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    How many Indian pacers have taken 50+ wickets at avg of 26 in past?
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    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    A good question would be how did Reham get to know all this? And even if it's true she should not have shared such private details in public. I kind of hope it's a hoax, would not want such a great player's image to be tarnished in my mind.
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    Will never happen. Their fans are already saying that their players apparently don't take T20s seriously. As if they are world beaters in Tests and ODIs...lmao Also, their players will never stop being cocky.Trailing in the series 2-0 , still one of their bowler was doing Naagin dance yesterday after getting an Afg batter out in wrong decision. How shameful anyone can get. BD team is a perfect reflection of their society. But don't let me go there.
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    Unless they change their attitude, BD cannot move forward. Right now they have way too big a chip on their shoulder, acting very confrontational. Contrast their attitude to the Afghans. Rashid didn't do any nasty antics after picking wickets. He acted cool, like it's not that big of a deal.
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    Heard a lot about Kartik Tyagi,a tall lad generated good amount of bounce along with nice velocity.Dont see him any of the squad.What has happened to him suddenly?Arjun Tendulkar gives impression of another "Unchi Dukaan Feeka Pakwan"....Tendulkar sneaks one through..thanks nepotism
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    In 5-6 years time Asia Cup will be a blockbuster event....India, Pak, Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, hopefully Nepal WOW.
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    https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/shane-watson-harbhajan-singh-poke-fun-at-yuvraj-singh-s-age-compare-him-to-shahid-afridi/story-9fRFbfapGbBJmw5Ag1ijFN.html If there’s one factor that has made Shahid Afridi the butt of all jokes throughout his career, it has been his age that no one wants to believe. Since his debut to his retirement, from cricketers to commoners, no one has spared a chance to take a dig at Afridi’s age with the newest entrants in the list being Harbhajan Singh and Shane Watson. The Indian off-spinner has launched his own show — Bhajji Blast — and had Shane Watson and Yuvraj Singh as his guests when the conversation shifted to Yuvraj’s debut match, which was around 18 years back against Kenya. Although he didn’t bat, he sent down four overs in which he gave away 16 runs without a wicket. He got an opportunity to showcase his skills in the next game of the ICC KnockOut Trophy though, slamming 84 against Australia to help India win the tie by 20 runs. During the interaction, Watson, who had a stellar run with Chennai Super Kings in the recently-concluded Indian Premier League, enquired how old was Yuvraj when he played his debut game. On hearing it was 18, Watson joked, stating if the southpaw was referring to his ‘cricket age’ instead of his ‘birth age’. It didn’t take long for Bhajji to join in as well and said: “Did you spend lot of time with Afridi?” to which Watson stated: “He (Afridi) has been 36 for about 7 years. That’s a great effort.” Watson recalled how he has seen Yuvraj in the cricketing circuit for a number of years now. “I have played against Yuvraj in under-19 World Cup. He scored 50 odd runs off 20 balls. A year later, he played Champions Trophy in Kenya. He was so dominating,” he added, to which Bhajji quipped: “He (Yuvraj) is also like Afridi.” Although Watson had slammed a century in the IPL final against Sunrisers Hyderabad to help the yellow brigade lift the title for a third time, Harbhajan had missed the game after he was dropped from the side.
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    The leadership group knew what they were doing. starc, hazlewood, and lyon need to be thankful that Smith didnt reveal them by name but only indirectly. Rather starc in particular went after smith . Smith should have made them cry in press conferences
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    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    We've reopened this thread because this has been claimed/reported by Reham Khan, who happens to be a journalist, in her book. People who do not like the topic, kindly avoid. I know you're upset with her claims but that doesn't condone you using unparliamentary language on this forum. Either self censor or avoid such language.
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    some things never change.... they never take T20s seriously???????? Yet to win even a tri series one day tournament... It seems there is no bottom level to their delusions.
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    India should not be complacent at all. This Afghan team has serious talent.
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    Several test 5-fers, winner of one Champions trophy, member of a #1 test team.
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    Rumour has it he falls a good few inches short of a west Indian
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    I think Mohit Jangra maybe one.
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    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    Was she in the bedroom with them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    Dude, it is told by Imran's wife, not us.
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    Bowling combo in England

    We only have a left arm spinner masquerading as a left arm seamer.
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    I am shocked, no way does Kohli deserve 5 !!!! IMO Ashwin should have won in 2015/16 and Ashwin or Jadeja or Pujara in 2016/17. Even 2014/15 award to Kohli looks fishy because he had a disastrous WC and bar the Aus tour hadn't yet shifted to high gear in tests. And why so few bowlers in the awards list, even Zak's cupboard is empty. When will we start treating bowlers as an important component of the game?
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    Hope BCCI picks him to replace Sridhar....I mean this guy even managed to improve Pak catching which must be a first.
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    Indeed, A Kapil dev like personality for Afghanistan cricket. Emerging cricketing nations need these kind of catalyst to break the ceiling.

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