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    Well, Shubhman is also more good looking than you. Lololololol Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Too many feathers.
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    Congratulations to the Indian Limited Overs team. Third overseas ODI series win in SENA just in a span of 12 months. I can't think whether this has happened anytime before. Correct me if i'm wrong. 5-1 vs SA. 2-1 vs Aus. 3-0 so in NZ. Truly Watershed moments in Indian cricket history. Special Thanks to the Bowlers especially. Spin duo and Bumrah.
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    The middle order mist is clearing and I can almost see it now. India vs England in the CWC 2019 Finals at the Lords. India chasing 327 to win and Rayudu walks in at 111/2. The rest was history: an epic mauling of the nth order- Rashid and Ali battered beyond belief, white cricket balls endangering the flora and fauna of St John's Wood. MoM 145*. We ungrateful fans will be forced to eat Hyderbadi Dum Biryani. Mark this post :-)
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    Not content with winning away odi series in SA and Aus he crushes Nz. All hail india's best coach to date. Armchair experts have egg on their face once again
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    But Gill isn't even 5 % as lucky as kohli once was(when it comes to debut)
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    I am fed up with such statement and headlines. Its second time Kohli has made this 10% and half the player stuff. You appreciate the youngster like Pant, Shaw,Gill. But when it comes to playing them, they are not even warming the bench.
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    Spinners on..rayudu becomes gum chewing viv.
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    I observed most teams that play Srilanka stumble in their next series or get a wake up call lol. Is this a pattern? Example- India in South Africa England in Westindies Newzealand vs India
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    Rayudu was once hailed as the next Sachin. Then had his career cut short by politics, Joined a Rebel league and was banned, came back got amnesty and started playing IPL, Became a brand and a globally recognized superstar through IPL,got his dream fulfilled of playing for his country and then ended up being a batting star averaging 50+. Now all he needs to do is win the World Cup. Has rage issues, can cook delicious food Tell me why doesn’t he deserve a biopic before any other cricketer for having all the ingredients(no pun intended)? What an inspirational story
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    I still have scars from India's ODI tour to NZ in 2002. These scars were enlarged during the 2014 ODI visit. Great to see Kohli has eradicated another Everest from India's cricket psyche. ODI overseas wins in South Africa, Australia and NZ. Doesn't get any better than that. Without checking the records- sounds unprecedented. Just need an ODI series win in England and he'll have the whole set. Shame Bhuvi/Bumrah were injured in England tour otherwise we would have won there.
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    The most important thing is to give Gill and Siraj both games.
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    the legend of the man keeps increasing. ICC books his action suspect and asks him to appear for testing his action. The dude says balls i wont appear and gets suspended from bowling. news is ' jokes on ICC' he is too busy averaging 50 to bowl..
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    yes ,when it comes to winning icc events we are quite ordinary .
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    KKD effectively killed the chance of biriyani getting a 50 haha
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    Shami in his 2nd spell 146 k 145 k 143 k Quite a few 141 k balls A nasty bouncer. Bowling well and bowling with pace and bounce.
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    Bhai raydu is our main bali ka bakra for world cup 2019 debacle. Usko khila khila ke mota taja karenge.
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    Dhoni is the true national star. He united all Indians in England by getting unanimously booed
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    mayank agarwal was given not out as well when he was clearly out.
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    And that why he is not getting chances.
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    People hate Shastri because he is laissez faire and feel he doesn't oppose Kohli enough. With a highly motivated individual like Kohli, all you need to do is support him and be a mentor when required. You don't need an authoritarian headmaster type like Kumble as it will just be too many cooks spoiling the broth. Kumble would be a better coach for a Rahane type who will readily seek direction from his coach on many matters. Hence Shastri is perfect coach with Kohli at the helm.
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    By the way we lost 4-0 when we were here last time in 2014 under greatest of the great loi captain.
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    Only indian batsman after kohli and dhoni to average over 50. Atg batsman.
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    1. Rohit 2. Dhawan 3. Gill 4. Jadhav 5. Shankar 6. Hardik 7. Karthick / Dhoni 8. Jadeja 9. Bhuvi 10. Siraj 11. Chahal -- Gill should play in the middle order as he can be the ideal No.4 for WC. -- Play Jadhav, Hardik and Shankar in the 4 to 6 spots and give them game time. -- Khaleel should not be picked till the time he keeps on trundling. Lack of effort should not be rewarded. -- Kuldeep needs to be rested so that international batters don't get enough practice against him in dead rubber games. -- If the Great Grey Beard insists on playing then he should replace Karthick and not one of the youngsters. -- Rest the overworked Shami.
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    Can't blame Raydud for poor fielding. His hands are a bit greasy after serving biryani.
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    Any martial arts enthusiast here?

    I am good at The greatest martial arts ever. That is running fast away from a fight
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    Pandya Brothers Support Thread

    Pandya kal accha kar ke aaya
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    We are spoilt for choices. We have Hardik Sobers, MS Gilchrist, Kedar Kluesner and Dinesh “30 run” Richards.
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    I do. People do. Pujara would have walked where technology was present. He took advantage of technology not being present. As simple as that. If snico and all were there, he would have walked in a hurry. He just took advantage of the situation.
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    Becouse he is not even 10% of Rayudu
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    Everyone was so clamoring about KW being best captain. Kohli is the best captain India ever had,they could have won in England too but they didn’t have Bumrah or Shami. Bhuvi was injured. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    the way he killed sachins 100
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    No dhoni in the team so we are bossing the chase and winning way before 50th over
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    Rayudu has been suspended from bowling by ICC. ICF wants him suspended from batting too.
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    Rayadu + other 10.
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    ahem ahem in/from *the* subcon Many folks from North America are clueless, when it comes to English grammar. Some of them are elected as President too, viz G W Bush.
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    Bhuvi 141 k indipping yorker. Follows it with a sharp bouncer. Why does he not do this more often !
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    Shami dismisses the set Ross Tailor with a 140 k channel ball that swings in a bit and takes the edge. Great delivery !
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    Pandya finishes with 2 for 45 from his 10 overs. Speeds 128 k to 139 k. Great comeback ! Not easy after such a tough time.
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    Paindoo gets wicket. He doesn't know the name of the batter, cuz he don't take names
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    Edulji might have done a great service to Indian cricket inadvertently :-) Pandya has a point to prove and hope Rahul rediscovers his mojo too
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    BTW Dhoni would've dropped that as well, so haters can suck it
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