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    We've lost them both, the chief architects of Pokhran-II. End of an era.
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    image in op is not visible, here's another relevant one on cricinfo. not much to choose from
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    Love that picture , perfect example of an International opening batsman in the first over. Young up and coming cricketers should study this and see how you get into the Indian team . Leading into the shot with his head, a big forward stride to the pitch of the ball, a nice high left elbow , bat and bad together with the bowler seeing a full face of the bat as he plays in the V
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    He was lucky not to play the first two tests. Otherwise his average would have been under 10. He couldn't handle Deepak Chahar in a slightly friendlier condition in India. He is going to handle Anderson with Duke ball in typical English conditions lol Pass me whatever you guys are smoking. This theory "he wouldn't have done worse" is applicable only for those who are yet to be tested not the one who was already tested several times and failed each time.
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    Rahul Gandhi-isms....

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    Harsha bhogle , shastri and nasser hussain commenting.. Dumb nasser hussain saying dhoni doesnt like bounce and may get out at any time @sscomp32 is this your youtube channel ?
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    RIP to one and only one leader of the century Late Atal Bihari Bajpai.
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    The Never Ending Thread

    You are some next level gossip queen. Very absurd and entertaining. [emoji23] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to Imran Khan's "Naya Pakistan". Indian man denied medical aid at Lahore airport https://m.timesofindia.com/city/jaipur/man-denied-medical-aid-by-pakistani-airport-officials/articleshow/65409813.cms God only knows when will Sushma Swaraj stop issuing medical visas to these mofos.
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    Players still have time to try explore the Edinburgh castle . Anushka bhabhi can get the inspiration for her next horror movie ,cast shastri and gabbar as the fake macho ,kohli the lead hero who'd eventually die ,ishant the long hair weirdo ghost of the 24th floor,maybe cast Anderson as the co ghost then in that case the five batsmen would either way **** their pants and get award for natural acting
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    Dhoni and Kumble who? King Agarkar scored his only test century in Lords!
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    एक नहीं दो नहीं करो बीसों समझौते, पर स्वतंत्रता भारत का मस्तक नहीं झुकेगा। अगणित बलिदानो से अर्जित यह स्वतंत्रता, अश्रु स्वेद शोणित से सिंचित यह स्वतन्त्रता। त्याग तेज तपबल से रक्षित यह स्वतंत्रता, दु:खी मनुजता के हित अर्पित यह स्वतन्त्रता। इसे मिटाने की साजिश करने वालों से कह दो, चिनगारी का खेल बुरा होता है। औरों के घर आग लगाने का जो सपना, वो अपने ही घर में सदा खरा होता है। अपने ही हाथों तुम अपनी कब्र ना खोदो, अपने पैरों आप कुल्हाड़ी नहीं चलाओ। ओ नादान पड़ोसी अपनी आंखे खोलो, आजादी अनमोल ना इसका मोल लगाओ। पर तुम क्या जानो आजादी क्या होती है? तुम्हे मुफ़्त में मिली न कीमत गयी चुकाई। अंग्रेजों के बल पर दो टुकडे पाये हैं, माँ को खंडित करते तुमको लाज ना आई ? अमेरिकी शस्त्रों से अपनी आजादी को दुनिया में कायम रख लोगे, यह मत समझो। दस बीस अरब डालर लेकर आने वाली बरबादी से तुम बच लोगे यह मत समझो। धमकी, जिहाद के नारों से, हथियारों से कश्मीर कभी हथिया लोगे यह मत समझो। हमलों से, अत्याचारों से, संहारों से भारत का शीष झुका लोगे यह मत समझो। जब तक गंगा मे धार, सिंधु मे ज्वार, अग्नि में जलन, सूर्य में तपन शेष, स्वातंत्र्य समर की वेदी पर अर्पित होंगे अगणित जीवन यौवन अशेष। अमेरिका क्या संसार भले ही हो विरुद्ध, काश्मीर पर भारत का सर नही झुकेगा एक नहीं दो नहीं करो बीसों समझौते, पर स्वतंत्र भारत का निश्चय नहीं रुकेगा। His iconic poem referring to Pakistan. Rip sir, Atal thay Atal hai Atal rahenge
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    Shastri's Press conference

    looks like he has just come off a 12 hour bender in the pub and is still half pissed
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    Nuclear power & golden quadrilateral... will always be associated with him... RIP
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    Sean Bradley

    Shastri's Press conference

    So batsmen from both sides struggled eh ? Din't their number 6 score a century ?
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    RIP legend, a great son of Mother India. You will be missed dearly.
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    Shastri's Press conference

    No one asks why they didn’t practice extra day and reached Nottingham late ? Why they drop so many catches even after fielding coach ?
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    Why no practice?

    Saale tafri karne gaye hain. They are behaving more like sulfatiyas who will roam around irresponsibly where ever they want to than the players of Indian cricket team. BCCI should cut their 100% match fees of every test they lose overseas.
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    Go to Nottingham castle and play bhoot bangla or chor police. Batsmen get to be naives/chor and Shastri/Anushka/support staff be the bhoot/police by wearing masks of Anderson, Woakes, Stokes, Curran & Broad. Batsmen try to avoid & survive as long as possible to clear the "mental" gaps that Kohli blames for losses. Bowlers can practice in the green lawns and try getting the ball move on inch long grass first. Sorry, just bored on a Monday.
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    One of the greatest Prime Ministers ever, all the way up there with LBS and PVNR. Salute to you, sir! Many lives in India are better today thanks to your leadership.
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    मौत खड़ी थी सर पर इसी इंतजार में थी ना झूकेगा ध्वज मेरा 15 अगस्त के मौके पर तू ठहर इंतजार कर लहराने दे बुलंद इसे मैं एक दिन और लड़ूंगा मौत तेरे से मंजूर नही है कभी मुझे झुके तिंरगा स्वतंत्रता के मौके पे कोटि कोटि नमन भारत रत्न वाजपेयी जी.........
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    * off, he is a great batsman when bowling and awesome bowler while batting. An unique all-rounder.
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    Shastri's Press conference

    Statements will be similar after getting whitewashed.
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    Om Shanti. It's a kind of relief for the body who was in trauma for last 10 years, but the personality has left a commanding legacy. ABVji amar rahen!
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    not winning tosses is luck
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    thats most likely thats going to happen. Its simply a form of showing protest and media attention as to why double standards in Constitution
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    We already have them. Unless the wall you are peeing on has "dekho gadha moot raha hai" written on it.
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    Paltan official trailer

    Arjun Rampal: Aapne (sanskars at display) itna andar aa kar gaddha khodne ki himmat kese ki. Chinese Dude: Jese 1962 me ki thi. Aur ghar pe sab badhiya bhabhiji, bachhe. Auntyji ko namaste bolna.
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    The Never Ending Thread

    This is from the dance show.. I had seen this. Nice dance...totally unexpected from dk.
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    Sharad yadav is an irrelevant politician trying to get some attention. Has he even seen the yatra? A lot of these yatras are sponsored by big money . Trucks with huge music systems and the rest of the bling have turned it into a rave party for some . The rest of the ' true' kawariyas have been doing this for ages. So the youth have been unemployed since then? If what he says is true , then the roads should always be full of unemployed people all the time . This kawariya yatra has become the a culture of the youth.....specially the middle and lower middle class. Most of them work and yatra season is off time for them . Unfortunately , like all good things can be turned bad....the commercialisation of the kawariya yatra and the large entry of criminal elements have turned it into a nightmare for normal people.
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    These were Kohli's words after the Lords test: "We deserved to lose. For the first time in the last five test matches, we were outplayed". Tells you everything about his attitude. This is someone who doesn't even acknowledge that we were outplayed in South Africa. If one refuses to even see the problem, you cannot hope him to fix it. It's time to give up on Indian cricket. My suggestion is to quit as early as you can, so that next year's world cup smashing to Pakistan becomes a little easy to come to terms with.
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    Sharad yadav is just stupid, last year my local contractor just left renovation of my house for Kawar yatra because some mannat though I have to say this from business , job angle . Due to his kawar yatra the work suffered very badly and his mason's left which led to dispute between us and he lost work
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    Take the train to Amsterdam and live it up there.
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    Have put some thought for the boys since OP asked so kindly . How about a music concert? Britney Spears has a few gigs the next few days in UK. Piece of Me UK Tour Since the next test starts on 18th, may be they can make the Scarborough one which is around 90 miles from Nottingham. After 3rd test we have a big gap, so they can attend 4 more concerts ...if they are interested I can dig up info about some other music tours in UK during this time of the year . Looking at social media the boys love dancing, so may be a few dance routines tomorrow will get their footwork spot on at TB .
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    Better to bring in youngsters. Even if they fail like this lot, they will learn from it and be done with the first tour blues.
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    Islam is a religion of peace.
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    Indian team after England series : Wo raat Apun 2 baje tak piyaaaa "Phir Kya hua?" Indian team: phir...phir apne mohalle me SriLanka aaiii
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    Zak/Ishant/Yadav/Vinay. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
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    First destination: The Shard Our Pace attack Lead should be lead to the 24th floor of the Shard and the team should get Dhoni there as a Surprise. Then get Dhoni to say the magic words to Ishant.
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    Performances of Indian batsmen

    Shameful performances from the batsmen again. Vijay, KL, DK, Rahane all seem to have forgotten how to bat. Who are their replacements in this squad? Nair doesn't inspire much confidence. Dhawan and Pujara have been poor overseas. Pant over DK next match is no brainer. Not expecting any miracles from Pant but surely he will be an upgrade over DK.
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    they are doing what India did to all with Jadeja Ashwin and offspin bat Yadav. But with swing bowling batsmen.
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    Vajpayee was a statesman, one of the last for India..Someone who could transcend party lines when need raised.
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    Pataakha official trailer

    Ye kya bawal hai BC Btw does anybody know what language they are speaking in the trailer since it doesn't sound like any variant of Rajasthani I'm familiar with.
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