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    Austin 3:!6

    Kohli ki kismat

    He wished Indian womens team and they got knocked out yesterday in semi finals Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Boland Watson Hastings Faulkner Boyce ... Legendary bowling attack
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    Man of the series was Virat Kohli. Somehow, Dhoni gets credit for the win ?
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    Plenty start with Iyer. Only on this forum I have seen infatuation with young kids. They need time to develope.
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    Yes. Feeling guilty to divert all the anger to youngsters trying to make a mark. Wish Dadu was around
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    Kohli ki kismat

    Most unlucky captain in recent times. I am scared of WC now
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    He's younger and frankly better than Biryani yet that talentless chump somehow has made it back to the team
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    Our genius captain gave 18th over to Ahmed who went for 19. End result, bhuvi bowled only 3 overs. They were 7 down, one more wicket in 18th would have made a huge difference
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    Impressed by sandeep warrier v Bengal. Looked good. Heard about him before. Tall and hit deck hard and bowled heavy ball. Only thing impossible to know how quick he was. To me looked 83 to 86 mph, pure guess. More then quick enough for tall bowler. Seemed good stamina and run in all day. More impressive then thampi, although thampi different type of bowler more skiddy and about skills more then hitting length hard and getting bounce
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    So good to see Khaleel and Krunal perfectly respond to the wrist slitters on this forum.
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    pant n pandya are passenger in t20 Lemme guess rahane wud be an asset acc to u then in t20
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    They would rather show news on what color Tamiur pooped for the day Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    He is pretty good in both analysis and articulation. Not over the top or gimmicky. Speaks to the point and does it well. @skindia Ur views :)
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    Raina was done n dusted years ago Cnt play 130k bouncer now as was seen in england n ireland , gets out on bouncer, yorker and now he has developed a new pattern of getting against spinners In IPL Pant was almost 200 runs ahead of raina, Raina didnt do much on his return either Rayudu International Odi s/r is shameful , he cnt command a place in t20 and again pant left him behind in IPL playing lesser number of games Rayudu international t20 s/r is 84 which is absolutely crap Pant is 118 Get me better names...these guys were badly beaten by pant in IPL if we have to take a comman criteria . How on earth are they better then pant ....only reason u can come up with is grass is greener on other side So many gr8 debut at a very young age......... Its not age its about quality
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    Kohli ki kismat

    I am actually mad at the Weather God who let Bewda off one auss reaming humiliation. I want him to come home on a stretcher laying sideways!!
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    acha 1 game pe log passenger ban jaate hai aur 1 pe asset Then to we shud ask an astrologer to pick a team so he can tell who ll be an asset on one day and liability on other
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    Kohli ki kismat

    To cut short, he has won nothing of note as a captain
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    Wretched luck. Bowlers did their job this time and rain ruined it. If only we had Dhoni to hold a mountain on his little finger, thus shielding the ground .. now where did I read about such a thing ? I don't suppose it has anything to do with blind faith.
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    You don't understand their mentality. Practicing Christians and Muslims believe that non believers are damned to eternal hellfire. They are trying to save us from doom! Meanwhile the people at the top of these religions are simply getting more money and spreading their sphere of influence across the globe.
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    I thought he is the future captain leading us in 2023 WC
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    Kohli ki kismat

    This guy is epitome of panauti
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    good .. rahul didnt get an opportunity to screw himself @Jimmy Cliff
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    if rahul fails then his fans will blame the drizzle
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    Er... You mean stupid? Its same for every body... but the fact is, its just plain stupid
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    I have said this from Day 1 that Khaleel got picked just bcoz of minority quota. We have much better bowlers in domestic cricket. And if we need to have quota bowler, Shami is 10 times the bowler than Khaleel.
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    As long as he doesnt do 'ah..ah..ah...ah', he is alright.
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    Aussie lower order hacks may not be as good against even a mediocre darter like Krunall. Should bowl out the main bowlers when Aussies are on the ropes. Kohli is a v 2.0 of Dadu
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    Congratulations to all his family members on ICF for a wicket today
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    also these 2 knws young domestic players really well which manju, sunny g have no idea about
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    Gambhir is very analytical and comes across as a sharp guy. Even Utthappa is analytical and good. These 2 are good additions to the comm box. Far more refreshing and pertinent than Manju, Gavaskar, Deep, Siva, Aakash Chopra, Anjum etc.
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    Gambhir can be a good analyst but a boring commentator.
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    Gambhir speaks in one same tone.....no matter what the situation. Sooooo boring .
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    Gambhir is right in saying Krunal needs to slow it down on this big ground and try and pick wickets instead of darting it every ball.
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    Bumrah bowling beautifully. Eager to see him bowl in tests.
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    Did you see that world cup winning celebration, this guy reminds me so much of those idiot Pakistani celebrations
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    Lanister blames Rohit most of the times for poor man Suniel Shetty’s failure.
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    That is about as truthful as Dhoni's testimony about Meiyappan .
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    c pant b bhuvi....
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    Only thing I remember about Dhoni from that t20 series is him coming before Yuvraj in first 2 matches when Kohli and Rohit had already set up target just to hit few soft runs while sent Yuvraj chasing 200 ahead of himself and not to forget that epic choke of Canberra ODI-got out for 0 coming at 278/2..
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    Tushar Deshpande - Fast bowler

    "Hype " should not be the word used here If anyone does well consistently well in domestic circuit has a buzz around him courtesy of cricket enthusiasts Pace bowling fans can also be categorized under this, I feel that malnourished khaleel has not only ditched his pace but also us
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    Tushar Deshpande - Fast bowler

    Tushar is not just hype. He is a talented aggressive wicket taking bowler. Can swing the ball at pace. Videos of him bowling in the thread below.
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    Your fav top-5 Aussie cricketers?

    Watson Hilfenhaus Beer (Because they remind me of 10/11 Ashes) Gillespie a nice Aussie and fantastic coach for Yorkshire. Managed to be a great Australian player without being a cunt like most of them Hughes Another nice Aussie. Tragically lost
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    The fact that false trivia like Dhoni won the only odi tournament in Australia and other pseudo history like he is the greatest keeper bat ever and he is the best captain ever gets thrown around loosely gives us an insight into the demographic of the average MSD fan base.
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    but we did not win last because of captaincy. we scored big in first two games and then chased 200 in the third game. you scored 180 plus in Aus and most times, you will win because of big grounds. Even yesterday. Aus scored 158, India 168 and still lost. We lost due to DLS more than anything.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Twitter messages

    I lol'd at the "tum waha 6s khaate the" comment .
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    Bhogle was again idiotic today getting excited over winter or Kartik wearing that kind of monkey cap disappointing that how bad Indian commentators are and equally worse are Aussies boy was Warne cheerleading Australia or what
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    Also Under him we have registered our lowest score in T20 ever that too in same country. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/14141/scorecard/291356/australia-vs-india-only-t20i-india-tour-of-australia-2007-08 Kaha gaya re OP. Just look at the man's SR...9 off 27.
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    Yasmeen Sarfraz

    What crap is this?

    92 WC had the best format, best song and best trophy.
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