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    Thisara Perera + Pakistani trundlers + Naagin dancers = MahendraSingh Bradman Dhoni
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    For that we have to make sure thaliava doesn't get a chance to bat.....
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    Huh? He has a 109* against Hong Kong. The best knock of his career
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    True that. Gambhir is hardly a rubbish player. When he was doing well, he played some valuable knocks for India between 2008 - 2011. I remember the knock in SA in 2010-11 and also saving a test in NZ in 2009. True, he was known as pokemon for his habit of poking outside the off stump, but this footage was when he was way past his prime. It's a bit rich coming from Boycott. The most boring batsman in the history of test cricket. Phucker was once dropped from the team for playing too slow. I have seen Boycott play, could put even a young man to sleep. And phucker has the audacity to compare himself to Gavaskar.
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    No long term vision

    @velu 3 Patel's just don't go away Pappu Patel Axar Patel And that bugger Hardik Patel who gained weight by fasting
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    A Pakistani calling Indians jobless? Yeah we are also terrorists. And in the west we also diguise our store names to say Indian and Pakistani restaurants so we get more customers. We also shielded Osama bin laden one block away from army headquarters for years. We also beg with open arms in front of America. Jai Hind
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    I wish I had thought of this excuse back when I was a kid. Pappaji, pappaji, I phailed in my exam once again, but if you look an my answer sheet did you see how close I came to getting the right answer so many times? Saala, no matter, he'd have thrashed me anyway
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    http://www.howstat.com/cricket/Statistics/Matches/MatchScorecard_ODI.asp?MatchCode=2828 His only 100 in Asia Cups is against HK.
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    Both these teams are evenly matched
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    Gambhir is not a class act.But he is quite an interesting character. Straight forward. No bullsh!tting. Regarding his underachievement, damn who cares about stats ? Those are just numbers. He won us two world cups (two class innings in the finals). Only other player who had more impact than him in winning us the two World cups is Yuvi. That is quite a great achievement than piling runs in bilateral OdIs or tests.
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    Really ! I thought Pakistan would fight hard !
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    when will MSD Saab put forward the reason he never scored a century overseas....hahaha
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    I wish shastri was my performance appraiser at work.
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    The nagin strikes

    Mushfiqur Rahim † c Mendis b NLTC Perera 144
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    No long term vision

    The team that plays Asia cup have players who may retire in an year or two or get kicked out or not long term options Axar patel Dhoni Rayudu Karthik Jadhav Pandey There is no logical selection like Openers, Middle order, Lower order hitter. They just randomly select players
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    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    I am watching Hong Kong vs Pakistan and the humidity and heat in Dubai is really high. I can see bowlers getting tired in 3 - 4 over spell here and we are playing two back to back matches. Key is we are playing pakistan next day not first day. Look how starc is tired in this similar heat.
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    Not one player who striked over 91 in a paltry chase of 120. Kya aukaad hai tumhari
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    Isn't it logical to have teams play on alternate days. If anything weekend match should have been India's match not Honkong match. Poor scheduling both from commercial perspective and as well logistics perspective
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    Snake is behaving maturely
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    No long term vision

    Curse of this era,washed out players,non deserving mediocre players having a musical chair going around them,the selectors have perhaps blindfolded themselves to deliberately miss out the long term options,clowns giving massages to the oldies won't do any good either....
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    Thalaiva becomes a beast against minnow teams.
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    He contradicts himself as far as Dhawan goes in fact in general what he says initially after two days does a complete U turn.
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    A loss is loss, Why are they making the stories about competitive series. If the series was competitive the scoreline should suggest that. This" Harke bhi Dil jeet liya "attitude is very disgusting. The players don't feel any thing about loosing.Shikhar Dhawan has the worst attitude.He knows he would not be dropped as he is buddy of captain saheb. The performance of Pant, Vihari, Jadeja has shown that we need hungry cricketers. Mayank Agarwal should have played in place of Shikhar in Asia cup. After this loss, non performers should be dropped before the windies series
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    What about sachin ???? Still busy feasting on Zim and namibia Not even on the list.
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    Lol HK, bunch of expatriats got together one evening and formed a cricket team.
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    Pakistan cricket team does not have seniors. No matter how long they play, they are always under 25.
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    trigger activated ..
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    " Whashh workk ? hic Whaasshh performansh ? hic ... you tracer boolate ! "
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    ICF gossip thread !!!

    Bhai...people should use basic common sense. Light gossip is fine but slandering is not . Calling people prostitutes. Allegation of fixing, drug use , mafia These are serious allegations that should be posted with proof or link to a source. Uncle, aunty , mummy , papa , saheli this that are not sources. Once in a while if someone posts something off hand, it can be edited or deleted....but if most posts are only slander, then it is not okay.
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    I guess Kaul is there to bowl at Dhoni so Dhoni can take net sessions till the end.
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    Every other day I keep hearing that India did good, India showed a good fight. I am done with this bull crap. We bloody lost by 4-1. Not 3-2, not 2-2. But bloody 4-1. That's called being outplayed. Bloody hell even Srilanka and Pakistan with one tenth of our resources did better than us in England. And all I hear us we did good, and there are positives. Seriously shut the hell up. HEADS SHOULD ROLL!!!
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    Loser talk. Its all about results and instead of whining should be focusing on HOW NOT TO LOSE 1-4 IN THE FUTURE.
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    He mentions that only few spots are left for the WC worrying signs seems that the likes ofPandey/Jhadav/Raina/Rahane/Rayudu/Ms might be on the plane to England next year.Current selectors seem to picking the U-19s, from 2004-2005.
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    No long term vision

    He has made more comebacks than pappu Patel ;((
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    they are afraid of god more than the snake
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    But you should get attempt marks for getting that close. In other words you should have passed.
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    A p*istani talking about the jobless
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    Shastri hai jahaa loser talk hain waha
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    There should have been someone else rather than that Kaul, Kaul is a disappointment ,what will the batsmen gain facing him in the nets barring illusions
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    No. What you deserve is a termination letter and virat kohli deserves severe reprimands for losing 6 out of 8 overseas test matches this year.
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    Lol Ganguly is the biggest fan of his own captaincy, that can tell you a lot about the man Narcissistic fellow
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    We need deck hitting fast bowlers with pace, bounce and accuracy in Australia. Umesh is not one of the best candidates as he has only pace and not the other two aspects.
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    When our coach is sober (maybe sometime in the afternoon) please let him know that scoreline is 1-4 for India and not 4-1. Too much dozing off doesn't help.
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    Dil ko bahlana ke liye acha tha.
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