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  1. 11 points
    Thakur and Gabbar cant be in the same team
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    No one gave a f e ck for Dhoni’s 10,000th run
  3. 9 points
    Dhoni looks like is walking into a pensioners cricket match with his Santa Claus beard
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    Still believe that Kaif and Yuvraj's innings in NatWest Final was the beginning of India Turning into Chasing Giants, it all began with you Kaify, Thanks for all the entertainment and joyous moments in Indian Cricket !
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    This guy is officially one of the worst batsman in the world. He just tries to survive with extremely limited options to score runs. Now he will hit few fours and bring the strike rate to 100. But we all know how he turned a possible chase into an impossible chase.
  6. 7 points
    Atherton: how hard it is to bowl in 3 spellls as a spinner Bhajji: When you take wicket every ball or every other ball you want to continue. Kohli uses him in a different way. 4 overs upfront 3 in the middle 4 in the end lol Bhajji is not good at math as well
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    That 324 chase in those days it was 275 and win 300 and win big..to chase like that after famed top order lost cheaply...was amazing effort.
  8. 7 points
    How ironic. Today is the same day of the NatWest final.
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    Kaif will always be remembered for his superb knock in Natwest Trophy final and his fielding
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    Netaji Mahendra Chandra Bose: "Tum mujhe batting do main tumhe consolidation dunga"
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  12. 6 points
    What the hell is pandya doing. Why is he playing risky shots. He should consolidate till 50th over with Dhoni so India can avoid the follow on.
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    1) A good fast yorker still remains the best delivery to control runs in ODI cricket. 2) If taking off pace is necessary then it is good to go for a proper slower ball or knuckle ball ... and not bowl just 5 k slower. 130 k to 136 k deliveries are neither here nor there. 3) Both Umesh and Kaul have gone for a lot of runs in both matches with this approach of bowling medium pace. Just imagine what would have happened if Kuldeep did not pick those wickets in the middle. In a nutshell ... go for proper slower deliveries if high pace is deemed risky on certain pitches
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    Dhoni should have retired after WC.Also has a biopic. He still doesn’t get it . Get the * out !!!!!!!!!’ Dafa ho jaa bhai ... such a useless and pathetic 33 runs. Isko Raat ko neend kaise aayegi with this selfish effort..
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  17. 5 points
    4 by pandya at least this guy is trying something but the selflezz stantaclaus on the other end trying hard to stay not out
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    Karthik is completely opposite of Dhoni in that regard. He can go right back or come right forward. He uses the crease brilliantly. This guy has become a total hack.
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    CSK guys gonna win it for us. Like some guy here said they have a winning mentality. Willey will play the supporting role.
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    Umeshs last over with those last fast yorkers around 89mph were good..but for the no ball..not sure why he missed trying to take pace off ball earlier...this is where bumrah is so good.
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    Hopefully dhoni also proves the same way
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    Umesh Yadav has never been a thinking bowler and this has resulted in him underperforming for a pacer who combines high pace and natural outswing. However, the biggest purpose that Umesh has served is ... making Indians beleive again that they too can bowl genuinely quick for 6 to 7 years or more. Srinath did so in the 1990s but the 2000s decade saw so many Indian seamers starting their careers bowling at a good pace and then becoming trundlers. Younger pacers and coaches started to believe that Srinath was a freak and we are better off focusing on medium paced swing bowlers only. Umesh Yadav ( and Varun Aaron to some extent ) broke this trend and brought back this belief that Indians too can bowl quickly for many years. Then we have Shami bowling quick for 5 years now but with a much higher level of skills. The last 2 years, we are seeing atleast 15 Indian pacers bowling quick but most of them combining it with good skills too, Bumrah being the most prominent example. Umesh will never be a really good international bowler ... but has served an important purpose.
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    Super fast trundled Kaul opening the bowling at Lords... Sight to behold...
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    Kuldeep yadav needs to bat sensibly and shield the tailenders.....
  25. 4 points
    to have had such a long career with such an obvious weakness ...damn raina is my idol,what determination

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