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    Ashwin is like the professor who has set the question paper so difficult that he's struggling to come up with the answer key for it.
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    being out bowled by Moeen Ali says it all
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    Moen bhai will show you the demons in the next innings
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    Disappointed that the pace duo of Jaydev Unadkat and Dhawal Kulkarni have not been selected. Staggering that Axar Patel keeps on getting picked. Must be providing some good services off the pitch.
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  6. 5 points
    To make Dhoni's batting look good.
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    Also how ridiculous is to keep pant away from Odis, most likely format where he can do well.
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    Dhoni is the biggest leech in the history of Indian cricket.
  9. 5 points
    LOL at the middle order. * Team India. And why no Pant? Shami too must be given a run with the ODI team keeping WC 2019 in mind, what use is Bhuvi? WTF are these bastards in selection committee doing?
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    ghanta , a coach job is to prep team Under kirsten as gambhir they started prep for Sa bowlers a series before He took seniors to SA way early n started practicing with them Under shastri we play 1st 2 test as practice games. If anything shastri has the team its their under prep that has harmed them in 2 overseas tour and that is completely on coach
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  12. 4 points
    Dang pandya again the quickest in this test ,max speed of 145 and average speed of 136.5 k
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    On what basis ? Pant at 20 is a better keeper and a better batsman in all formats compared to Dhoni at 25 when he made his international debut.
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    Pluses 1. Khaleel Ahmed included. He is tall, left armed, bouncy and quick. We needed this variation in our bowling attack. We had too many shortish medium paced bowlers in LOIs in England. Plus ... he is in good LOI form this year. 2. Kohli rested. Needs it badly. 3. Kaul, Umesh and Raina dropped. Kaul is not international class, Umesh should stick to test matches and Raina is past it. Minuses 1. Rayudu included !! Why ? His strike rate is usually very low in ODIs. Very poor selection and perhaps a quota pick. 2. Lack of power hitters in the lower-middle order barring Pandya. We have been ignoring this important area for too long now. 3. Krunal or Gowtham would have been better than Axar. 4. Saini should have picked in place of Shardul. He is more accurate, which is very important in ODIs. Plus he is taller, bouncier and quicker. Bumrah, Bhuvi, Khaleel and Saini would have been ideal. 5. Dhoni stays on despite multiple very poor performances with the bat.
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    Pant,Krunal and Mayank deserved a chance. These are great series to assess the utility of these players but continuous influx of TTF is frustrating.
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    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    If a student has 4 Cs and 1 A, the teacher doesn't say sorry for being critical about the Cs because there is an A. Hope he can perform this way more often.
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    Why is Radhika Apte so overrated?

    Anushka Sharma and versatile? Lol she has literally played the same role in every *ing movie of hers.
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  20. 3 points
    Moen will show this fatso how to bowl in the next innings ,I am so disappointed in ashwin.21 overs and no wickets on this pitch !! Even Rashid would pick 2-3 wkts if given such long spells
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  22. 3 points
    Shami bowling lots of 140 k to 145 k balls in good areas. And 2 wickets in 6 overs as a result.
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    Never realized dhoni was an mvp in tests :rotfl:. The guy was an average keeper overseas. Hes a great odi player. No arguments. But let's call a spade a spade. He's a average test player and a mediocre t20 player for team India.
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    As an off spinner, only 1 job you are supposed to do is bowl normal off spin. But this idiot will try to bowl outswing, doosra, leg spin, straighter one etc etc.
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    Say sorry to Cheteshwar

    Sab log jaldi sorry boldo...warna OP sab ki g**nd mardega.

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