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    Too many feathers.
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    Congratulations to the Indian Limited Overs team. Third overseas ODI series win in SENA just in a span of 12 months. I can't think whether this has happened anytime before. Correct me if i'm wrong. 5-1 vs SA. 2-1 vs Aus. 3-0 so in NZ. Truly Watershed moments in Indian cricket history. Special Thanks to the Bowlers especially. Spin duo and Bumrah.
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    The middle order mist is clearing and I can almost see it now. India vs England in the CWC 2019 Finals at the Lords. India chasing 327 to win and Rayudu walks in at 111/2. The rest was history: an epic mauling of the nth order- Rashid and Ali battered beyond belief, white cricket balls endangering the flora and fauna of St John's Wood. MoM 145*. We ungrateful fans will be forced to eat Hyderbadi Dum Biryani. Mark this post :-)
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    Not content with winning away odi series in SA and Aus he crushes Nz. All hail india's best coach to date. Armchair experts have egg on their face once again
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    Spinners on..rayudu becomes gum chewing viv.
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    The most important thing is to give Gill and Siraj both games.
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    KKD effectively killed the chance of biriyani getting a 50 haha
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    Shami in his 2nd spell 146 k 145 k 143 k Quite a few 141 k balls A nasty bouncer. Bowling well and bowling with pace and bounce.
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    Bhai raydu is our main bali ka bakra for world cup 2019 debacle. Usko khila khila ke mota taja karenge.
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    1. Rohit 2. Dhawan 3. Gill 4. Jadhav 5. Shankar 6. Hardik 7. Karthick / Dhoni 8. Jadeja 9. Bhuvi 10. Siraj 11. Chahal -- Gill should play in the middle order as he can be the ideal No.4 for WC. -- Play Jadhav, Hardik and Shankar in the 4 to 6 spots and give them game time. -- Khaleel should not be picked till the time he keeps on trundling. Lack of effort should not be rewarded. -- Kuldeep needs to be rested so that international batters don't get enough practice against him in dead rubber games. -- If the Great Grey Beard insists on playing then he should replace Karthick and not one of the youngsters. -- Rest the overworked Shami.
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    Can't blame Raydud for poor fielding. His hands are a bit greasy after serving biryani.
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    Two spinners should not be a certainty. They should only play when the condition demands it.
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    the way he killed sachins 100
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    No dhoni in the team so we are bossing the chase and winning way before 50th over
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    Rayudu has been suspended from bowling by ICC. ICF wants him suspended from batting too.
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    Rayadu + other 10.
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    ahem ahem in/from *the* subcon Many folks from North America are clueless, when it comes to English grammar. Some of them are elected as President too, viz G W Bush.
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    Bhuvi 141 k indipping yorker. Follows it with a sharp bouncer. Why does he not do this more often !
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    Shami dismisses the set Ross Tailor with a 140 k channel ball that swings in a bit and takes the edge. Great delivery !
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    Pandya finishes with 2 for 45 from his 10 overs. Speeds 128 k to 139 k. Great comeback ! Not easy after such a tough time.
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    Edulji might have done a great service to Indian cricket inadvertently :-) Pandya has a point to prove and hope Rahul rediscovers his mojo too

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