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    Nobody cares about a loss if you fight well, I wasn't even upset after the first test loss but the 2nd test brought back the memories of dhoni era which is absolutely pathetic
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    Loss happens, part of the game but problem arises when you are not trying and are taking things for granted.
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    Why no practice?

    Sachin didn't give him autograph. He hasn't been able to forgive him for that. Now all of his life is dedicated to these kind of silly&baseless posts.
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    Everybody raise your middle finger Saale practice match khelenge nahi,karenge holiday,team selection total chewtiyapa What else we can raise other than the Famous middle finger?
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    The previous captain was more worried about IPL loss than a test loss, he played international matches as practice matches for IPL
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    I can understand where Bhajji is coming from. He single handedly won us so many tests in England
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    Still a lot better than the previous captain, who would just laugh it off like nothing had happened.
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    He must have tweeted this in between the shopping sprees or from the night club, bcos surely they were not practising yesterday. Would have rather him posting the pics of team practising than such empty PR words.
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    This one has been discussed in WA group earlier. When I asked a friend to return back my money, I got the reply that you must have got your salary by now, why do you need money.
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    Why no practice?

    Sasta Velu
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    The Outsider

    Why no practice?

    This is essentially the difference between talent and tailunt. Yeah, some might be naturally more gifted at things than others, but at the top level when we speak of Tendulkar’s talent, it mostly refers to the immense hard work and hours in practice that he put in to achieve what he did. There is simply no substitute to practice. There was an interview of Tendulkar by Hussain I happened to watch a couple of days back, where he spoke about playing on uncovered pitches with dew before his first tour to England. His career is replete with such well known examples like his practice before facing Warne and playing on concrete surfaces before Australian tours asking bowlers to bowl from 18 yards. That’s why all this talk about Anderson being unplayable in these conditions is rubbish. Sure, the odds are heavily in his favor, but if you’ve replicated those scenarios as many times as you could, your chances of success increase. Would Tendulkar or Dravid be knocking off centuries every innings here? Probably not, but with the amount of practice and preparation they did, they would not be folding up like this either. Test cricket is replete with great knocks being played in immensely challenging situations, more difficult conditions for batting than India encountered at Lord’s. Those knocks came about because of intense training and practice, where like all great batsmen have said, the muscle memory takes over because you’ve done those things so many times before in preparation.
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    kohli scored more than the combined scores of dhawan + vijay + rahane + rahul + rohit
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    One of the sport analyst and anchor of newz chnl aaj tak with 0 cricketing acumen, he is also a passive dhoni chamcha, he sometimes gets hyper and fights with Pakistani experts sitting in the Delhi studio and sometimes offer them sweets, during wt2014 final vs srilanka he came out with group of Punjabi bhangra dancer in the studio he was overconfident of India's victory, said its just a srilanka and we will win it easily only to be looked like a fool after the match. To answer you in short terms he is @Rasgulla the bot of aaj take.
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    you know this is all relative. why are others failing because of conditions and in same conditions, he outbatted them and even outbowled main bowlers. You cant ask more than that he is out numbering both specialist bats and bowlers. If others succeed, he will succeed better. Example Afghan test where he played an important innings after the middle order collapsed. what did Stokes and Woakes did in India? Should we remove the alrounder tag from them after their failures in India?
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    nice gimmick there by Virat
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    As opposed to Kohli who set the IPL on fire with his astute captaincy. [emoji846] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Unnecessary Bollywood melodrama Just play well and win. Speak less!!!
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    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Why bother? Tell hai hai Shastri and arrogant prick Kohli to just call it a day and go home. Give England a 0-5 whitewash and save everyone the bitterness and humiliation. Go back to India, pose for ads, throw parties, and then score runs on pattas and before Aus tour, just give the Aussies the series and stay home and enzoyyyyy! Phuck de Indian cricket! Every tour is the same old shyt! I would empathize if these phuckers tried. These guys really have no shame, so just stay home and enjoy BCCI's chuski!
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    Guess the price of this nutjob's work?
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    Short term fix for 3rd test

    You can score less than 0?
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    Appeal emotionally and enjoy the holiday along with spouses and girlfriends.
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    I find it hilarious how these "BCCI sources" give their opinions to the press but don't have the balls to want to be named in public.
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