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    How about making Bumrah his role model ? Khaleel was a fast bowler who now idenfies himself with a medium paced swing bowler !! This guy seems to have the mindset of a trundler.
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    Taking the easier option, bowl slower/knuckle balls instead of troubling batsmen with effort deliveries such as Yorkers.
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    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Till now, wkts taken by exciting prospects Rahul chahar- 20 Rajpoot - 19 Aaron- 14 ( not a young prospect but good he is doing well) Mavi - 14 Nathu - 12 Warrier- 10 Thampi -10 Avesh- 10 Markhande- 9 Lalit yadav- 8 Deshpande- 6 (has only played 1 game) These both need to pick their perfomances up Kulwant- 4 Sran- 2
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    Austin 3:!6

    Kohli ki kismat

    He wished Indian womens team and they got knocked out yesterday in semi finals Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Kohli ki kismat

    Agar team catches na pakde => Kohli is responsible, Dhoni/Rohit captaincy is better.
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    Kohli ki kismat

    He came and India won the 2011 wc. I guess thats good kismat.
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    Kohli ki kismat

    I am actually mad at the Weather God who let Bewda off one auss reaming humiliation. I want him to come home on a stretcher laying sideways!!
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    Kohli ki kismat

    add to that the 2 finals lost with RCB
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    Kohli ki kismat

    Root has won all 3 tosses in SL, where as this guy is just pathetic. As the saying goes, luck favours the brave and Kohli is not a brave captain. One more demerit as to why we don't need him as a captain. SACK HIM.
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    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    OP please change this to Khaleem Ahmad regression watch Sent from my vivo 1714 using Tapatalk
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    Kohli ki kismat

    Everyone would opt to chase when rain is around, genius.....
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    Poor standards. Kumar is not a wicket-taker in LOIs and Indian team surely don't need such bolwers. Khaleel has a terrible attitude and he need to first look into that.
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    This guy is overrated..Freaking celebrates like He is bowling somewhat thunderbolts at 150 kmph..Short is incompetent batsman and Lynn was batting like a person bitten with dog infected by rabies,swinging at everything.. Even Aussie commies were talking about his celebrations..
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    PM Imran says !!!

    Dimran claims Chinese trains will go faster than speed of light! https://www.reddit.com/r/pakistan/comments/9zomu5/china_is_developing_trains_which_will_be_faster/?ref=share&ref_source=link
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    What crap is this?

    The original by Imagine Dragons (an American rock band if you don't know) is a good song. One of my favourite bands at the moment. What it doesn't need is this Muppet murdering it. He thinks he can sing and is going through a phase of being absolutely everywhere doing showbiz badly 2015 song was dreadful btw. "You say I've got the power. I say oooooooooooo" I mean wtf?
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    Respect for the good intentions of Big B here. But paying off debts owed by farmers is not necessarily a good thing overall. This can make a lot of them take further loans and not do much work and spend the cash. When they cannot pay the money eventually, they will keep hoping that someone like the state government or a fat rich guy will payoff the loan.
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    Kohli ki kismat

    Yuvi scored 36 out of 6. That was once. Such things happen. Consistent failure is not Kismat, specially if you got a top side at your disposal. India lost game one because of rain and chasing. What do India do next game. It decided to chase again when there was threat of rain. Luckily we got few wickets, but who will say what happened in game 1 wouldnt have happened in game 2. indian homework and planning is completely missing. To me, Its either arrogance or chewtiyaap. On a overseas trip, start with tried tested safe route
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    Your fav top-5 Aussie cricketers?

    Bewda can and probably has already. Just tum log zaanti paro na Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Respect when respect is due. A lot of wealthy people in India can help, only a few choose to do so.
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    Kohli ki kismat

    ODI series win in SA. First time ever we won over there.
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    India A Tour of NZ

    Opener Hamish Rutherford , who copped a blow on his helmet, will see a doctor before any decision is made on whether he would resume batting . Rutherford was struck by fast bowler Mohammed Siraj when he was on 9, and following an assessment, he sat out of the rest of the day.
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    India A Tour of NZ

    Vihari has played two wonderful knocks. Now these guys will bench him and pick Rohit based on his T20 scores.

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