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    Having a sound selection process is a good idea. But, what is irritating me are 1 ) Having a pecking order and seniority built in the selection process. This is not a 1980s goverment office. The objective should be to choose the best player irrespective of when he entered the selection fray. Example - Bumrah and Bhuvi were rested in the test match against Afghanistan. Shardul was the first choice backup. Saini was included only after Shami was declared unfit. Now, who has a better chance of becoming a good test bowler ... most people connected to cricket would say Saini ...he is more accurate, quicker, skiddier and taller. But Shardul got the first nod because he was ahead in the pecking order. 2 ) Not sufficient recognition of special talents either by our Team management or by our selectors Examples - a ) A special talent like Rahul is not getting as many chances as he should. Getting dropped from the ODI squad on occasions even. b ) Shivam Mavi could easily have been selected for the 50-over A-team squad and Shubhman Gill in the 4-day A-team squad. They are special talents for sure. c ) Pant is not a certainty in A-teams even. And why was he not selected for the T20I squad after such a superlative IPL ? Special talents need to be given much more chances. If there is not sufficient recognition of this then what is the need to have ex-cricketers as selectors ? A computer would suffice.
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    Now then, lets not jump the gun. He still has it in him to smash a couple more centuries against SL or WI in Indore or Rajkot.
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    Say what you want but its very commendable the way Inzy & co (Pak selectors) giving chances to young players regularly. Their U19 world cup squad was atrocious with only 1 good player Shaheen Shah Afridi. They realized his potential and straight away drafted him into national side. They make no bones of it. And here we are with our ignoramus selectors. In the same world cup, the likes of Shubhman Gill and Prithvi Shaw flared better than Afridi. But we choose to give more chances to Raina rather. The star of previous U19 world cup Rishabh Pant is still on the awaiting list. I am a huge Dhoni fan but what is he still doing in T20 team with no WC in sight? What happened to likes of Mavi, Nagarkotti etc? Lokesh Rahul forced his way back onto the team...else we would still have Rahane playing at no.4 for us in LOIs. Indian selectors
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    It was an ugly innings today. Looked drunk. And looks fat too.
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    These selectors are hell bent on making careers out of mediocre players like they themselves were. They have no eye for talent and doesn't know what is required to be a successful international cricketer.
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    Rohit Sharma is another dud like MS Dhoni. Until and unless we don't get rid of Dhoni and his cronies, they will always remain a third grade team. Expect another thrashing at the hands of Pakistan in the next world cup.
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    Prithvi Shaw is ready

    Every batsman has issues,no one is perfect The point here was people think Shaw can be like Veeru ,which I disagree because it's not easy to be like Veeru BTW for your wisdom 100 at Nottingham in 2002 Twin 100s at NZ 2002 100 va NZ at Dambulla 2010 200 at Galle are some of the knocks of top of my head when he looked class apart from others ,so he was definitely way way better than flat track 100 and spicy pitch 0 Veeru downfall in tests especially overseas started when started disrespecting the conditions, which he never used to before ,his failures in NZ 2009,SA 2010 were result of that
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    Bhuvi went for like what 7 runs in first 3 overs?? He is good enough for T20,wicket taking is an issue though in ODIs ,he needs to pick up more wickets in odis
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    express bowling

    Prithvi Shaw is ready

    Who cares. I and many other people enjoyed his batting more than many " good " batsmen " : ) If Shaw can become even 80% of what Sehwag was, most fans would have a gala time.
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    All other T20 openers such as Roy, Finch, Guptill, Munro, Kusal Perera etc. go hard at the ball in the first 6 overs and try their best to give their team a flyer. Whereas we have this so called “Hitman” who wastes the first 6 overs almost every game because he “can catch up” later on in the innings. This is a very negative mindset because most of the time, Rohit will not be able to catch up and make up for the wasted powerplay. So as a result, he ends his innings with a poor strike rate and Team India short of potential runs.
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    This. But the selectors are still failing to make the right decisions, like selecting Pandey for T20s, just goes to show how clueless they are with their job.
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    He's gained weight and looks out of shape. Needs to be dropped along with a few other hasbeens in the team.
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    @KeyboardWarrior surgical strike did happen and it was the sweetest way to say goodbye to that fat Mota Sharif, who porks revere as a demigod. In less than 6 hours, Indian Army showed him to be a weak pansy who just stood there like a helpless loser while an enemy nation invaded his country's borders again after the Americans already invaded to get OBL. we kill more of your soldiers on a yearly basis but unlike you, we dont hide our casualties from parliament. look at the response of your own minister when one of your own Senators wanted to know about how many casualties there were on the LoC. you people have negative IQs. your Parliament, which is the cradle for any democracy, cannot even be informed how many soldiers laid their life down for the country. that is the most shameful thing you can do for any soldier, to not even accept their martyrdom so that Pak army generals can continue to project a strongman image in front of a gullible awaam. Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1337974 read the bolded part. your own minister is saying that we cannot let enemy know how many soldiers died on LoC. your army and your government are the biggest liars in the world who hide the actual number of casualties because they know the gullible awaam would have a heart attack if they found out how many porks Indian army fries on a yearly basis. Surgical strikes itself accounted for most of the porks in 2016. so again keep your ass burning because the entire world knows how easy it is to make a fool of your people and how easy it is to kill your vulnerable army.
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    Also Rohit,Virat and Dhoni in same lineup is a complete disaster IMO,all 3 have same approach with Virat being more proactive among the 3
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    Dont care about this match but the form of Rohit is extremely worrying because they will not drop him unless he craters completely.
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    watching Rohit Sharma and MSD who said the IPKF was disbanded after Rajiv Gandhi. infact everyone makes merry but these 2 are 5 star generals
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    have terrible record vs kulasekara
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    Selfish. This attitude bites India in the ass in tough chases. Nearly played out first over the game as maiden. That's 5% of the total balls available for the entire team
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    This is when you have passengers and oldies like Rohit, Dhoni and Rains in modern T20 team ( theyve been in the Indian team since bloody 2005!!) We have young guns like Shaw, Pant and Samson who have grown up on T20 but we chose to persit with retirement home types
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    Umesh 4th over ... vintage pace and lots of good yorkers 144 k ... good swinging yorker 144 k 141 k ... good yorker 143 k ... yorker 143 k ... attempted yorker ... 4 144 k ... attempted yorker ... just 1 run
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    Prithvi Shaw is ready

    He will make the squad when he is around 25. Will get dropped without getting a game. Will make a comeback at number 7 in ODIs at the tender age of 33 and will be shown the door after 2 games under this sort of overly conservative selection panel. Nobody takes T20 internationals seriously and yet India is scared shitless of giving young blood a go.
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    MSK couldnt collect much catches as a wicketkeeper, neither could he score much runs while playing. He won't let this chance go away like his cricketing career, to collect money. The guy is a sell out. He needs a bamboo shoved up the wrong end.. he is playing with the future of Indian cricket.
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    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    The collective nature of the group is reflected by the success of their country...Look at India, dirty, unsanitary....people throw garbage on the street because they are selfish and do not care anything outside their homes...=== India == poor & dirty. Japan = clean, successful and developed.
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    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    I dunno what the Modi government is upto. They must invest a more effort to get Japanese tourists to India. It will be ek teer se do nishaan Exchequer ke daman mein tourist dollars/yen aajayenge aur Bharat Swachch bhi ho jayega.

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