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    His bowling average is 18 now in this series and 27 overall... Link So much for number obsessed wheelchair experts.
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    @The Outsider @R!TTER @Rightarmfast "Hammock for bowlers" strikes again! Removes Alistair "thorn in our side" Cook. Do me a favor, pull up his series stats for me when you get a moment, will you? Thanks!
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    Once folks realize that test cricket is to be followed session by session and not ball by ball usually, they will enjoy it more It is like watching a 13 episode series with its twists and turns and multiple storylines vs watching a 2 hour movie
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    Bairstow gone and shami will only imagine of breaking his fingers.
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    strange to see pant playing ranji last year and now being drafted into the national side but not saini who's shown stellar performances. For who knows what reason we've decided to stick with two 'pace attack leaders' in ishant and umesh with bowling averages of over 35. No other number 1 team has had such an inefficient pace attack ever
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    State of affairs in Britain... “Ali” replacing “Pope”... Can you imagine? :headshake:
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    Yadav played only first match. Was delayed to bowl against tail that’s where Curran scored. He ultimately got his wicket. Tactical mistake from Kohli. Bowled poorly in first spell though.
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    Umesh played only in the first match. Bumrah has been a huge asset to this team but the losses in the first 2 tests have been because of our shitty batting and not because of Umesh. He bowled poorly in only one innings and bowled well in the 2nd innings. Umesh should have played in the 2nd test in place of Kuldeep. Our bowling as a whole has been very good in all the test matches in this series so far.
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    This time in advance i decided not to watch lol If i had started watching Butler would have made a 100
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    That is one of the reasons why ppl support him. He has unique strengths and a match winner in his own way
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    What's fantastic to see today was bumrha seaming it away from right handers, ball which got Jennings jabbed back sharply, kudos to bumrah for developing that skill. Bumrah is not only phaaast but aslo a phaaast learner.
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    I bet amir has lots of daddies after he dropped a lot of soap while he was in jail....
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    Bumrah is bowling like a legend N whatever lil i hve seen of pant keeping- top notch
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    Bumrah should be dropped against west indies and told to go play domestic and work on his no ball issue.
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    Red Sparrow

    It has some of the best sex scenes filmed on Jennifer Lawrence so yeah I might watch it.
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    Asian Games 2018

    A bed-ridden rickshaw puller's daughter and conqueror of the toughest athletics event with a painful facial injury, Swapna Barman take a bow . She has 6 toes on both feet yet doesn't have customized shoes because of lack of sponsors and contacts. All our athletes are so inspiring, privileged to follow these superstars in action.
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    Bumrah's inclusion has made a big difference to our bowling attack. Transformed it actually by introducing a true strike bowler cum a genuine fast bowler.
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    100 from Root will really hurt now and going by bumrah's luck that is very likely. almost a series defining blunder
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    Would have been a wicket if Bumrah had not over-stepped
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    That Bilal you are thinking...lives in Cuckooland and not Canada

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