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    Some pics from my visit to the Oval today:
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    Vihari gets a half century with Sunny G on air. A bit of a slap on the face as he questioned his selection.
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    And the lack of accountability and hence chalta hain attitude and prone to over-complacency. Otherwise, I cannot fathom a nation of over a billion people with a high level of intelligence still languishing in poverty, massive wealth gap, rampant corruption, etc. India has so much potential, but it is all on paper. Otherwise, why do Indians succeed when they go to a foreign land to establish a economically and professionally prosperous life, broadly speaking? Answer is right there.
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    Yes crimes happen, especially against homophobic students.
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    He will fail in australia as well
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    I strongly believe given his mental makeup, Kohli would not be saying this shyt if he was not ingrained in this culture of thinking. He is surrounded by an alcoholic yes man and a bunch of players who think it is OK to perform miserably like this. And then he knows there will be no accountability from BCCI especially since he has personally performed well. Heck Dhoni sucked as a player and lost series after series and still there was no accountability! Although I must say that his personal performance means shyt to me if it is not resulting in what actually matters - test wins overseas. Also he had two good shots to see his team to victory in 1st and 4th tests - he failed in both. Why should I blame Sachin then for his "supposedly" lack of test match winning ability? I would accept if India made the right preparation and did the right things, checked the right boxes and simply outplayed. But that is not the case always. Instead we are hearing all these excuses. MC...BC, true champions do not provide excuses. They win, or if they lose, they admit defeat graciously and are extremely self-critical. You have disappointed me greatly, Mr. Kohli. You are just like the others. Pathetic!!
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    Shopping exercise > practice match with poor opposition
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    This is a fundamental issue behind why Kohli will never amount to a good captain. He just thinks about what is good for him rather than the team, thus he dislikes warm-up games and ridicules their relevance ignoring the fact that other players may value them and want to spend time out in an actual game. The more you assess him and his captaincy the more Kohli comes across as a simpleton and lacking match intelligence. He sees things as either black or white. Does not appreciate that there are grey areas hence he has no plan B such as when the opposition tail starts to wag - he just looks blank and clueless.
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    Again Kohli is talking about what works for him, you can't and shouldn't expect the same from other players as well.
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    Damn you got to feel for windies when every batsman is so hungry to score against them. Ghar Ke Sher waiting to hunt windies.
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    ICF gossip thread !!!

    Me playing with pussies
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    They bring the silly point in .. Vihari sweeps a boundary... This boy has full clarity of mind. Not complicated.
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    Jadeja is determined to take back his all-rounder spot.
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    The Dark Horse

    Hanuma Vihari

    Good going Vihari..:clap: Prove these overrated stars that there are people good enough outside this squad.
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    Vihari has already looked better than Rahane did all series.
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    Stan AF

    Just how were Australia so good?

    Culture : An appropriation of everything from team selection, performance accountability and the insatiable hunger to win. Steve Waugh before the 4th test in 1999 West Indies tour drops Shane Warne for the 4th test. He tells Warne you're not playing much to the latter shock. I'm the captain. You're not playing. And he goes on to win the 4th test and draws the series 2-2. The ability to do the best for the team irrespective of any repercussions and backlashes that you may have to face. India has still a very very long way to go to emulate this.
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    Just how were Australia so good?

    They had so much confidence in their bowler that once Steve Waugh played as 4th bowler in SA
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    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Deserves a run in all formats especially the Lois ahead of over the hill Dhoni and incorrigible DK.
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    Seems like a bollywood movie with cringy dialoguebaazi... sympathy gaining exercise is on... faltu ka melodrama...just keep quiet and perform...
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    Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2018/19

    It is series loss and a pathetic loss like the ones in England, even before it has started. How many times do you know the outcome before an event has taken place? Indian cricket overseas is one such novelty.
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    He did average above 50 at one stage. I think you are overlapping his ODI stats, where he never looked assured even once in his career.
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    What he should have said: There’s no utility of coaching staff if you are not provided quality coaches, says Virat Kohli
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    I am not a big fan of processes and rules esp. in sports. But there needs to be some guidelines for tests: Pick batsmen based on class. Bowlers based on current form. Remember that SR is for bowlers in tests WK is a specialist position. Once Wkt-Keeping skills are deemed to be adequate for tests, batting should be considered New players being introduced should ideally come in based on Ranji and Ind A performances If a player is fast tracked based on potential. Give him 3-4 series to adjust to the learning curve Injured players should automatically sit out of the next test unless they confidently pass the fitness test. Concepts such as this 80% fit player is still better than the 100% fit guy on the bench should not be applied Unless necessary, in a long series, rotate the fast bowlers. Don't give them too many continuous tests Don't tamper with the balance of the 11 to provide cushion (or cover for struggling players) to batting or bowling. First step is to optimize the slots by picking the 5 best inform batsmen for the conditions, the 4 bowlers, and the WK position. Once the best (non struggling) players are identified, adjust the remaining slot, which, ideally, should go to an all-rounder Apart from the 16 member squad, a list of reserves should be available with packing order for the next 2-3 series. Once the selectors meet we should know who would be playing the WI and Aus test series, along with who their replacements would be if the players don't make it for whatever reason (lack of performance, fitness issues, injury, playing conditions, etc.). This also helps the players, both in the squad and in reserve, to prepare accordingly Hire a data analyst to gather relevant information on players (esp. what would make them successful in the upcoming series), opposition (strengths and weaknesses of players) and conditions. The dossier should be handed out to everyone so that they can prepare accordingly. Once the series is over, the analyst and team management should sit together to make the updates Wherever possible, reserve a couple of slots in the squad for youngsters so that they can learn That's what I can think of now
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    Lol wtf . Ban op lock the thread !!

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