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    All of a sudden the poor crow has become a popular dish
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    Actually, they aren't the problem. They are very clear, open and consistent on their thinking. It's really people especially those with Hindu names who are the problem. They occupy key posts, hide the under the burqa of secularism . ABV wasn't really well-liked, he faced huge hatred for Pokhran and many personal abuses.
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    yet he pretends they are as thick as Russel's or Gayle's
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    After two warmup matches, India are finally accustomed to English conditions.
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    santosh battula: "I feel for DK here. Good batting conditions and he would have gotten that much needed confidence if he had played this test. Pant might reap the benefits here and cement his place in the team. Hard Luck for DK!" so Khota's real name is Santosh battula
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    Commentary gems tracking thread

    Bhajji: Who are you supporting Isa, you are also Indian? Isa Guha: I have Indian heritage yes but I was born in England
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    Navjot Siddhu in Pakistan

    He went there on a personal level, nothing wrong. If 56" can go to Lahore (after Gurdaspur and some other major attack in Kashmir IIRC) and hug people, what wrong did Sidhu do? If Advani can go there and make slights at India's founding fathers why not allow this personal gesture? He went there as a friend of Imran. I guess these cricketers share real bonds with each other after competing for so many years and dedicating their careers to overcoming each other on the turf. Seen this in many sports, with passing age most players develop life long friendship with their one time rivals and on field enemies. Gavaskar flew all the way to Barbados to celebrate Sobers' birthday, Viv is the godfather of Botham's son...when they were rivals no one gave more tears and humiliation to Eng and Botham than King Viv. May be Sidhu is genuinely happy for his friend and wanted to share the occasion. He didn't go there and say something seditious did he? He could have attended his once mentor ABV's funeral but may be the arrangements to go to Pak were made beforehand. I wish Kapil and Sunny weren't pressurized to give it a skip. That is intolerance IMO, if someone makes a good gesture you reciprocate it. Remember these guys aren't anti nationals/fixers or connected to Dawood, they gave it their all in their careers, especially against their arch rivals. Nor are they politicians (Sidhu is but he explicitly made it clear that he is going there NOT as a politician), army generals, policy makers or bureaucrats representing India's official stance on Indo-Pak relations. Sambit Patra is a moron who deserves only gaalis...he can justify anything. Tomorrow if Hafiz Saeed is given Indian citizenship and runs for MP seat in the holy town of Varanasi, again this spineless puppy of BJP will be the 1st to defend the move and somehow find a way to shift the blame to Nehru and IG. I am not exaggerating, when SOB Naresh Agrawal (biggest abuser of our Armed Forces) joined BJP, I saw that bastard Patra defending him like his life depended on it.
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    Let Pujara play the way he can

    He can play exactly how he wants now...for Saurashtra
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    Never judge a pitch until both teams have batted!!!!!
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    Why did England opt to field first?

    I am kicking myself as well. I wanted 1 more top order collapse and that would be enough to fly Sharma in. Now these hacks will stay for another 100 matches
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    Anderson is the owl of fast bowlers, disappears when sun is out.
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    Commentary gems tracking thread

    Isha: Stokes testing Kohli's back with the short ones Bhajji: Kohli's back is fine. Stokes needs to worry about his own back as you have you to bend your back to keep bowling these bouncers Legend
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    "it get difficult when ball spin that much on day 1" Bhajji
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    Dont score too many runs off of Rashid Bhai. We need him for the next two tests as well.
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    Still suffering from IPL loss? lol Start rooting for India once.
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    Let Pujara play the way he can

    I dont remember seeing him going for such shots.
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    Pujara does not deserve anybody's sympathies. If you play only one format and you are a batsman and below par athlete and you keep throwing your wicket, you have yourself to blame. India needs to look at younger options for Australia. Likes of Vihari or Bawne or even a Gill.
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    I think bewda and cheerleader have effd up pujara's mind with all the intent talk,that wasn't a Pujara shot . He probably was showing intent
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    what luck for Pujara u get out and its lunch so u have to go back to pavillion with the other batsman who is captain kohli Pura rasta MC BC sunega, pehle hi galat review le rkha hai
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    Last over before lunch. Time to consolidate Boyz..
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    This outfield is brought to you by inzamam ul haq.....
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    slow does not mean spin friendly. in fact, spinners dont like slow pitches.
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    Yeah the keeping is what interests me at this point, if he's a safe keeper I would just persist with him not worrying about how much he scores.
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    Lulz at injured Karthik,that means average game for Pant and fit again Karthik will come back
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    I blame all the beating on his shirt's colour.

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