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    Is Ravi carrying their 'love child' in his tond
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    Wonderful Wonderful player. The writing was on the wall when he smashed a ton on debut against India in 2006, I knew he was going to become an ATG for England. Dont think any England player will ever come close to his stats. Not even Root probably. I hope he hits a farewell century at the Oval. will be a great send off for a legend. Best of luck Cooky!
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    Nimrat Kaur flashes, and flashes hard, at Shastri!
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    Seriously nimrat? This bevda is your choice !!
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    1. Rohit 2. Dhawan 3. Rahul 4. Pandey 5. Karthick 6. Jadhav 7. Pandya 8. Kuldeep 9. Khaleel 10. Chahal 11. Bumrah
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    How does Kohli feel about this betrayal?
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    Oh lol . This was one of the biggest open secret In Mumbai for the last 1 yr. So not surprised at the news to come out However, the biggest baffling thing is the timing of the revelation. I get that BCCI needs to provide some Bollywood Masala to distract people from Test Disaster, but Shastri is an universally detested personality and the main villain right now This disgusting affair will make even more people sick about Shastri and destroy his reputation. Waise hi Bollywood-cricket melbandhan hasn't received the good reception everybody thought it will warrant
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    We have such low expectations. 1. We don't put in the practice. 2. We don't choose the right people for the right spots. 3. We keep making technical mistakes. 4. We are horrible tactically. Yet at the end, we are expected to pat ourselves in the back for competing? SCREW THAT ****. We should hav fuging destroyed England. The biggest culprits are 1. "I won't work on my mistakes but pose for Insta pictures" Rahul 2. eternal chewt Dhawan 3. intelligent chewt Ashwin 4. corrupt chewt kaptan Kohli 5. idiotic management who persevered with Pandya who hasn't shown consistency yet (I won't blame Pandya here but those who are expecting him to do things he has never even done in domestics - he averages 28 in first class for God's sake....how is he expected to fulfill the role of a batsman in England....it's too soon). The whole team management needs to change. Kohli should be captain but his powers should be clipped. We need a no nonsense coach.
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    Expected this from empty brain bharat arun
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    Play KL Rahul at 5

    Nice team, might need a guy behind the stumps though...
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    So, it took nearly 2 years in his captaincy to realise that his team doesnt know art of crossing line. You forgot that art the day you handed CT to Pakistan and you never gonna learn it.
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    You should start your own blind items thread .
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  14. 5 points
    Shastri runs fast and hard towards her, like a tracer bullet.
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    Ashwin the type of guy to perform calculus when the equation is 1+1
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    Constantly taking advice from Bharat Arun
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    lol India has everything to play for in the final test and win it.
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    Should Kohli rest for the last Test?

    Dont care about Asia cup. Would rather watch IPL. A win even in last match of the series will be satisfying. Will take 3-2 instead of 4-1 instead of winning some shitty Asia Cup
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    I just threw up in my mouth. Confirms my theory that most women run after money. I mean is there anything remotely attractive about him with this 7 month pregnant belly and perpetual alcoholism?
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    So is Nimrat a feminist? Why are there so many incels whining about feminists online nowadays? Don't worry your mom and day will eventually find a woman for you
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    Glad the Asia cup will come to the rescue and erase the memories of the horrible past three months
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    Adi BB

    Happy Janmastami icfers

    Hppy janamashtami guys/gals,enjoy
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    Pranayama !!!

    I do Shavaasan regularly. My favorite aasan. [emoji106] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Fill in any ten random Indians with Kohli and the results will be the same. My team: Gadku Pandya (not our Sobers) Dhondiya Kohli (kaptaan) Gadhau Prasad (wice kaptaan) Chhaniya (awl-rounderrrr) Bichhu Maharaj (wk) Garbar Singhhhh (eshhpinner) Barbar Singhhhh (phassst bawler) Ghochu (phassst bawler) Jhantu (phassst bawler)
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Feel proud of some performances.

    Missing @kira today. Would've sorted out all the phateechars who've predictably come out of their caves.

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