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    Some of you may remember after the first day of the first Test at Edgbaston I had a few rants about Kohli and his conduct. Namely the send offs of Root and Bairstow. I just wanted to say how he's won me over. Such a fascinating character. He may be intense and fiery on the field but his honesty and grace off the field has been exemplary. Always seems to have time for people. After day 1 at Edgbaston I wanted to wait outside the entrance on day 2 to abuse him. Now I want to meet him tomorrow at the Oval and give him a pat on the back and say what I really think of him. Virat in the unlikely event you are reading this. Thank you. Thank you for your passion for the game and especially Test cricket. Thank you for entertaining us this summer and showing us your skills. Thank you for leading your side so well to play hard but fair. On behalf of the English cricket community I thank you again and wish you every success against the Aussies.
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    Firat they played cooldeep on a seaming track and now a Flat pitch and they went with 4 bowlers, don't know whether to laugh or cry on this tm. bewda.
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    . Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Kohli is ben stokes Bhakt BC..
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    Which race attracts you the most?

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    Which race attracts you the most?

    But are they attracted to you??
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    Feel sorry for Nair

    Ashish Nehra says Karun Nair is in England to Sell Chole…With Kulcha and achar and pyaz free,” he said.
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    kohli-"Ashwin aggravated his niggle." yea he already had in last game , 1st bhuvi now ashwin......some one shud be accountable for this. Dnt blame ashwin alone for that spell.....u played someone who is not 100%
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    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    @Muloghonto you get worked up too easily in online discussions, chill. You will inevitably meet people with different opinions in internet.
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    Nah bruh, there is a reason you did not get into an elite university despite your grandfather’s influence. You STUPID!!
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    Relax man. It was a lucky wicket. It's not like how Ashwin got cook in 1st test :D No need to bash Ashwin Everytime jadeja gets a wicket Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    Jadeja should bowl overs a bit slow. Shami chacha need some rest in between his overs.
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    Wtf no shaw??? What exactly will he prove by playing dhawan in dead rubber ?? Pathetic by kohli.
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    express bowling

    Duleep trophy 2018

    Unadkat in 2nd innings 3 - 0 - 27 - 0 ER 9.00
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    Franco Vazquez

    ICF gossip thread !!!

    According to urmi everyone in Bollywood is gay. When you have a hot wife like ash why does he need the guys
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    So you form strong opinions of people's behaviour based on some random articles you read. Middle eastern education was supposed to improve, not regress, after opening all these American foreign campuses.... If you want to go by real experiences of real people, the word out here is pretty universal - we straight men face far, far less harassment from gay people - even when we sit squat in the middle of the gay district and have beer in a gay bar, than ladies face from straight men weekly. So if your hatred of people are based on them forcing themselves on others, you should hate straight men way more than any other sexual orientation out there.
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    too bad we don't have Stuart Binny to unleash.
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    I agree. This sports and politics not mixing coming from them is so rich. These people never play Israel and they did not send their olympics team to Russia. Hypocritical bunch.
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    everyone calm down & have cake
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    Siraj should have been picked after 3rd test tbh, there is no point in making him fly just for this dead rubber now. You are too harsh on vihari, ffs this is his first game and let's see how he deals with the situation moreover nair is not international class after 300 he has scored peanuts,.so vihari over nair is a good decision
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    stop making up lies. You live in the UAE, is a high-school kid and you wish us to believe that gay people are forcing themselves on you ? In my nearly 20 years in some of the most gay-friendly cities in the world (SF, Seattle, Van), i've had a gay person 'harass' me only twice. Which automatically makes gay people in my eyes better than 99.99% of straight men, because women get harassed by straight men FAR MORE FREQUENTLY than couple of times in 20 years. And you've had gay people harass you in UAE or in these short trips to foreign countries ???
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    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    You live in the middle East and gay people tried to force themselves on you . A very believable story
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    This. Such news always have more impact after a loss. When they’re winning no one gives a damn about such politics or tamasha
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    ICF gossip thread !!!

    Read that ... Jaya is monster in law. Junior bachchan is a hardcore mumma's boy. Shweta bachchan feels jealous of her much talented / famed bhabhi. She is making a late entry into the ' celeb world' . Bachchan senior is helping her by doing ad with her and promoting whatever she is doing. So she gets to be seen in the media more often and it has been seen how the daughter and father duo ignore Ash in these events. There have been vedios supporting this. There was a vedio of jr bachchan throwing a minor tantrum because ash's family was also present at the event and ash stood next to her brother and the photographers were busy taking pics of them . Bachchan refused to join them and walked away while she kept calling him to get clicked. But the poor woman has to regularly attend the family events promoting shweta bachchan and smile while they largely ignore her. This is from u tube videos, so take it with a dollop of salt that u tube videos deserve.
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    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Please provide a study that backs up your claim. Otherwise quit spreading ignorance of genetics to push your agenda. You have no background in the field as a self-identified engineer to pass off such blanket statements. Hormones are directly linked to genes.

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