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    Pathetic from BCCI to ban Pandya and Rahul. They did not do any mistake which is ban worthy. Karan Johar's gay a$$ need to spanked for getting one of the best all rounders in the world getting banned just before world cup
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    Pandya fans are supporting Pandya ,like party workers support their Neta in the aftermath of a Scandal( though its not,but should have avoided such things) Pandya haters are cashing in this opportunity to lambast him yet again, Well, k l Rahul ke sitare toh gardish me hain
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    Brings calm.. brings light.. brings biryani.. brings everything but runs...
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    Yes in my small bubble I have never seen a guy tell his parent “aaj thok ke aaya” and parents going awwww. Be it in India or US among any race or culture. So yes this concept is new to me. Pandya is no even a kid or a teenager he is a 26 year old man ffs. Is that normal behavior? You tell me. Concept of companies “hiring” escorts or tolerating such behavior is also new to me in the bubble I have lived in. Sure might happen in some industries .A lot of perverted things happen in this world. As far as I would imagine these things get swept under the carpet or when they make news it is always in a negative way.I have never seen anyone boast about it or wear it as a badge of honor. I am sure this is a common occurrence in your worldwise travels. Offended yes by his behavior. I am not even analyzing the casual racism or sexism because I don’t even want to get that far but his behavior in general is annoying and obnoxious. Affecting my life? You seriously have comprehension problems. I already said banning him for this stupidity is harsh however I am in agreement with most folks on this thread that this is obnoxious behavior. The fact that you think this is normal is scary and If it is true I am happy to live in my bubble.
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    If klr loves a girl, her father will turn out to be the arch rival of his father since college days.. That's how badly klr's luck sucks these days... :p
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    I hope it is a farewell tribute to the grey one.
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    A woman with similar level of talent won't be in Pandya's situation. She would be scraping hard to earn few lakhs like average middle class person or club cricketer.
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    If a woman did it, she will be hailed as a revolutionary - quote from the article That one sentence alone shows the agenda. In a country which is a hell hole for women, where women are demeaned in every walk of life and objectified, the article writers provides the same sexist view of men as victims and women as yet at getting away with stuff. There is a lot of such obvious sexism happening online nowadays, redpillers and incels in the U.S. are growing in number. Seems like same disease is affecting India and it's making it much worse I will repeat it again. Women are objectified in india which leads to them being victims in lots of things. Pandaya being star will get away but the road side majnu will try emulating him and then throwing acid on women who don't reciprocate. They have learned this from bollywood heroes and now from pandaya
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    If he genuinely cared about Indian cricket, he would allow Pant to take over and coach him to being a better keeper for the world cup.
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    The criticism coming their was is fine but the suspension is way over the top , COA and especially edulji needs to be thrown out.
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    8 pages of ICF arguing if Pandya need to be suspended or not . Forget the rest of India, ICF needs to check its aukaat. This is turning into an aunties discussion on TV serials. BCCI, Pandya and KJ are laughing in a smoky room while wearing eyepatches and petting cats
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    i still dont know what was offensive in thta interview other than rating virat higher than sachin
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    Ranji trophy 2018-19

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    Everything is driven by the media who choose their targets wisely, the hype is created and everyone jumps on the bandwagon . Saif is your typical English Speaking Urban elite - one of their own so there is no divide of Education or Class, it's only a problem when a Dehati Gawar like Pandya forgets his aukaat and should be put down to where he belongs.
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    What is funny is many folks in Ind thought that a ban on Smith and Warner, even though they were cheating when representing the team, was too harsh .... while KL and Pandya, who went on a dumb show in personal capacity should be banned
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    This is what he said in koffee with karan last week .. @CSK Fan thank me for giving you an another opportunity to get offended feminist @beetle ji .. your views
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    It is not just that he is toothless. Guy can't even control the run flow from his end. Typically the least you expect from a spinner in SENA is to tie up one end and build pressure so that the batsmen are forced to take slightly more chances against quicks (risk+reward), also then they can be given long spells to ensure that quicks remain fresh in this unforgiving format. This hack can't even provide that luxury to his captain, which premiere spinner goes at 4 rpo in test matches? Even tailenders tonk him all around the park without taking risks. The only wicket he picked up in this series was a gift, when RSA were 20 runs from victory and that new joke of a batsman stepped down the track to finish the match quickly. He hasn't even induced false strokes, not here, not in Oz, not in NZ and not in 5 of the 8 innings in England. His 10fer in England was a fluke just like Pakistan's CT triumph.
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    he will be afraid of posting his topless pics in instagram
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    And to think that this guy was called best in the world some time ago. Pakistanis are worst when it comes to hyping players.
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    "Take my daughter home if you have money" literally is a lifemoto for lot of indian parents lmao. And they getting offended here? what? haha
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    Why does a team of professional players need another player to bring calm to the team ? Are they disturbed people that need to be calmed? If so,they should get a psychologist for thd team.
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    I distinctly remember that, that English Team was in total disarray in 1986. Heavy losses to the WI affected them a lot. They kept changing players and lacked either quality or confidence. This Australian test team has a very settled, quick and good quality bowling attack ... so, at least one aspect is quality. Moreover ... Aussies are always a mentally tougher team. They are in cricket what Germany are in football. And England are in cricket what England are in football.
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    Sheeesh, a ban is OTT. It is disgusting how the snowflake culture is imported from the west. There is no room for balance, or measured responses at all. Everything is overblown reaction. HP made a total fool of himself, and is exposed as the dumbass he is. He will learn from this that being a public figure, your freedom of speech is curtailed. But, a ban? He didn't harm anyone, so that's just oversensitive trigger reactions.
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    Shuru ho gaye! Doesn't he feel ashamed that team members are made to justify his place every time he comes back.Where is the self respect ? They count on all the nonsense pointing ,advicing ,calming ......not his performance . Now we will have the bowlers being made to give reasons why they need him and how their performance is all because of his advice from behind the stumps. The successful bowling unit has to talk so much crap to justify his place.
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    1971 was a dhamaka year for India...great time to be alive. WI away series win Eng away series win Liberation of Bangladesh plus decimation of Pakistani army

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