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    Harsha - what do you think of pant's knock Swann - my fav left handed batsman now.. Sanju - easy test runs. Swann - No one said cook scored easy test runs? Don't take anything away from the young lad
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    Rishab Pant Has Scored a Century Overseas So Early In his test Career.
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    Pant caught @velu pants down doing Dhoni chamchagiri No of centuries outside Asia Dhoni - 0 Pant - 1
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    Beaches Coral reefs. The Indian team performing at the Opera house with Sanjay Manjrekar as the lead performer. Anushka sharma clicking selfies with her obnoxious duck face!
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    Manjrekar - stats are not everything... Quality is important. Swann - stats are the only criteria to judge greatness. Pujara did not hit a back foot cut over extra cover for a six, Rahul did. Respect stats.
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    Harbhajan f9inally speaking normally on commentary it's all happening at the Oval
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    @velu I hope you are OK.
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    By dropping the 4th pacer, India lost the only strength it had in this series ... it's bowling. We took 20 wickets cheaply in 3 tests we played 4 pacers. We won 1 of those tests and barely lost the other two. England scored big in the 2 tests we played 3 pacers. And we had no chance of winning. Umesh should have played in place of Kuldeep in the 2nd test. 4 pacers + 1 spinner a must in SENA countries.
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    There is an old saying (don't know who said it) - "If your batting is strong and when you have a good batsman in the reserve, play the extra batsman to strengthen your batting." and vice versa. In the past, it worked for India as batting was its (only) strength. The players fighting for the "extra" spot were likes of VVS and Doda Ganesh for e.g. The choice to go with an extra batsman was easy, esp. considering Sehwag, Tendulkar and Ganguly could bowl decently too. Have you heard the story of "neem hakim khatre jaan"? Let me go through it again - One day, on his way to home, a hakim heard a distress call market. A camel had a watermelon stuck in its neck. Another hakim attended the camel by taking a stone and gently crashing the melon. The camel was back on its feet. The neem hakim observed the phenomena with interest. Next day, he was called upon to examine an old lady who had a tumor on her neck. He saw the bump and remembered what had happened in the market y'day. Craftly, he took out a stone and crushed the old lady's neck .... This can also be explained by -> If you have a stable full of horses that run like donkeys. You don't improve your chances of winning a race by bringing in more horses who run like donkeys. Unless we optimize the 5 batting slots first, an extra batsman will not help usually. By optimizing, I mean picking up the best in-form options for the 5 batting slots as per the conditions. A similar exercise needs to be done for the 4 bowling slots. Drawing more parallels - Ind is currently like a man with a short blanket. Cover the feet, the head gets exposed. Cover the head, the feet get exposed. By not optimizing the specialist batting slots (played Dhawan and Rahane for e.g.), the extra batsman did not add much value. Ind gave the lead and is struggling in its 2nd innings. In the first inning, we only saw 2 scores in the 50 runs range from the top 6, and ofc no "big" score. In the 2nd inning, only 1. Our bowling suffered big time. In the 5th test of this long series, the pace bowlers lost their steam, giving more than 750 runs in the game. Traditionally, Ind has been weak strategically and tactically. Decisions are is usually based on hope, dumb math, delusions, and to cover for struggling players (rather than replacing them). We take one step forward and two backwards. I hope that we get in a coach, preferably foreign, who can bring in clear thinking to team Ind. Over and Out.
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    Ever heard of the pressure of trying to save an away test match ... with the team tottering at 121 for 5 and 70 more overs to play !
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    Damn why can't we have swann for every series to show this Manju his aukaat
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    Well that's the way to get a ton
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    We can draw if we apply ourselves . If we take the game to the last over ( like "you know whom" ) , we might win this game as well. @Tattieboy
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    Pant needed a thread like this to redeem himself @Laaloo
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    Anyone remebers this innings by Astle Unchasable target day 5, he played a great entertaining knock
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    badly wish some of these loud mouths at least do not open their mouths despite such pathetic performance. And Shami is one of the most deserving candidate for that with a >35 avg:
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    We are the only cricketing nation in the world who will use test series as practice for county season
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    Pant had a good domestic season and an A tour and was the logical choice . Most importantly he made it on merit. Exactly what did oldie DK do to deserve this chance ? Oh that's right a fluke innings against BD in the no one cares cup. Expecting a 20 year old debutante to perform with the bat in England against a dukes ball wielded by broad and Anderson when you are already 2-0 down in the series is ridiculous. What are the other options anyway? Bharat? Kishan? Pant is not the finished article but he's the best hope we have. He also should be playing ahead of dhoni and DK in white ball cricket where he is bound to do better. Now that he has failed in the tests, it's a damn good excuse not to play him in ODIs for Kohli and shastri.
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    His byes are a problem because of the bowlers. He'll be fine. Yeah there were a couple instances apart from the dropped catch where he should have stopped. But overall he's some who needs to be invested in long term. Otherwise we will have revolving door of pappus and dks.
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    Irrespective of pitch condition. The time he came was difficult. Took the challenge head on. Love the attitude.
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    No pressure? Abe 121 pe 5 ho chuke the. Ab kya maidan me tatti karta wo?
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    So he doesn't let the bowlers settle in. You can't let the bowlers dictate how to bowl. Need to unsettle them. I didn't see any stupid shots so he's playing fine.
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    Can you make the same one for thaliava? He hasn't redeemed himself for 2 years now.
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    Bhajji saying that most tests in India are " draw " these days. And there have been results in 17 of the last 20 tests in India in the last 3 years.
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