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    Icfers, enjoy this moment. Congratulations Team India and fans. Moment we have been waiting for years. WHAT A WIN. Well done everyone
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    From 1970 onwards, India have won more Tests in Australia (7) than they have in India (5). LINK Anyhoo, congrats everyone.
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    Historic historic win! Should have been 3-1 if not for the weather. Hats off to Pujara and Bumrah. After the 2nd test, I think the think tank has started to click. Too bad this happened at the end of overseas tours. Anyway better later than never! Jai Ho Kohli. Bewda, chal tera saat khoon map, magar tera malt-barley ka lovechild ko swikaar nahin kar paaunga mein! Jai Hind ... Vande Mataram!
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    Historic day. Just to give context, Australia has won just 1 series in India in the last 50 years. India has equalled going to show that they have found it as hard to beat us at home as we have them.
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    Congratulations icfers !!!!!
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    This is as big as it gets. So many firsts ... Defeating Australia in a test series in Australia. And totally outplaying them. Indian fast bowlers bowling better than Australian fast bowlers in their home territory. And the Indian fast bowling trio, lead by Bumrah, becoming the highest wicket takers in history for a pace trio in a calender year. Indian fast bowlers bouncing out and intimidating Australian batsmen on a regular basis with quick short pitched stuff ( weren't they supposed to be good players of the short ball ! What a myth ! ) We have waited so long for this ... Congrats Team India and all ICFers !
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    Bumrah and Pujara! History will remember you guys, i don't think i have ever seen a fast bowler leading charts like Bumrah before from India.
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    Long wait since the Ponting and co cheated their way to 2008 with help from umpire Bucknor Great to see Ponting twisting and squirming all series. Smith and Warner would have made no difference.
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    Congratz to all the 90s boys like me who have waited over 20 yrs for this. Let this be the beginning of our reign.
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    Amazing moment. In terms of a moment I thought I would never experience in my lifetime this has to be 1. I vaguely remember the 87 WC as a kid. I started following cricket in 91-92. Australia where at that passing of the torch moment from the Allan Border era to the beginning of the Mark Taylor era. When I used to go through the old collections of Sportsworld and Sportstar magazines that one of my uncles used to subscribe to ( for the posters of course :) form the late 80s and early 90s, I used to come across these articles and always wonder why the hell they would call that Aussie 87 win as a triumph of the underdog because as a 28+ and running cricket fan( cricket fan age not my real age :)) I never once remember the Aussies being an underdog. Since I started following cricket consciously, they were always the top 2-3 teams in the world regardless of the musical chairs going on for the top team.This was even before their historic run from the late 90s to mid 2000s when they were the most dominant side ever to play cricket. It was ridiculous to even think that they could ever be beat on their home soil. Especially by an Asian team. 2004 and 2008 I thought would remain the closest we will ever come to beating them in my lifetime even though probably India might have had a couple of runs before in the 70s and early 80s. Almost Total cricketing Nirvana. (South Africa pending of course which looking at where their team is heading might be a possibility fingers crossed. BCCI needs a SA tour soon) I would rate the 2011 WC win and the T20 2007 win as the 2 greatest things I have ever witnessed as a follower of Indian cricket. 2011 for being the World Cup and 2007 Wt20 for being that specific moment to change the game of cricket forever. Even if we win any future world cups or WT20’s it may not have the same kick to it for me.So these moments will always remain personally the top 2 for me. However, This to me is the undisputed 3rd as the greatest cricketing moment and the undisputed 1st as the greatest unexpected moment as an Indian cricket fan. Proud moment and congrats to Indian team and all Indian cricket fans
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    A special mention to the 2003 and 2007 teams who came closing to winning but were cruelly denied mostly by factors mostly outside their control.
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    As I said on CBF's thread, I've been waiting all my life for this. Australia are a resilient bunch, they will bounce back. But for now, let's enjoy this historic moment. Thank you Team India.
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    Congratulations to the Indian team and its fans. Waited so many years for this. What a historic moment
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    Ind As I said on the other thread on this topic: "Great to see players that I supported (Pujara, Kohli, Agarwal, Pant, Kuldeep, Bumrah and Shami) do well. If Pandya had played, may be he would have done well too .... These 8 players, along with Shaw and Gill will ensure that Ind will continue to enjoy such success"
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    First statue, then stadium...I thought gujjus were frugal with money
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    It's special for me because I've waited nearly 45 years for a series win in Australia. Right up there with 83 WC, 85 WCC in Australia (I was fortunate enough to attend the final v Pakistan with my Dad), and the 86 series win in England. Indian cricket team is my one main link to my country of birth, even though I've lived in Melbourne since I was five months old.
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    Sachin has the most neurotic fans in this site easy to rile up.. its very hard to sit on fence on that.
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    Two greats of ICF. Should induct them into HALL OF FAME
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    Welcome to the "Countries Who Have Beaten The Convicts In Their Own Backyard" Club. Enjoy
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    After watching so many disappointing tours over 18 years with scattered successes, this means the world to me. 1947-48, indians chose to use batsman part timers to bowl leg side half volleys when sir don was on 90 so that the respected sir does not miss centuries and make indians proud by scoring 100s against them. Long long way from that now. It's almost impossible to win there for Asian teams but we have done it, quite convincingly. Congratulations to all of us here!!
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    This team has come one full circle. Started with Kohli taking over from Dhoni here 4 years ago. Great team. Great for test cricket in India.
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    First ever Asian side to do so. Historical moment. So happy and really proud of this team.
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    Drop this dude in the middle of South Central and he will be at ease with the homies smoking some chronic and grooving to Snoop Dog ..... Pow wow wow ippi yo ippi ye, Pandya dawg in the mothafocking houuseee!
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    It's the same as : Who is the best mom in the world ? My Mom
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    LoL at people who think that this Aus attack is a joke.it was the grit and patience of Indian batsmen especially Pujara who blunted the Aussie attack and grounded them to dust.made them toil in the series and rendered them ineffective.Take Pujara out and you will have a different result.We are blessed that Pujara has perfected his role as a 'wall'. Credit to our pacers and spinners as well as they have look threatening throughout barring a few spells.I grew up in the 90's when Aussie bowlers would blow away our top order and we lost all the matches by huge margin.It's so so satisfying to wake up in the morning and finding Aus 100 odd for 4 or 250 A.O or Pujara still batting at 190...pure bliss !!!! I'll celebrate this historic series win hoping to hammer them 3-1 which looks unlikely at the moment.

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