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    Kl Rahul is the puppu of this team. They handed the opener slot on platter to him he was busy uploading pics on Instagram and chatting with Nidhi Agarwal and he slipped and dropped it.
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    Hatsoff Kohli-Shastri !

    So play rahul and let him fail in next 4 innings as well? I would take risk and play Mayank & even if he fails i won't care much as rahul was already failing.
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    Hatsoff Kohli-Shastri !

    If Jadeja can pick up wickets, it's a good combo, however it's a big IF. Wanted Kuldeep in his place.
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    Sure Rohit might score the same as Pandya and Pandya has the added advantage of bowling a few overs. Agreed. However Pandya can at best contribute here and there if he doesn’t totally fail but Rohit can be a one man army, A one man swat team/stealth fighter than can win the game on his own on his day. High risk high reward. Anyway time is running out. This should be his last shot.
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    In order to accommodate the man who can change the game in a session.
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    Rohit is back Isse to Pandya better hota, bowling kar leta.
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    Once again Kuldeep has been snubbed.Precisely why the fattu captain doesn't win anything big, so cowardly in actually being agressive.
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    Hatsoff Kohli-Shastri !

    Atleast, for now, we should really admire their bold decision. They have resisted the urge to play Pandya straight in, which was almost a given here in ICF. Also, to drop both the openers and move Vihari up the order, I feel will bring rich dividends. I believe he should be given a long rope now. FFS, the other openers got almost a year and still failed. Whatever selection blunders they did, I hope this time around we win MCG and they redeem themselves. I think this is the best team combination at the moment. Also, Jadeja will save atleast 15-20 runs throughout the match with his fielding alone, not to mention we now have batting till no.8. M. Agarwal Vihari (Best decision by mngmt) Pujara Kohli Rahane Rohit Pant Jadeja Shami Ishant Bumrah Now if only our tail can atleast survive and bat with Pant/ Jadeja, I trust our last 3-4 wickets to add around 40 each innings. We have been basically batting with 7 players past 2-3 matches.
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    Life has come a complete circle for KL Rahul

    Debut at Melbourne in 2014 and now dropped at the same venue in 2018.And there is no optimism at sight. He doesn't even deserve a place in the LOI side but he has to get back to basics and importantly get back his focus.
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    One spell that nobody talks about is Srinath 13 wicket tally against Pakistan in 98-99 test series. It was played on a dead pitch. I think Srinath had reduced Pakistan to 4 wickets under 20 runs. Like Shami knows how to run over the tail, Srinath was amazing against top order batsmen. The only thing he lacked was a good threatening bowling partner and a good 2nd change.
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    Hatsoff Kohli-Shastri !

    Rohit over Pandya Dropping both openers might look like a good idea to ICF. But trust me it's not a good move. Rahul and Pujara should have opened. Rahul don't deserve much but throwing Mayank in opening in Australia against Pat, Starc, and co is as pointless as Rahul's brainfarts. Don't at all see Mayank succeeding here. He should not be debuted in Australia for his own good.
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    Why is Vihari asked to open ? He is a middle order batsman ffs. He was looking solid and composed in some of his innings. If he fails, this is going to completely wreck his confidence. You can trust team management to screw a talented guy's career.
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    You make it seem like an odd mistake. It has happened time and again every game. What made it bitter was that was the difference in the end where we could have created history, we ended up as 2nd best yet again. Also the Eng,Aus and SA teams are a shade of what they were in the previous tours. It is inexcusable to lose to them. Infact Aus is piss poor and no way we should have lost to them. Look I like Kohli the test captain in comparison with Dhoni at least visually is charged up and proactive. I mean compare that to Dhoni’s captaincy where he looked like a typical sarakaari manager doing his 9-5 job. Also Kohli the performer is on a different level. However That should not cloud are judgement. Kohli has made some huge blunders.
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    As if rahul has given money to all the fans and experts to support him. When he debut he has more than 50 avg in ranji and has hit century in sf and final to win ranji fir his state just after debut he made century in aus. He has 7 back to back 50 in test cricket , show me any other player who has such a fine start of his international test career. Stop making nonsense accusations. When he was in form he was dropped for dhawan and vijay time and again. He is not in form now and he should be sent back to domestic to improve his basic.
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    Good strategy by team management to open with Vihari & accommodate Rohit Sharma in the squad. Vihari will be dropped from the squad when Prithwi Shaw's return from injury.
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    Hatsoff Kohli-Shastri !

    This is a good combination. Can't complain much.
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    Should have selected Pandya instead of Rohit Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    Kuldeep also won India a decider at Dharamshala, thankfully when Kohli was injured and didn't captain. This guy is all talk and no substance in so far as agression goes.
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    I think people got too excited and didn't hear Prasad completely.
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    Actually the beard on this goat is very similar to the one Rahul has
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    Didnt Kohli said in PC that Dhoni don't want to play T20s anymore and have asked to groom Pant? Then why is he back very next series? Entire team management is a liar.

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