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    Has anyone seen Imran Khan's wife's picture without the veil. Is there some possibility that it is Manjrekar under the veil
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    handsome .. best looking guy in their team worst looking guys are jhonny bairstow and ben stokes .. they book look like the temple monkeys who bully the temple visitors with bananas
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    Just an interesting stat I thought was worth sharing. Gosh is anyone talking about its relevance to decide candidature in ATG XI? If you find it informative for your local pub quiz good, if not you can ignore it. Some cricket fans like me keep note of this kind of trivia.
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    Did Sanjay just said that Che is making a claim for a place in white ball Cricket?
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    Hussain saying Pujara loves test match cricket and not interested in T20 and IPL Does he even know that there is no other option there
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    Then wait for asia cup to watch dynamic dhoni in odis
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    Many posters here said Rahane is failing because he lost confidence as he was dropped for Rohit for one test in SA. In England he has played 7 innings and has scored in just one. Do people still blame the captain/coach for his failures ? Is it not the responsibility of batsman himself to grind out, spend time in the middle, score some runs and regain the confidence.
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    The innings in Srilanka and this,Pujara has played 2 ATG test knocks for India already. Rahane gets overhyped
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    Abe Manjrekar kya nasha kar k aya hai Manjrekar:Various facets added to Bumrah as a cricketer as he is facing the new ball Prior ignored him completely
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    Adi BB

    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    Not agressive enough knock for the liking of kohli shastri
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    His ass is already hurt
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    If Ashiwn dont pick wickets in 2nd innings in a dry pitch with rough, sack his ass.
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    Anderson = Clouderson Ashwin = Roughwin
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    Made his test debut in 2011, sent down over 17,000 deliveries.....not a single no-ball. Like him, hate him, whatever...this is an incredible stat. Spinners in general don't bowl too many no-balls, even less so in tests but 0 out of 17,250 is unbelievable. And Ash is someone who likes to use the crease to create angles and trajectories !!! Will be interesting to watch when he does over step in red ball format, surely he has to make an error at some point of time.
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    In fact RP was 5/6 kmph faster when he was recalled to England from Hawai
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    Pujara biding his time before taking off. Double ton incoming
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    No. RP started with 112KPH. That was biggest the black day in Indian cricket.
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    How tough was keeping yesterday!

    No one is mentioning about the keeping. Fast bowlers were all over the place. Ball swinging like crazy after passing the batsman. There were some amazing takes from Pant and some horrendous deliveries from bowlers as well which went for byes. We saw how Bairstaw struggled when ball swerved and got injured in the last test.
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    Even I like KL but he has disappointed us my friend it’s not about Dhoni or Virat or Ishant if they deserve criticism they have to be criticised it’s about Indian team not about Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai or Karnataka.
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    How tough was keeping yesterday!

    Ladka siikh raha hai, public Nazar nahi lagana chahti Parthiv Patel ki jawani ki tarah.
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    Our bowlers have too much pressure to restrict the opposition below par score and carry the burden of our flop batting marathas.with any decent batting unit a lead of 100 was a sure shot after getting the home team 246 AO on this good wkt but not for our batsmen ,246 is still a big score to overcome for this batting line up
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    Somehow we need to play Siraj and Saini to make it more potent, still feel we lack the intensity,Broad ,Ali, Anderson should have been peppered with bouncers yesterday but it wasnt done frequently.... But ,yes our pace attack has become our strength
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    The class is going on... And Ashwin will do well to learn how to bowl spin...
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    What can we Chase ?

    Baba....can you also predict the assortment of alcoholic beverages that Bewda Shastri will have tonight?
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    Sl treated your side like minnows in a test series in uae,that was hilarious too
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    Can't get lower than this TBH but then I said that about Dhoni's knock in the 2nd odi and then he played another one in the 3rd
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    All i can Say is PATIENCE Rahul, pant, Pandya are 3 terriffic talents who are match winners...........back them and they will win u games after a point . We talk about ganguly captaincy and he wud have done that. They will bad, out of place, out of mind at times .....n its ok most cricketers have looked at start of their career . Its all a part of learning. A gr8 team is the one which has many match winners and when u find them back them to the core Pakke pakkaye player rare hi milenge
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    Rashid to Bumrah, 3 runs, back of a length, googly, and he goes deep in his crease and works it backward of square. Pujara runs like he's never run before and they complete three runs
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    Harikari of many fans: Eng will get bowled out for 120. Eng scores twice as many. Ind bowlers are bad Ind will get 350-400. Ind is struggling to take the lead. Ind batsmen are crap Toh bhai, why hype them up in the first place .... it is like dreaming someone will give us $100K today and when we don't get it, we complain that the world is bad
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    The only one who can feel himself undone by the mgmt is pujara. Rahane keeps getting chances after chances and fails to deliver. Enough is enough
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    With dhoni in the team, england would still be batting...
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    Looks like stokes is not fit enough to bowl. No wonder they added moeen as I suspected. It's imperative that we take a very good lead then. Can't afford to bay last against seamers and bhais.
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    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    and @maniac can replace you as a mod
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    Is it fair to say Dhawan is the best opener in the world today?
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    Harega bhai harega, Phuck de India harega!! har har Mahadeva!
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    Pujara is going to face 100 balls get 10 runs and then get out lol
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    kira vs mods !!!

    i will ban you if you try to hit on @UrmiSinhaRay
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    express bowling

    How tough was keeping yesterday!

    Pant's keeping looks like a work-in-progress to me. And that is natural as he is only 20. He is brilliant at diving and collecting. But his foot-work is not always good and neither is his anticipation ... and he has to dive for some balls because of this. p.s -- Keeping to seamers was very tough yesterday ... because of the rather frequent late swing after passing the stumps.
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    Ok this guy is a obviously a troll who just responds with no content just to bump his thread.
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    How tough was keeping yesterday!

    Some of his takes were just amazing. Not many ek can do that. Those would have been 4s if our former captain was behind the stumps. just saw the clip on cricinfo
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    kira vs mods !!!

    Mods be like Kira---- blocked Kirareturns------ kirabloacked Kirareturnsagain----- Kirablockedagain Kiragaveup------
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    Pant was amazing.
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    Good to know. This is for 1 inning or both innings combined?
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    Was going real well and then This happened
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    Some folks are jinxing Ind. Earlier said Eng will get bowled out for 120 and it got twice as many Now the talks are of Ind getting around 350, I hope, we don’t get bundled out for 170-180
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