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    May be they want two off days to shop for dandia nights.
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    MSD never scored a test century overseas, Argarakar did. Test cricket is toughest form of cricket. Hence Agarkar can talk.
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    Who overstayed their welcome more

    We will decide when the second guy finally goes.
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    i would like bit tallish high arm action bowlers who can utilize bounce in Australia and can bowl in good areas. Both Shami and Yadav are inconsistent and lack natural bounce. If i was the coach, I would have looked at Saini, Rajpoot kind of bowlers along with Bumrah, Ishant and Siraj. These 5 would be my choice.
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    India should have batted again

    Really should have batted out today, thodi batting hi dekh lete chutti wale din
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    Looking at Windies batting approach, it seems Shahid Afridi is their batting coach.
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    I fear for the poor guy's safety now .
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    At-least Tendulkar could score a slow century against minnows to get to his record. Dhoni can't cut it even against minnows. And he will most likely ruin the next world cup for us. So he is much, much worse.
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    Pant is doing some good stumpings Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Even just playing 2 sessions today with Shaw, Rahul, Rahane and Pant as top 4, and scoring about 200-250 runs and declaring at the end of the day would have been much better.
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    That's a hell of a loaded statement by Sir Aggy .
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    My respect for Sir Aggy always goes up. He's been calling out Dhoni for the past three years. Too bad rest of the paid shills are too meek to call out what's so blatantly true. They mask his failure and yet they waive pom poms because dhoni made an easy stumping look like no other competent keeper can do the same.
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    Winning the match beyond doubt. More than 450 ahead. More than 3.5 days left. No threat of rain. Anyway need to bowl once more either in 3rd or 4th innings, so it's not like any opportunity is being taken away from bowlers. But batting again would have been good for Rahul, Shaw, Rahane and Pant. Rahul and Rahane need some runs under their belt and get back into form. Shaw and Pant are so young and new, would be good for their confidence to get as many runs as they can early in their careers. Does the team management think on these lines at all ?
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    As the title says, i think the next test will demonstrate whether this Indian team is interested in long term planning and the Australia series in mind, or simple short-term thinking for the sake of boosting averages against a minnow. Let me explain. India has a couple of concerns with its test team long-term, which would badly affect it in Australia: 1. Lack of a stable opening duo. Emphasis on the word 'duo'. Regardless of how many runs Shaw scores in this or next test (doesnt look like he will bat again this test), it doesn't change the fact that the 2nd opener's slot is wide-open for Australia. Says a lot about India that the slot that seems 'taken' is the slot filled by a debutant currently. India has a few options here - go with Dhawan, give Rahul another shot to solidify his confidence for OZ or go for a new opener alltogether. My recommendation - give Mayank a chance and see how it pans out. 2. Test Rahul in the middle order. His entire style of play, his runs, etc. are all indicative of a player not cut out to be an opener. He doesn't have the 1 in a million hand-eye coordination of Sehwag to make the late career middle order to opener jump. But he can learn, so that avenue isn't closed yet. Better to see if he can bat more assuredly in the middle order. My recommendation - given Pujara's form overseas historically and currently, he should still be our first choice #3 but a couple of bad tests in OZ can bring back his gremlins. Give Rahul a chance in the middle to see if we have a viable alternative to Pujara at #3. 3. Rest Kohli. Yes, he is amazing, but this team doesn't need Kohli to win vs the Windies. And if it does, we are in deep doo-doo in Australia. Rest him for the next test, to see how the batting order responds to him being left out. Will Rahane grab the chance with both hands ? Will someone else ? If Kohli is not rested, definitely rest Rahane. Barring scoring an unbeaten triple, there is not much Rahane can do versus this West Indies attack that will boost his confidence for Australia. My recommendation ? Rest Kohli, give Rahane the captaincy and put him in the 'do or die' situation vs a minnow. This is the perfect opportunity for Rahane to test his mettle, as his sheer batting skill won't be tested by the Windies, so it will be all about his mindset & mental game. 4. Bat Vihari. He has been our ace in the domestic circuit for a while now and he needs more than a debut 50 in England (though very commendable) and 3 months rest before Australia. Giving him the opportunity to score big will be a good boost to his confidence and demonstrate the meritocracy of the lineup. 5. Play next test with 3 pace bowlers. Yes, i know its counter-productive in India or vs the West Indies, but we need to see who amongst our pacers (apart from Ishant and Bumrah) can bowl well with the old ball. Maybe even give one of the young speedsters a go and see if they can seize the moment. Bottomline is in Australia we wont be bowling with 3 spinners and we dont need 3 spinners at home vs West Indies either. 6. Rest Ashwin. He is still not 100% since his hip injury. No need to get him 'playing fit'. He needs rest and recouperation. It also gives us the opportunity to see if one of our spinners not named 'Jadeja or Ashwin' can be a spearhead spinner, atleast at home. As such, my lineup for test 2 would be: Mayank Prithvi Rahul Pujara Rahane* Vihari Pant + Jadeja Kuldeep/another spinner pacer pacer
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    There's absolutely no reason to deny Siraj a debut. We need to throw him into test cricket and see what he can do. Kid has earned it. Its likely he'll end up on the squad to Oz anyway, better that he gets a game at home or 2. We could potentially have another Bumrah on our hands. And to think, he's supposedly behind the likes of Shardul Thakur. That's qtiyapa of the highest order.
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    What's nauseating is your confirmation bias. You should ask Rahul Dravid about his thoughts on the "Mumbai lobby". Well before he became the India 'A' coach, the Bombay cricket association used to regularly seek him out and get his thoughts on their young and upcoming batsmen. Dravid is on record saying this and appreciating how the Bombay Cricket community knows and appreciates quality talent and puts in time and effort in polishing their young ones. When an Ajit Agarkar goes on record and advocates for Rishabh Pant - a player from Rourkee, playing Ranji cricket for Delhi - over MS Dhoni, is he acting as the so-called "Mumbai lobby"? Vengsarkar is a former national selector - mind you, a national selector who pushed for selecting a young Virat Kohli ahead of his Bombay peers - Virat is on record saying this as well. Vengsarkar is also heavily involved in Bombay cricket - of course he's going to voice his opinion when solicited by a media machine that is hungry for quotes from former players to churn out 'coverage'. Chandrakant Pandit is a former Mumbai coach who has seen Shaw's development up close and personal. Why wouldn't a coach voice support for a teenage debutant who has consistently outperformed his peers at each and every rung of the ladder to the national cricket team? Its way too early to say how Shaw's career will pan out. He could yet go the Vinod Kambli route, in spite of all the next Sachin hype. But to whine about "mumbai lobby" when it comes to kid, says more about your personal biases than what the reality is. Some people like to feed their own victim mentality. To be blunt, Karun Nair has done absolutely nothing after scoring that matka 300 against an exhausted England team that had mentally checked out already. Not on the A tour to England, not in the handful of home test games he played against Aus - where more than his batting, his timid mindset stood exposed. And Mayank Agarwal has a multi-year record of rank mediocrity before he went on a tear for a season and change. Its not "marketing" that's standing in their way. Their destiny is in their own hands.
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    India should have batted again

    It's useless to bat again. Batsman will score meaningless runs and centuries and boost their confidence which wont even help for Australian tour. Instead go early for Australia series and practice in those conditions.
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    Then why does these match even taken place? Koi dekh bhi nahi raha hai. Should've just played 5 T20 matches but then they would've got asses whipped hard Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Pant needs to improve his keeping to spinners
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    This. @Muloghonto should spend more time in cricket section than the adultery thread.
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    agarkar and ant-dhoni fans now
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    Back yo back attacking aggressive knocks, damn!! Missed a hundred really wanted him to score a ton today as that would have inspire his confidence in times of low.
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    Our t20 team won the only trophy when there was no IPL. Since then, it's been filled with csk rejects and we haven't won anything since. We won the 2011 WC on the back of some ATG players like Sachin and Indian ATG players like yuvi, zaheer and contributions from Gambhir, Raina and Dhoni(in the final). We really won that when IPL was only 3 years old so IPL was still in it's infamy. What have we won since then? We say we have one of the best if not the best t20 leagues in the world, yet our LOIs is filled with consolidators like Dhoni, rayadu, and Karthik. When will the players with the highest strike rate in IPL get a chance? Money invested is fine. But it's not really bearing fruits apart from some exposure of fast bowlers. But even then we choose to recall tried and test failures.

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