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    Rayudu could have been out twice in first 2 balls he faced today. Our bad luck that we are still stuck with this chewt. Kohli might be the world's best but I still hate him for his sheer incompetence as a captain
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    Kohli's visible lack of support for the youngsters is so blatant. He's got Rayudu back but not picked Gill. Happened with Mayank as well. Recalled Vijay but did not pick Mayank till they were forced to. Pant obviously is suffering due to DK being preferred.
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    Phenomenal achievement. Dhoni should learn from him. They are both the same age but look at the difference in quality.
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    BUMP! The only reason why Rayudu and Jadeja are in the squad is because of CSK quota. They have done absolutely nothing in domestic cricket to have gotten selected for the national team. If India wants to win the World Cup, then neither of these losers should be on that plane to England.
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    Worst batsmen to play for India

    Badani scored a run a ball 100 against ATG Australia which featured a brilliant bowling attack, in an era when ODI 100s were hard to come by. It is an insult to take his name alongside this hack Rayudu in such a discussion. I can't believe Kohli is playing this chewt in our first XI...fecker won't get into the Zimbabwe team and here we are playing him at the crucial number 4 spot where so many Indian greats have batted.
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    Pace at work View overall figures [change view] Primary team India Type of bowler (by style) pace bowler Qualifications wickets taken greater than or equal to 100 Ordered by bowling average (ascending) Page 1 of 1 Showing 1 - 13 of 13 First Previous Next Last Return to query menu Cleared query menu Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI Ave Econ SR 4 5 Mohammed Shami 2013-2019 56 55 2859 2619 102 4/35 25.67 5.49 28.0 6 0 N Kapil Dev 1978-1994 225 221 11202 6945 253 5/43 27.45 3.71 44.2 3 1 AB Agarkar 1998-2007 191 188 9484 8021 288 6/42 27.85 5.07 32.9 10 2 J Srinath 1991-2003 229 227 11935 8847 315 5/23 28.08 4.44 37.8 7 3 M Prabhakar 1984-1996 130 127 6360 4534 157 5/33 28.87 4.27 40.5 4 2 IK Pathan 2004-2012 120 118 5855 5142 173 5/27 29.72 5.26 33.8 5 2 Z Khan 2000-2012 194 191 9815 8102 269 5/42 30.11 4.95 36.4 7 1 I Sharma 2007-2016 80 78 3733 3563 115 4/34 30.98 5.72 32.4 6 0 A Nehra 2001-2011 117 117 5637 4899 155 6/23 31.60 5.21 36.3 5 2 BKV Prasad 1994-2001 161 160 8129 6332 196 5/27 32.30 4.67 41.4 3 1 UT Yadav 2010-2018 75 73 3558 3565 106 4/31 33.63 6.01 33.5 4 0 B Kumar 2012-2019 99 98 4750 3943 107 5/42 36.85 4.98 44.3 3 1 SC Ganguly 1992-2007 308 170 4543 3835 100 5/16 38.35 5.06 45.4 1 2 Just 55 inns for 100+ wkts!
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    Top & Middle Order Wickets: Shami: 78% Bhuvi: 76% Bhumrah: 65% Fastest to pick 100 ODI Wickets by Pacer : 52 Mitchell Starc 54 Shane Bond 55 Brett Lee 56 MOHAMMAD SHAMI 56 Trent Boult I know he might not be good few days but in worldcup 2015 he shown that he can be very good bowler who can be economical and pick wickets as well. I know he can have bad days but even on his bad days he will pick one or two wickets. Currently with Bhuvi, Bumrah & Pandya i don't see shami playing in XI but we can't miss such good Odi bowler to be in XI for such big tournament. Has 2nd best strike rate in history of odi cricket.
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    Rayudu needs a bigger bat !!!

    What a Rayudud !!
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    Kiwis not catching and extending Rayudu's run
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    Must be a person called Sunofabeech...lol
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    Shami will lbw santner.
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    ""Ohhh kaale Teri ammi baithi hui ha wahaan pe kyaa padhwa ke aaya hai" Ignorant. Racist. Pathetic. Should be banned IMHO. Ironically it would strengthen the greenbro team if he is.
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    I just hope Gill and Pant both make it to the WC squad somehow.
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    That is cruel. Please think what will happen to @UrmiSinhaRay
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    The only possible explanation could be that he has in his possession sex tapes of both Kohli and Dhoni.... together.
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    Shami so far in NZ napier odi: Peach peach out not given peach boom peach great shot peach boom.
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    India captain Virat Kohli will not play the last two ODIs of the New Zealand series, and the T20s that follow; he has been rested for those games, the BCCI said on Wednesday. Rohit Sharma will captain India in his absence. No replacement player has been named for Kohli. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25831098/virat-kohli-rested-last-two-new-zealand-odis Good move. Hope Gill gets to play now.
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    What is this new excuse that Aus/ NZ/SA have when India wins they blame their home pitch lol. Napier pitch was slower than usual, it has more pace and bounce, but then their top order was blown away by Indian pacer Shami ?? https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/35199/pace-length-that-indian-spinners-bowled-was-classy-williamson
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    Dhoni is only half the part .. Major influence coming from Mama mafia .Without that backing MSD won't have the same leverage . Also notice this happens only with 50 over & T 20 senior & A teams . Not in tests. So the IPL brand building through this for CSK is very evident. Selectors are too meek and hence always select these in 13-14 whether national one days team or A team . VK also cannot go against it it seems . Just imagine - Raydu did not anything great in domestic and most of the time was not even a A team member . how without being in A team he leapfrogged ? He has the audacity to not play domestic and yet he has no fear of being omitted from team for that ? How come he has such confidence of getting selected?
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    Good decision. Now lets hope Gill gets to play all those matches and shuts the door for biryani guzzling leech
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    Jaadahva and Rayudu Garu , thunder thighs , Shami looks like pregnant lady trying to catch bus in the midiwicket boundary, Kuldeep is like Rasna girl ( bounces more than he roles) and of course Chahal who can only field of his own bowling dhoni looks like an old tadpole behind the stumps
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    Kuldeep trolling Styris ' in india most of the batsman are able to read my variation but when we go to overseas it's nice to see they can't read me.'
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    Worst batsmen to play for India

    U already mentioned raydu and told to add more names. Other no competition to raydu
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    Rayudud .. edged between keeper and slip fielder off the first ball, now caught behind but Kiwis didn't appeal ... lucky b@stard In Aus and NZ so far, almost all of Rayudu's runs have been edges through the slip and gully region.
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    He likes to surround himself with mediocre players and some close friends.
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    Rohit should be dropped.

    & bumrah cause he will pick 0 wickets on this tour.
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    Do you get off being abusive on the forum? Putting the less moderation to max stretch .....haan????
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    Or pretends to get injured for a minute.
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    Only accurate pace can stop these rampaging batsman in era of flat tracks.
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    India's Faheem Ashraf bowling.
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    Lodu style marne ke chakkar me ball uthana bhool gaya
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    We should try to fit Shami in Worldcup XI

    Always said, pace works and Bumrah-Shami should be 1-2 .... and then you have Kuldeep and Chahal in the mix (4 wkt taking bowlers)
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    He should play ahead of Bhuvi.
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    Why ban. The best punishment for team pakistan is to keep him in the team as a captain Can't bat, can't keep his mouth shut. Useless player
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    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    A century ago, a young student at Oxford University was taking an important examination in religious studies. The examination question for this day was to write about the religious and spiritual meaning in the miracle of Christ turning water into wine. For two hours he sat in the crowded classroom while other students filled their pages with long essays, to show their understanding. The exam time was almost over and this one student had not written a single word. The proctor came over to him and insisted that he commit something to paper before turning it in. The young Lord Byron simply picked up his hand and penned the following line: “The water blushed, when touched by the Lord"
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    League stage exit looms for them as per usual. He'll rest during the play offs.
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    Dhoni 47 of 72 . IIRC this series was start of Dhoni's decline as a batsman. Kohli is blocking his own chances of winning a trophy by backing wrong over the hill players. He has done it in the past as well.
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    Worst batsmen to play for India

    Did you follow the legendary 1999 Indo-Pak tests? Ramesh was tremendous against a fearsome attack (Wasim, Waqar, Akhtar, Saqlain, Mushtaq Ahmed, Azhar Mahmood, Afridi), and I mean simply outstanding. In that series he made Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly, VVS, Azhar look second class. The Delhi win (Kumble 10fer) was mainly because of his heroics in a low scoring encounter....we didn't need Kumble or Srinath to defend 419 on that crumbling pitch. People remember Kumble's 10/74 but Ramesh's twin knocks are sadly forgotten. And them some crucial runs in the 2001 Australia series and a couple of tests in Sri Lanka against Vaas/Murali. IMO he is the biggest 'what if' case...should have been a regular opener till 2005-06 (before emergence of Gambhir) but was treated harshly by Dada. Also that lazy elegance was an eye pleaser. An average of 38 for a test opener in 90s isn't bad at all. Others on your list were pathetic but to even suggest that this Biryani eating moron is way better than Ramesh is inexcusable.
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    Priyanka is to congress what Ram mandir is to bjp. Come elections...both come out.
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    Idhila enna sandhegam?
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    Southee is NZ's bhuvi kumar.
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    Troll votes are free for all....what is there to flaunt.All posters can. If you write crap,expect troll votes. As for flaunting power....care to provide proof.Feel free to report . I reported your post instead of taking action ....
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    Santner tried to tell kane that it was going down leg lol...kane politely askes him to sod off.
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    I don't think we ever had bowlers who averaged 25 or less in our history of odi cricket & look now we have 4 of them. Pandya as all rounder. Bhuvi as container. Both are good.
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    Chahal saala dives on his own bowling only. Never does this otherwise.
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    Well done Shami ! Taking wickets quickly and regularly is still the best and easiest way to win ODIs. And Shami is one of the best guys to do it. Hope he stays a part of our ODI line-up from now on.
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    WTF is wrong with Virat.
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