him into this discussion (his competition was clearly higher level like Viv, Lara). But RD's SR was comparable to that of Sidhu and Jadeja, 2 other important batsmen for us in the late 90s. Azhar's was higher and so was Dada's...both had SR in the 73-74 range. Dravid never had a limited scoring game, he had all the shots...just the mindset (intent) was lacking when he 1st came circa 1996. He improved that area in the coming years and peaked by 1999. In 1999 WC he was top scorer: 461 runs in 8 matches, average 65.8, SR 85.5. He had better returns (both avg and SR) than Steve Waugh, Dada, Anwar, Mark Waugh, Ponting, Gibbs, Bevan, Inzi, Kirsten, Gilly etc. He had a lower SR than SRT (90) but anyone who saw that edition would rate RD as our standout batsman. Only Klusener had a better WC than him because of sheer impact. 1999 WC BATTING Here are the names of players who topped the batting charts in World Cups 1975: Glenn Turner 1979: Greenidge 1983: Gower 1987: Gooch 1992: Crowe 1996: SRT 1999: Dravid 2003: SRT 2007: Hayden 2011: Dilshan 2015: Guptill Dunno about you but pretty exalted company I'd say, Dravid also happens to be the only player apart from 'You Know Who' representing India on that list. Not bad for someone 100 times worse than Williamson,eh? He also did well in the 2000 and 2002 editions of ICC CT/Mini WC averaging over 50 both times. Coming to 2003 WC yes he played as keeper? But unless you get your sources from some gossip site or India TV he was made to keep gloves to bolster our batting and give better balance, not because he couldn't fit in otherwise. The only reason he was given gloves and not SRT/Dada/Viru/UV was because they were better part timers and RD wasn't exactly a novice in the art of keeping. 'The Hindu' is an outlet that doesn't sensationalize stuff so here's an article from that time around. To don the gloves or not is Dravid's predicament LINK Here's an interview of Dravid where he admits that this idea was floated by the management to counter teams like Aus, SA, Zim etc who had good keeper batsmen. Besides other teams had good A/Rs (Flintoff, Cairns, Kallis, Razzaq) and India didn't have one on the horizon. INTERVIEW Nayan Mongia had retired in 2000 and the likes of MSK Prasad/Dighe/Dahiya/Ratra/Dasgupta etc were never going to be good enough. Dravid had to make a sacrifice for his team by donning gloves and not the other way as you believe. By accommodating him as keeper India could also play a quasi A/R like Dinesh Mongia. Now coming to his role as keeper batsman, he became full time keeper in the 2002 away ODI series in WI (almost a year before the WC). Before that one we had a Zim home series (Marillier wallah) where Ratra was keeper and had a stinker. BTW Ratra's record reads: avg 13, SR 71......imagine him in place of RD in WC 2003 !!! So RD kept wickets in all ODI matches from then on till 2003 WC, selectors simply didn't pluck him out of thin air a day before WC selection. In fact he also kept wickets in the 2002 CT, so 2003 wasn't his 1st venture as keeper in a major tournament. So again I had to check if RD warranted a place in the side when the squad for 2003 WC was selected. WC started on Feb 9, 2003 so I am assuming they chose the squad by Dec 31, 2002. RANKING Surprise surprise, RD was the 19th ranked player and 4th best from India behind SRT, Dada and Viru. in fact you can play around with the dates, you will always find RD as our 3rd-4th best batsman in 2002. So 1 month before selection, here are the rankings of other batsmen who were in the squad in 2003 WC: UV (38) Kaif (53) Dinesh Mongia (65) Now I have the highest regards for young UV but difficult to convince me that Kaif/Dinesh Mongia or some domestic player worse than these 2 could have been better options than Dravid. Your words- 'he had to keep wickets because that was the only way he was staying in the ODI XI'. Please come up names of domestic batsmen who Dravid was blocking. Let me make your job easier, HERE is the complete list of our ODI players ranked in the order of date of debut. Please sift through them and name me the person who would have played the WC in case RD refused to be keeper? Or in case you believe there was some ratna hidden in domestic cricket who could never wear India ODI jersey because of Dravid in the 2002-03 period you can add his name and I will look at it objectively. All in all thankfully RD didn't make a fool out of himself in that WC else there would have been statements here like Manish Pandey is 1000000 times better than RD as an ODI batsman .
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    SRH owners are probably the second biggest power after Ambanis among IPL team owners and far more corrupt.

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