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    Even Stuart Binny had a spell of 7 wickets for 10 runs. Does that make him a good bowler. Even broken clock is right twice a day. Jadeja is that clock. He played 150 plus matches yet only one of his fifty came in a match winning cause. You give this many chances to any player, they will score as well. Afridi, Who we all make fun of, had more match winning days than Jadeja in half the games Jadeja played.
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    http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/102326/karnataka-batsman-kl-rahul-up-for-indias-no-4-slot-in-odis With 659 runs under his belt in 13 innings in the recently-concluded IPL, KL Rahul emerged as the top scorer for Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). The stylish batsman from Karnataka also proved that one doesn't need to compromise on technique to score big consistently in the shortest format. He delivered for KXIP this season but the Ravichandran Ashwin-led side faltered at the business end of the league. But that's history and now the 26-year-old is hopeful that a successful IPL stint will help him cement his place in the Indian side and he even accepted that he is ready to bat at No. 4 in the limited-overs format. "My childhood dream is to play the World Cup and if the team management wants me to bat No 4, I am ready to do it because nothing is bigger than playing for India. I hope to continue with my recent form in ODIs too," Rahul told TOI on the sidelines of an event in Chandigarh. With next year's World Cup in mind, the Indian team has tried more than 10 players for the No. 4 slot since 2015. But none have clicked consistently and Rahul believes that he is the man for it. "Right now my aim is to score runs for my country and it doesn't matter if it is coming as an opener or in the middle order. As long as I am performing these things don't matter but the final decision is taken by the team management. If they want me to bat at No 4, then I am up for challenge," said the right-hander. Rahul is not thinking about the England tour right now, but is preparing himself for the historic one-off Test against Afghanistan in Bengaluru, starting June 14. Apart from IPL sensations Rashid Khan and young Mujeeb ur Rahman, the other two spinners are chinaman Zahir Khan and left-arm orthodox Amir Hamza Hotak in the Ashgar Stanikzai-led squad. Asked about the spin heavy Afghanistan squad, Rahul said: "No doubt they are a very talented squad with some really good spinners. That's their strength but we will play to our strength." In the opening game for Punjab against Delhi Daredevils in the IPL, Rahul scored fastest half-century ever scored in the tournament. When asked about his highpoint in the league, the Bengaluru boy said: "I think it's the first game when I got a 14-ball 50. It was absolutely unbelievable! I completely outdid myself there." © TNN
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    The bigger question is, is Kohli up for it?
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    England always calls some lower rank team at spring for practice ibefore the main event in summer. These 2 tests are nothing but a glorified warm ups for India series.
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    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    abey ghonchu, sachin was the highest run getter from India (2nd overall) in the 2011 world cup, even if we agree with the point that sachin in his last 2 years was past his prime, who the fk is dropped right after being the highest run getter of the world cup? Sachin didn't even play too many odi series after 2011 and gave ample opportunities to younger players unlike your selfish boyfriend dhoni who won't even give up his spot in meaningless t20s. This uncool parasite has been pathetic in all of his international t20 career and still continues to play t20s but you have a problem with sachin playing 2 years too many. Abey kisi se dimaag udhar hi maang le nalayak
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    When Rashid and Mujeeb rip out the touring teams arses on spinning tracks, then I dont think anyone will call them practice matches
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    Manju was right to question considering one of the teams was csk and considering the passion the csk captain has for his franchise. If he can lie under oath to save a crook representing his passion, i.e.his franchise, why trust him to tell the truth when the trophy was at stake.
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    Mighty impressed, wow there are two.
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    Only Pakistan can have Legends who average 24 with bat and play 400 ODIs.
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    That is exactly how I (Williamson) and maniac Anna (dhoni) trolls this abb dabba jabba bot @Rasgulla (Manju) every now and then in this forum
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    Franco Vazquez

    Ranbir Kapoor the playboy

    I had a crush on Katrina way before Alia Bhatt and this chawwal seems to get on with each of his co-stars, Kohli is lucky that he was already dating Anushka before their first movie together and he should keep eye on this kanjar before he traps Anushka too
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    There is a thing called ''face'',try looking at it sometimes...
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    Hype(r) fans of Tamil Nadu. Be it Rajni, Jayalalitha, Ajith and now Dhoni . Once you reach a level, the only way is (hype) up.
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    Its about time
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    No, in this case, he is just plain blind and clueless about the game.
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    True...poor younsters are reduced to do this to stay relevant .
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    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    kept only 1 slip with new ball in nz....ball flew off the edge across 2nd slip....and mucullum scored 300 ....we drew barely a test match ,which was in our pocket.....pathetic test captain....almost as docile as his followers. was only good on rank turners ....didn't know how to manage his fast-bowlers. dipsh*it captain.
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    express bowling

    Bowling combo in England

    And how many instances are there of Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav gone wrong ? Perhaps too many to count. Bhuvi and Shami have the lowest averages and SRs and Bumrah has made a strong start to his test career. They will be my first 3 picks. I will add Umesh based on current form and play 4 pacers.
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    Bowling combo in England

    Be sure to be around to defend your statements. You are booking a lot of crow Biryani dates.
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    abey lala, maana ki pakistanion ki maths weak hoti hai but I thought you guys could at least understand the difference between singular and plural, wo akela namuna hai jo afridi ko legend bol rha hai, it is one idiot Indian poster and not Indian posters like you put it
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    He had an off day.....
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    Ru stoned??? Retard... a legend ????
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    Jadeja is crap as a batsman. He plays in tests because of the pressure exerts on one end, but is not irreplaceable.
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    Dowry Calculator !!!

    because of this **** custom In india there is population explosion. In western system you have to be good enough to get a girl to get married, that ha a degree of natural selection. In India every arse gets a girl cause his mom and aunty army will go check legs ear mouth etc and find one with 1 crore dowry.
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    legend ghonchu tere liye sachin selfish hai aur afridi legend hai dikha di tune apni aukaat

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