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    https://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/india-slip-to-seventh-in-test-rankings/article6777879.ece 1. South Africa (124 rating points) 2. Australia (118) 3. England (104) 4. Pakistan (103) 5. New Zealand (99) 6. Sri Lanka (96) 7. India (95) --> further dropped to 93 in April 8. West Indies (76) Virat is really an underrated test captain. He deserves a lot of credit for overhauling this team's culture. He took over a really really uninspiring and insipid bowling line up and turned them into a world class attack.
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    Vinnie kumar is from the first alumni graduated from university run by Dean M. S.Dhongi.
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    This pathetic trundling university graduate kaul keeps getting chances . Siraj again picked for wrong format, isn't cut out for odis, gives lot of width and buckle under pressure. Mayank looked in great touch and confidence should have been there in place of kl Rahul.
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    Good decision to rest Bumrah. Siraj keeps getting picked for the wrong format. He will go for runs and will be dropped again.
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    Wah re chewt selectors,keep giving moments of buffoonery Siraj when was setting world on fire wasn't getting picked even in the squad Now he is been picked for lois,that too in small parks of NZ,where they will shatter his remaining confidence by mauling him to dust, At least they spared us by not picking him in t20s Well Kaul seems to be fulfilling the trundler quota,when we have zaleel in the ranks
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    Kaul is the gold medalist in that university
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    Great to see Bumrah rested for the entire LOI leg.
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    Shows two things - 1. How pathetic Dhoni became as a Test captain when the seniors faded away by 2012, he just could not handle the transition. Tests always were last on his priority and he saw away tests as just practice, had ZERO ambition to see his team excel in Tests. 2. Kohli's thrust on winning Test series and being the best team in the world was explicit from the very beginning. He promoted a culture of fitness in the team. That he liked pacers was also evident and that has shown in results. He has some problems around team selection but is not adamant like Dhoni to keep using the same strategy till the time it works. The big issue with Kohli's captaincy is in the shorter formats and his over reliance on the seniors. Somehow the magic he has done with pacers in tests hasn't quite worked with our LOI batsmen. I always believed that till the time Dhoni goes away, the shorter format teams will not really be Kohli's team who embrace his playing philosophy.
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    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    Avesh: https://www.iplt20.com/video/130328/buttler-serves-it-hot-to-avesh-khan
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    Shami should have also been rested
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    express bowling

    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    Preferred -- 1. Avesh Khan 2. Ankit Rajpoot 3. Aniket Chaudhari All 3 in great form and picking loads of wickets in Ranji Trophy. All 3 very tall and bouncy. Avesh a genuine fast bowler atleast in the shorter formats and bowling sharply in Ranji Trophy. The other 2 are bouncy fast medium bowlers. 4. Shivam Mavi ... genuine fast bowler but needs some more FC experience. 5. Siraj ... just because of his A-team performances.
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    If Kohli has a vision like Imran Khan, he would pick Gill for the world cup as a middle order batsman. Need more younger batsmen in this 30+ batting line up.
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    Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Wth is this agent sejdah doing with the team during celebration? Bcci should keep a check on these agents and their reach. I have a feeling ,someday we will read about some big 'kand ' involving this guy.
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    bewda nonsense

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    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    lol NOt exactly a flattering video
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    Said this in another thread: Kohli, to me, is India's greatest test captain already. 1. Inherited a battered and bruised team who got drubbings in 2 overseas cycles 2011 - 2012, 2013 - 2015. I laugh when people say Kohli is lucky to have a fast bowling attack like he has. They forget they all played under Dhoni (except Bumrah). Kohli brought tactics, motivation, fire, agility, fitness, fast bowlers being wicket takers and not containers, he backed and praised his pacers. We saw this change even in 2015 Sri Lanka series with Ishant, and all pacers in West Indies in 2016. Kohli helped take India to number 1 from the gutter. 2. Home dominance - no series lost, beat every team they faced, made fast bowlers prominent on subcontinental tracks, ashwin and jadeja bowled better than they ever did under Dhoni, fields set to get wickets, all rounders built through ashwin and jadeja. India crushed every opposition, and played better than even previous indian teams at home. Faced top teams like SA, Aussies, England with strong squads and beat them. 3. Overseas wins - not perfect but better than dhoni and previous captains. Wins in SA, ENG and AUS in the same year. 2 wins in Aus in same series (would have been 3 but for rain). First team to win series in AUS. India has gained respect under Kohli's leadership, it is the true number 1 and has validated its ranking. 4. Alpha AF! Not meek, surrendering to opposition, umpires or media. He gives it his all, backs his team, and often has the last laugh. 5. The future - created fast bowling culture, opportunity to youngsters, blueprint on how to win overseas as a TEAM. Now looking for 3 more pacers: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/india-in-australia/virat-kohli-looks-ahead-says-three-more-pacers-needed-to-manage-workload/articleshow/67418798.cms KOHLI is the GOAT for Indian Test Captains. Always knew he would change indian cricket for the better - a team I can be proud of!
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    Pant should have been added to the NZ ODI squad at least.
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    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    50 up for buggi Shubhman another 200 coming
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    According to today's gen, I think tendulkar should be compared with Ross Taylor .who averages 48 and with strike rate of 84. Just like tendulkar 100 every 10 game. Taylor has left likes of ponting lara far behind.
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    They talk as if Kohli got lucky with fast bowlers.He made them into world class bowlers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Most people who are chest thumping as biggest win, were allways defending why Kohli is right to drop Pujara Or his other brainfart selection decision
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    Wow , I totally forgot how low we had fallen then.Dhoni quit in middle of the series.Yet people somehow think Kohli is a bad captain.He has taken rag tag team and turned them into world no1.
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    exactly , this is some new problem among ppl cant handle anyone opinion

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