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    Lets Laugh at AAP and Aapians

    Don’t compare with Imran Khan... Kejriwal is a nobody. Imran has leadership qualities and a bigger stature than this joker... Imran has done (and still doing) lots of charitable work for his country... Imran is a true nationalist and nation comes first for him. Can’t be said same about this joker... This joker will struggle to survive in next elections. Most probably Delhi people might kick his party out of power...
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    Wonder how @velu's life would have been without Dhoni.
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    After recovering from the alleged lashing he received in Saudi Arabia, Zaid Hamid aka Lal Topi has resumed his Ghazwa-e-Hind training: TBF, his nunchaku technique is not terrible.
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    Austin 3:!6

    Shastri's Press conference

    Just watched the video...what an idiot. He is saying we can give back any side in same vocublary. Abe loru...its not about vocublary...you just have been defeated in a test match in 2 days...have some shame. Kaun isko coach banaya re??? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    His final time will never come , his final time can be a golden chance for someone. This guy failed when his reflxes were better how will the fatty score now We lost 4-0 in Aus 2012 but atleast kohli the test batsman was a plus
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    solid soft diplomacy at work here... we Indians want to build good relations with all the countries in the world except Pakistan... :) :p
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    Lets Laugh at AAP and Aapians

    Imran Khan of India.
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    nation has paid dearly for not choosing ABV in 2004. Modi is trying to undo all that but the roots of this filth called congress/commies go far deeper than we could ever imagine. These guys have long reach. The best way to treat them is by keeping them outside the power and make sure burnol factorys are shut. Honestly i enjoyed May 16 of 2014 so much that i could see smoke coming out from everywhere. We need to continue that.
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    GREATEST leader post Independence! This speech still gives me chills
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    This whole gang of Chrislamocommies in our politics and the media is like cancer. You can't even expect a few words of decency from these vermin after the death of AB Vajpayee. Its not blood which is flowing in the veins of Thapar, Kavita Krishnan, Barkha, Sanjay Jha it is poison. Difference in opinion & ideologies is understandable but such hate present inside them is just beyond me.
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    Who are these ppl who ask him that wud u like to open in test cricket ....He ll obv say yes but whats wrong with u. This yr in IPL Deepak chahar squared him up, imagine what wud anderson , curren, broad, woakes do to him with duke ball in england
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    Lets Laugh at AAP and Aapians

    Their party still functions like an NGO. No organisational structure, no internal democracy or Swarajya which they talk about. Its only Kejriwal & his inner coterie of Sanjay Singh, Gopal Rai, Sisodia which makes all the decisions. Kejri has betrayed everyone with the help of whom he climbed political ladder & grabbed power. The only thing he can do is to allege that central govt & the Lt. Governor isn't allowing him to function properly. An incompetent fellow with huge ego is what Delhi public deserves for voting this lunatic in power.
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    Basically Mandhana is saying that she has no problem with the pull shot :p :D
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    That is why this current form of Congress needs to be eradicated That old hag Italian bitiach called Vajpayee a Gaddar and plenty of other insults Cant wait the day the witch and her retarded son run away from India to Naples or whatever Italian sh!thole they crawled out from
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    Kerala Floods !!!

    some of the apartment blocks in bangalore are built on the occupied lakes and water bodies .. sold as lakeview or lakefront apartments/villas samething happened in chennai as well .. last time one of the worst affected areas in chennai flood is velacheri , it literally means "velu's lake" @Detonator @Vilander
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    https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/how-smriti-mandhana-made-kumar-sangakkara-feel-humbled/story-2N6yT4NVLkT9Xybv74fqCO.html How Smriti Mandhana made Kumar Sangakkara feel ‘humbled’ “Whenever I feel that I am not batting the way I should, I watch videos of Kumar Sangakkara. I like his batting style. I also admire Ganguly, but it is Sangakkara that I relate to. I haven’t really watched Ganguly bat a lot in my young days, while Sangakkara has been an inspiration,” she told sportstarlive.com. “I try and play a cover drive like Sangakkara. Earlier, I used to copy my brother’s batting style. But watching Sangakkara’s batting videos give me a fair bit of idea on how I should improve,” Smriti added. “I have never met him, though I really want to. Trust me, the day I meet him, I will only talk to him about batting,” she added. The Sri Lankan great, on his part, said he is humbled to have been named by Smriti. “Please convey to Smriti my thanks for mentioning my name. I was humbled to have been mentioned by such a wonderful player as she is,” Sangakkara wrote to the website. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/how-smriti-mandhana-made-kumar-sangakkara-feel-humbled/story-2N6yT4NVLkT9Xybv74fqCO.html
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    Kerala Floods !!!

    In the current state India is in I don't think planned urbanization is ever going to be a reality. Moreover enough damage has been done on that front and the process has already been set in motion much before most of us were even born. But environmental disasters can be mitigated via a number of ways. Urban flooding will become more and more common as we are entering a phase where because of climate change there will be more extreme events...floods/cyclones as well as droughts, the fact that majority Indians will live in urban areas in the future will only make matters worse w.r.t urban natural disasters. Nothing will be in moderation in the future and unfortunately the damage we humans have done post Industrial Revolution is irreversible. We can only slow down the fury of Mother Nature, never stop it. But it is our duty to do all we can to ensure the next generation doesn't pay too heavily for our follies. To mitigate the pangs of urban flooding we need: -Wetland conservation -Rigorous afforestation especially along banks of water bodies and slopes (to reduce landslides) -Prohibit encroachment of water bodies and make ways to free up encroached ones -Rain water harvesting in every building and public place -Groundwater replenishment and minimal human activity in flood plains -Creation of large, deep artificial waterbodies in urban areas for storage of rainwater runoff from storm drains, and please don't mix storms drains with sewer lines ...most Indians can't differentiate between the 2 -Reinforcement/removal of old/dilapidated buildings and changes in building code towards more resilient and flood proof structures -More awareness about disaster management and regular mock drills to prepare the public All in all disaster management and environment related projects should get more focus and funding. Pathetic to see that in India not a single political party even talks about these things, or even media and most of civil society for that matter. MoEFCC should be as important as Home/External Affairs/Finance ministries, yet they are treated as some pariah and given bread crumbs after everyone else are given their quotas. IPS/IAS/IFS are demi gods but who even knows that we have an elite Indian Forest Service? NGT is a running joke since its inception. Pollution Control Boards are all underfunded and technologically obsolete. All major changes need to start from the school level, Environmental Studies in schooling systems must be given as much importance as PCM, Biology, Computer, Languages, Economics etc. We need a paradigm shift in attitude ASAP. Families should mould their children as eco warriors before imposing their ambitions regarding what future their kids must work towards. If we can create one young generation of environmentally conscious citizens it will have a cascading effect and we will have some hopes of a better future.
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    Shastri's Press conference

    The problem is we are comparing him to a bowler like Ishant. Both are rubbish. You should be comparing him to the opposition bowlers. Stokes, Curran and Woakes all have match winning performances with the ball in these 2 test matches.
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    He got elected as MP from Delhi and I went to listen to his speech. He was one of the top orators I ever heard. It was late at night but his delivery was nothing but magnificient. Little bit naive in dealing with pakistan but he was a good person. His counterpart Nawas Sharif was a good person too but the dynamics is such that Kashmir problem can never be solved. Somehow India at the top has been very lucky that Vajpayee, Narsimaha Rao, Shastri, Manmohan Singh, Modi etc. never did it for personal gain.
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    Shastri's Press conference

    This guy is to cricket what digvijay singh is to politics.
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    Farewell #QueenOfSoul

    RIP wow what a singer.
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    Rahul Gandhi-isms....


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