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    Thisara Perera + Pakistani trundlers + Naagin dancers = MahendraSingh Bradman Dhoni
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    True that. Gambhir is hardly a rubbish player. When he was doing well, he played some valuable knocks for India between 2008 - 2011. I remember the knock in SA in 2010-11 and also saving a test in NZ in 2009. True, he was known as pokemon for his habit of poking outside the off stump, but this footage was when he was way past his prime. It's a bit rich coming from Boycott. The most boring batsman in the history of test cricket. Phucker was once dropped from the team for playing too slow. I have seen Boycott play, could put even a young man to sleep. And phucker has the audacity to compare himself to Gavaskar.
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    Really ! I thought Pakistan would fight hard !
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    when will MSD Saab put forward the reason he never scored a century overseas....hahaha
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    I wish shastri was my performance appraiser at work.
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    The nagin strikes

    Mushfiqur Rahim † c Mendis b NLTC Perera 144
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    Lol HK, bunch of expatriats got together one evening and formed a cricket team.
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    Pakistan cricket team does not have seniors. No matter how long they play, they are always under 25.
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    trigger activated ..
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    " Whashh workk ? hic Whaasshh performansh ? hic ... you tracer boolate ! "
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    ICF gossip thread !!!

    Bhai...people should use basic common sense. Light gossip is fine but slandering is not . Calling people prostitutes. Allegation of fixing, drug use , mafia These are serious allegations that should be posted with proof or link to a source. Uncle, aunty , mummy , papa , saheli this that are not sources. Once in a while if someone posts something off hand, it can be edited or deleted....but if most posts are only slander, then it is not okay.
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    I guess Kaul is there to bowl at Dhoni so Dhoni can take net sessions till the end.
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    Every other day I keep hearing that India did good, India showed a good fight. I am done with this bull crap. We bloody lost by 4-1. Not 3-2, not 2-2. But bloody 4-1. That's called being outplayed. Bloody hell even Srilanka and Pakistan with one tenth of our resources did better than us in England. And all I hear us we did good, and there are positives. Seriously shut the hell up. HEADS SHOULD ROLL!!!
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    Loser talk. Its all about results and instead of whining should be focusing on HOW NOT TO LOSE 1-4 IN THE FUTURE.
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    Bhuvneshwar Kumar's Stats (87 matches) He has played 87 matches and has 90 ODI wickets to his name at avg of 38.85 & strike rate of 46.5 Avg vs Top 4 countries. Australia (12 matches) - 64.37 England (14 matches) - 53.50 South Africa (13 matches) - 52.92 New Zealand (8 matches) - 48.00 Okay, most people will ignore or oppose this but the truth is he is a massively overrated bowler and is very very lucky to represent Indian team even after this poor performance for soo long. He can win you match with the bat against Lankans but surely can't do at world cup stage. Yes, he can pick 2 or 3 wickets against Pakistan in Asia cup but that doesn't hide his inconsistency for such a long period of time. There have been bowlers who have won us world cup (Munaf Patel, Sreesanth, RP Singh) who had better avg than this trundler bhuvi but they were never given this long rope? I don't have an issue with bhuvi but if you are playing Hardik Pandya then you need strike bowler, not a bowler who will try to bowl his overs at fewer runs. In Tests, his stats will look great cause he only plays on green tops. In t20 he is as good bowler as Bumrah is but other two formats he is surely overrated. @beetle No this is not a troll so don't react that way. This is real stats of him and there is nothing I faked.
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    Wow, maintaining 95 as average is a wonderful performance. He is the man to get out. Respect Dhoni (in Asia cups only )
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    These are not their usual speeds, especially in test matches.
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    Crying over spilt milk. Work on your ODI game first bugger.
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    Ganguly the Captain- was he that good??

    After Azhar & Tendulkar , Gangulys captaincy was a breath of fresh air... With John wright as coach, we did much better than the preceding 5 years. Statistically he may not be greatest, but his contribution far outweighs any world cup wins
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    I guess you mean top FC level bowlers. Batsmen get to practice against good bowling. Both Avesh and Prasidh are tall and quick. The bowlers have a chance to impress the captain and coach directly. Win - win situation for both.
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    Arre bolne do na Bewda ko. Bechara Asia Cup mein Bubbloo beta ko miss kar raha Hoga. Akhir nayee jodi hain. Gham mein barbara raha hain sharabi! chal Bewda, aur bol - Bubbloo aur tune kiss kiss ki gaaand mari?
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    So Shastri and Kohli think that we are a new test team like Ireland or Afghanistan ? We should be happy with the way we have competed in a 1 - 4 drubbing ! This is loser mentality.
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    The margins of defeat look smaller because England also sucked. But they upped their game in crucial moments while Kohli & co blinked without fail in those. The series score is totally fair, reflecting the losing team's failures very well.

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