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    Virat from Punjab - KXIP never won IPL Virat stayed in Delhi - DD never win IPL Virat Played for Bengaluru - RCB never win IPL Virat married a mumbai girl this year- Mumbai didn't qualify in this year's IPL Virat captained India in CT2017-Worst match of our lives. Virat got married in Italy this year-Italy didn't qualify for the FIFA WC this year Virat started supporting Germany two or three years back -Germany didn't win Euro and now the results are showing in the current WC. Just Saying!
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    Err...Virat Kohli the panauti.

    Kahan se laate ho itna intelligence. I am jealous.
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    No need to be so negative. Granted India blows at the beautiful game but we have our own strengths. For example, can you think of any other country with so many geneticists per capita? Just have to read up this thread to see how naturally blessed we are in this discipline.
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    Err...Virat Kohli the panauti.

    Err... remind me who was in the team that won 2011 world cup or who was the captain when India lifted 2008 u-19 world cup
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    Mere guru @veluji ki badolat. Plus the high intellectual forwards by @Stugeon WhatsApp
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    England vs India England batting first 378/7 50 overs. India innings - Dhoni 36(45) not out.
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    Perhaps the only thing positive that Shehzad has produced in his cricketing career .
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    Pujara is an embarrassment to India... we have sent Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly to County and they have done reasonably well. and then we send this pile of crap.
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    Err...Virat Kohli the panauti.

    ^^ And that is how a really high class panauti operates .... raised expectations sky high before the inevitable KLPD.
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    they are just trying to get rid of him
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    Then Rasgulla wakes up.
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    Pretty sure I have seen Shami bowling quick pre 2017. As a matter, if my memory serves right, Shami touched 150 pre 2017. Have always considered Hazelwood a dibbly dobbly bowler. Its only recently I saw he bowled a few quick deliveries. Never considered Hazelwood to be fast medium, always a medium pace bowler.
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    Countdown to 500 !

    Has these scores been made in India...people would have slammed flat pitches and pathetic bowling than praising batting.
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    Bumrah hasn't played 10 tests yet u pinhead.
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    if this hack is selected to play for India again cricket loving supporters across whole of India should come together in masses and conduct intense protests country wide be it thru social media, public gatherings etc etc. Indian team is not Kohli's or Shastri 's private property so that they can go on acting any nonsenses and getting away with it. If this waste of a thick skinned player is allowed to continue in the team he is going to be the main reason w.r.t losing lots of tests abroad.
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    They didn't specify which business!
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    Such a shame ICF'rs wouldn't pick him as he is not quick enough for them .
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    Marijuana is no big deal. Almost all youngsters do it. its totally stupid if he is being questioned for marijuana. And that, btw, is not a performance enhancing drug!
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    Next Hone Tests vAus is in 2022? **** they are not part of our home fixtures for test championship. What kinda scheduling this this? 5 years between tours? Meanwhile we tour them twice in between those 5 years.
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    Kohli 189*(120) Dhoni 36*(45) INDIA WIN THE MATCH BY 5 WICKETS Credits to Dhoni for playing his anchor role @velu COMS : That's exactly what the doctor ordered, Dhoni Knew how to play in this situation instead of personal milestones like that midget from the past.
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    Pujara's county performance thread

    last ind player who i think was this poor in county was yuvi for yorkshire, i think he was dropped as well lol
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    Are you sure he cleared yoyo test not mayo test :)
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    Gosh when would these idiots stop thinking about camels and goats. In the day time they dream milking them and night time ... nuff said.

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