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    Say what you want but its very commendable the way Inzy & co (Pak selectors) giving chances to young players regularly. Their U19 world cup squad was atrocious with only 1 good player Shaheen Shah Afridi. They realized his potential and straight away drafted him into national side. They make no bones of it. And here we are with our ignoramus selectors. In the same world cup, the likes of Shubhman Gill and Prithvi Shaw flared better than Afridi. But we choose to give more chances to Raina rather. The star of previous U19 world cup Rishabh Pant is still on the awaiting list. I am a huge Dhoni fan but what is he still doing in T20 team with no WC in sight? What happened to likes of Mavi, Nagarkotti etc? Lokesh Rahul forced his way back onto the team...else we would still have Rahane playing at no.4 for us in LOIs. Indian selectors
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    Hoping this kid does well. For three years, he lived with groundsmen in the Muslim United Club’s tent at the Azad Maidan ground in Mumbai. He had to, after he was thrown out of a dairy shop where he used to sleep. Yashasvi Jaiswal was just 11 years old then and the only thing that kept him going was a dream — to play cricket for India. It’s six years later now and Jaiswal is 17 years old, a middle-order batsman with remarkable temperament and is ready to join the India Under-19 team for the Sri Lanka tour. Mumbai’s Under-19 coach Satish Samant says Jaiswal has “extraordinary game sense and unflappable focus.” ADVERTISEMENT The younger of two sons to a small-time shopkeeper in Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh, Jaiswal moved to Mumbai to pursue cricket. His father did not object since he found it hard to feed the family. An uncle, Santosh, in Mumbai, had a house in Worli, but it wasn’t big enough for another occupant. Santosh had requested the owners of Muslim United Club, where he was a manager, if the boy could stay in the tent. “This was after I was asked to leave the dairy at Kalbadevi. After playing cricket the entire day, I would get tired and go to sleep. One day, they threw out my luggage saying I do nothing, don’t help them and only sleep,” says Jaiswal. For three years, that tent became his home. The teenager took pains to ensure that stories of his struggles never reached Bhadohi, as that would end his cricketing career. Occasionally, his father would send some money but that was never enough. He had to sell pani-puri during the Ram Leela in Azad Maidan and help sell fruits. But there were still days when he would go to sleep on an empty stomach as the groundsmen with whom he shared the tent fought with each other. Without them cooking, he would drift off with just dreams lulling him to sleep. ADVERTISEMENT “During Ram Leela, I earned well. I prayed that my teammates would not come there for pani-puri. Sometimes they did and I would feel bad serving them,” he says. He tried his best to keep some money coming in. He would score and play games with older boys to earn Rs 200-300 to survive a week. “I always used to see boys my age bringing food or their parents had big lunches with them. As for me, it was — khana khud banao, khud khao. (make your own food, eat alone). No breakfast. Catch hold of anyone around and request them to buy breakfast,” he recalls. Lunch and dinner were at the tent and his job was making rotis. “Every night used to be a candlelight dinner. After all, there was no electricity.” The days were fine, he recalls, since he was busy scrounging around for work and cricket, but the nights sometimes were too long. “I would miss my family and would cry. It was not just being homesick but going to the toilet was a hindrance to sleep. There was no toilet at the maidan, and the one near Fashion Street that I used was closed at night,” he says. Mumbai U-19 coach Satish Samant says Jaiswal will be the next big Mumbai player. “He has this ability to read a bowlers mind and adapt to a situation. Most under-19 players get tempted to play too many shots too early. He does not. The other thing is, he does not have a smartphone, is not on WhatsApp. This is rare for a teenage cricketer these days. He is cut off from social media. He has talent and if he keeps focus like this, he will be next big from Mumbai player,” says Samant. Before he got picked for Mumbai the U-19 squad, the Azad Maidan was abuzz with stories of the talented young batsman who needed support. Things turned around when a local coach Jwala Singh met him and took him under his wing. An immigrant from UP himself, Jwala saw his early childhood in Jaiswal. “He must have been around 12 years and I saw him facing an ‘A’ division bowler with ease. I could relate to him. When I also came to Mumbai from UP, I didn’t have a house to stay in. No godfather, no guide. He is gifted. He has 49 centuries in the last five years,” says Jwala, who has played the junior age group for Mumbai and had a stint at the MRF pace foundation along with Zaheer Khan. Asked about the pressures of higher-grade cricket, he scoffs. “You are talking about mental pressure in cricket? I have faced it daily in my life for years. Those have made me strong. Scoring runs is not important. I know I will score and take wickets. For me, whether I get the next meal or not, that’s important,” he says. “I remember the days when I was almost shameless. I used to go with my teammates for lunch, knowing that I didn’t have any money. I would tell them, ‘paisa nahi hai, bhook hai’ ( I don’t have money but am hungry) https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/lived-in-a-tent-sold-pani-puri-slept-hungry-now-he-plays-cricket-for-india-under-19-5244796/lite/&ved=2ahUKEwivgIKzjIfcAhVLto8KHdMMDrYQFjAFegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw3qBCvWRzh1AofuqbWDPcV0&ampcf=1/
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    Manish Pandey has played some classic test knocks, albeit in T20s. He could be the next one. Perhaps he will play some classic T20 knocks in tests ... like 8 off 5 balls.
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    Cowards, just no spine to try youngsters even in the t20 format apart from selectors one more obstacle for youngsters is captain kohli and his love for seniors, somebody should tel him its 2018 and not 2008 ffs, raina dhoni in the team :facepalm: kohli and his wify are aware of garbage that is thrown on the road but cant cleanup garbage in his own team like raina, axar, dhoni
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    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    Dhoni as WK is an asset in the team. His stumpings are now at a different level... he compliments our spinners. Kuldeep would prefer Dhoni over any other WK. Dhoni on top of it also helps in field settings etc. That said, there’s no justification if him, Raina, Rohit etc playing in Mickey Mouse T20 matches. Imagine the kind of performances Pant and company would’ve given on this tour. But England tours are usually relaxing, holiday tours with families after gruelling IPL. And top, established players usually don’t like to miss it. In all this the Indian selectors have probably no say. They are just rubber stamps.
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    KL Rahul was that good Kohli had no choice other than showing green flag to KL Rahul. Kohli didn't let him in the house, but KL Rahul broke the damn door to get in. Kohli is all about cameras, showing how happy he is whne KL Rahul is smashing. Inside, he must be breaking. Kohli clearly wants to remain the best batsman in the team, and KL Rahul is first person who is looking like a threat to that title.
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    It's time that right minded Pakistanis pressure their government, oops sorry military overlords, to stop playing with terrorists, so that their Awaam can benefit from better relations with India. It's not politics that's the problem, it's the terrorists. Extradite or at least prosecute and imprison the murderers responsible for 26/11. Until this happens, all noises from Pakistanis about peace are just that, noise.
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    Lord Stuart Pinny has done it against Bang bros as well in ODIs - 4.4-2-4-6. Now beat that!
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    Lots of talented youngsters are waiting & this selection committee is wasting time on tried & tested failures. T20 is ideal format is try out youngsters like Pant, Kishan, Khaleel, etc
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    Laughable selectors with zero iq level,what else can you expect from these clowns?we tend to rot players in domestics , either they burn out or they loose their natural flare
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    This kid has already done things that we cannot in our lifetime.. all the best for him..
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    This hypocrite has married his daughter to a known terrorist and here he is preaching about making peace.
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    Abdul Razzak was away from the spotlight. Now people will discuss Razzak and his statement for a few days. Mission accomplished.
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    Sau tarah ke rog le luIshq ka marz kya haiTu kahe to jaan de doonKehne mein harz kya hain
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    MSK couldnt collect much catches as a wicketkeeper, neither could he score much runs while playing. He won't let this chance go away like his cricketing career, to collect money. The guy is a sell out. He needs a bamboo shoved up the wrong end.. he is playing with the future of Indian cricket.
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    you must be proud! btw when u say you're "going west", r u planning to enter India illegally like many of your countrymen ? If yes, please don't, there's already too many of us.
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    If you don't show a finger sign in a picture, then your Aadhar card will be torn to pieces?
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    We don't need them, they aren't producing any extraordinary talents like in the 90s
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    Maybe they had a lover's tiff.
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    It’s amazing that Mainstream Media is completely mum on these atrocities on women by Christian religious figures. Even the bleeding heart, otherwise vocal liberals & feminists have hid themselves on these issue WHY? So aren’t they hypocrites and agenda driven? Are they any different from the so called fascists? Why shouldn’t people hate these double standard people and organisations? If any Hindu priest been involved in any of these, imagine the outrage... even Pakistanis would’ve joined to preach Hindus... And then they wonder why Hindus are becoming more intolerant.. Why not? Have they taken a Global Contract to be goody goody, gentle, humane & secular community surrounded by rampaging minorities in India and enemies all around India to teach Hindus a lesson? And why not India be polled most dangerous nation for women if all these minorities doing atrocities against them and not been exposed by MSM or Liberals or Feminists...
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    Full video Rashid latif- t20 men fielding ki itni zarurat nhin hoti
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    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    Winning is always good but usually they don’t bother too much if losing on England tours. The tour is primarily for relaxing and shopping branded products.
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    and not to forget the heavy fines that padosi cricketers needs to pay if they cross the lakshman rekha drwan by pcb
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    It's not just him, there are so many guys who had to go through hardships to have a career in sports, especially in a country like India, where the parents don't usually support them. My blood boils when ever in see these bosedks doing politics with team selections.
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    "Water is wet" - Imran Khan
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    A touching story indeed.Good luck to the kid for his future.
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    after getting pwned the only comeback you have is calling people Pakistani or Bangladeshi lol keep entertaining.I hope you are not Umar Akmal as he felt his people never appreciated his genius and you feel the same way over here .
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    And why were they forcing women chess players to wear Hijab , even the non muslim one. In India if Hindu symbols are imposed on Indian population forget about foreigners there will be earthquake.
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    Hardik looks like a fan photobombing this couple on a vacation. Btw why are they showing their fingers?
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    more like KaashifFromLahore
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    Kohli promoted KL ahead of himself to number 3. He restricted himself to singles at the end and batted at a tuk tuk strike rate just so KLR could get his century. He celebrated every one of KLRs big shots and hugged him when he got a century. He waxed lyrical about KLR in post match presentation with Ian Ward. Cleary Kohli is holding KLR back.
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    Before the match Shakib said - "We will play our natural game" Result - All out for 43
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    This.There is a reason why Padosis get whitewashed even by Lankans at home.We have a process and people has to go through that and prove their mettle.
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    Ranji then India A and then selection. You do well in India A you should be selected. Should not fast track anyone ever. Pakistan can do that as they dont have much batting talent. In India you have to go through these stages. Nothing wrong with that if done properly.
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    it this is true, wish him the best and hope that he gets to shine
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    Kohli won't leave KLR alone even for a minute. If KLR ever commits murder, the cops just have to browse kohli's Instagram and there will proof in one of the pictures...
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    No. Replace them with Afg BD Zim and Ireland. Make it obvious. Not even one need to play, since this is Hinduon ka zehaniat.
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    2 years back... on the same ground... agaisnt the same opposition... AMIT MISHRA Made 53... Hence, Mishraji >>> All BD batsman Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Vijay Shankar is second coming of Jacques Kallis you should not include his name otherwise Unknown Genius will not be happy with you.
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    Msd never scored a century abroad in any format.Tendulkar only played one t20 game Indian team is not about players from Chennai or Mubai or Delhi hope your delusional mind gets that.
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