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    Jimmy Cliff

    Best ODI match of all time

    I am generally not a fan of batathons but our first ODI vs Pakistan in 2004 at Karachi was awesome.
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    The real benefit from this will be seen in 20ish years when all the rural children who are the most benefited by this mission come of age without the damage of all the diseases related to open defecation. I doubt anyone will remember this then
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    For shitty Indian standards Umesh is a good bowler.
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    Kallis at 6 is a joke. Dhoni should bat at 6 with Klusener or Symonds at 7.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Best ODI match of all time

    Another Bevan masterclass. Legend.
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    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    Groom for you?
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    Afretard taming the African King? Sorry he is a pathetic excuse of a human being. That lion looks drugged. Afretard truly living up to his name!
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    If only India was more or as sensitive about controlling its population and pollution levels, along with improving situation for women, kids, elders and animals
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    7. MS Dhoni Dhoni has the strength of an ox, the alacrity of a cat, and a technique all his own. He hits sixes as lustily as he steals singles nimbly, and has turned finishing-line manoeuvres into a party trick - none as famous as the straight six for the 2011 World Cup. Besides, no other keeper has 100 stumpings in one-day cricket. Did you know? Dhoni has remained unbeaten in 44 winning chases, the highest in ODI history. Jonty Rhodes is next with 33. who wrote this ?
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    Best ODI match of all time

    one of highlights of that wc semis was Warne's celebrations after his 1st three wkts,you knew he was there to win the match for his country,what a champion
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    I hope a day comes when India produces a decent fast bowler... these guys are too shitty by world standards. Such a big cricket frenzy nation and not even a single good fast bowler to speak about... Shame
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    Checked the scorecard and here is a general pattern I observed -- Never bowl first in crucial matches! Yes, 2011 was great but we haven't elected to field first and probably we had our finest ever team playing that match. 1987 semifinal, 1996 semifinal, 2003 final (!!!), 2018 CT final. We batted 2nd even in 2015 semifinal but Australia elected to bat first. Question is whether Kohli learnt anything from history? Lessons for 2019...
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    innings vinnings does not matter, how many deliveries ? not pizza how many bowls bowled in test by Umesh ? that is the important stat, so lets look at his strike rate.
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    Kohli wanna be is a bigger spoilt brat and a super fob aswell.
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    Temujin Khaghan

    Braveheart vs Gladiator

    Brave heart is a classic which has made the character, William Wallace an immortal on the silver screen. The fact that Mel Gibson is also the director of this movie easily elevates him to the genius elite club of a sir Lawrence Olivier or a woody allen who have also fulfilled both the dual roles of an actor and a director in classic movies with equal aplomb. If not for his drunken rant on Jews who control Hollywood, Mel Gibson would have been as much as a ATG in Hollywood as other living legends like Clint Eastwood, Spielberg or Daniel day Lewis. But he dug his own grave. Gladiator is like a textbook for historicals for other directors to follow. There is no doubt that all the Roman, Greek historical movies and TV shows took a lot of inspiration from this movie. While in brave heart, the entire battle sequence is a rousing exercise in pulling at our emotional strings, the war and gladiatorial combat sequences in gladitor leave us gasping for breath and wanting for more. After lion king, it is for gladiator that most of the preview sample audience made a complaint that the movie got over too soon. All time classic - braveheart Tremendous repeat value - gladiator
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    Dumb esha fell for his name
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    India have actually alwaye been mentally soft in biggest games
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    Best ODI match of all time

    Not the best ODI game of all time but one of my favourites. Pakistan all out for a cheap score on good batting pitch, and even though the target was very easy to get, Wasim Akram with his great spell of swing bowling made sure Australia does not get easy runs. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8531/scorecard/65552/australia-vs-pakistan-12th-match-aus-tri-series-cb-1996-97/
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    Best ODI match of all time

    I think the best for me is the 2011 WC QF between India, Australia. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8039/scorecard/433601/india-vs-australia-2nd-quarter-final-world-cup-2010-11/ We were at home, and this was our chance to win a WC after a few decades, but we run into the best ODI team of the last decade plus. It felt like the real final for the WC, even playing Pak or SL the next two rounds was less intense, because I felt that we were favorites over them both. Ricky Ponting had a great innings with a century at an 88 SR, which was high for that time, but we won with an all-around team effort with 3 different players scoring a half-century(Gambhir, Sachin, and Yuvraj) and a young Raina having a clutch 30+ score.
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    this is your comeback?? and it took you 2 days to come up with??? i suggest if you have so much money hire a better person to write your responses ,so you don't embarrass yourself on the internet all the time. now dont be a cheapskate and go buy two more $10,000 Tvs this time so you can feel more intelligent. shuuu...
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    I fear for the lion, a retard is taking care if him!
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    He's hardly played overseas, mostly bowls only in India where he takes a backseat to Ash/Jadeja etc who do the bulk of the bowling at home. I think to this day he has never bowled in a Test in SA, NZ, or England. Not much you can get from this stat.
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    So basically some D-list "actress" sleeping w/ Hardik to get fame n attention
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    So it wasn't exactly an assembly of county rejects? Regulars from counties who were available. Adds a touch of respectability to the performance in that case.

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