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    Yo bro ,long time !! Raydud must be batting real crap to attract you back to post here
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    My Eyes. Here is his record in 14 matches he played in Australia, NZ and England. NOT ONCE he was able to score more run a ball. Mediocre average of 35 with SR of 72, he shouldn't even be in squad of 30.
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    You arrest your case . Good luck with whatever your doing
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    Everything is hunky dory for gavaskar.
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    Mental strength would mean Rayudu wouldn't freak out and have confidence in himself to take ones and twos instead of going to slog. Same with DK. He would focus more instead of hanging his bat out. Both these guys have played first class cricket, it's not like they can only play cameos.
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    I can't believe how unrated Jadeja still is, on this forum. He was the number one test bowler in the world at one point, Curran won't match that even if he plays 20 tests on the trot in England. Jadeja's also rated as the top test A/R at some point, Curran won't match that ever. Lastly Jadeja has outperformed Ashwin on every flat deck in the last 4 or 5 years yet it's him who's the home track bully, not fair weather (un)ethical mind pitchwin!
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    Notable experts known for their incredible analysis like Shoaib Akhtar and Rashid Latif claim that there is nothing Imran Khan can't do. Now that he is at the helm in Pakistan and can give them pep talks, does it mean Pakistan will be an unstoppable force at the World Cup? Remember, they also have one of the best thinkers in the modern game - Sarfaraz - who sledges as well as he bats. Coupled with Wasim 2.0 in Aamir and Shadab+Hasan+Imad, can anyone stop this Pakistani juggernaut?
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    Same guy keeps pushing for Rohit in test team. Motormouth talks sense only when shastribot makes grand claims about team being best ever here & there which shadows motormouth's lagacy.
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    Root is displaying a lot of anecdotal evidence of being mentally weak. He is being led around by the nose by team think-tank, whether its just the coach I don't know. First he wasted a year or more by trying to fill the #3 gap by promoting himself there. Which was a big and obvious mistake. He fell prey to that Australian myth about best batsman at #3 - that's only true on the roads in Aus. Everywhere else its #4, for good reason. Words about leading from the front are just that - words. A captain does best for his team, by putting himself in the best position to succeed. After a long time he finally came to his senses and is back at #4. Root's conversion problems with his own batting are another example of his mental strength found wanting. His team selection in the 1st test and 2nd test have been absolutely stupid. They underestimated WI and treated these tests as easy wins and warm-ups. That's why they picked Sam Curran in the team, as a developmental pick. Hoping that he keeps improving - when the harsh truth is that his trundlery bowling is useless outside of the swinging conditions in England. I'm starting to think he should never have been made captain to begin with. Jos Buttler has been anointed as the next LOI captain - and deservingly so. Problem is that he's a bit like Brohit in test cricket - a bit of a lottery, and best suited to be a counterattacking #6/7. BUT, he isn't good enough with the gloves to be full-time 'keeper. So he's going to end up struggling to keep a place in the test team and cannot be all-format captain. My prediction is that he will follow in Eoin Morgan's footsteps and become a LOI captain and specialist.
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    The Best CONgress leader is Capt. Amarinder Singh. I will vote for him over some BJP leaders.
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    He has a journalist friend there for whom he killed his wife. So, go figure.
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    Nah he only cares about his pay check ,even if he has to lick up Pakistani @ss. Nothing surprising by sunny ,he has been on bcci payroll for ages
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    Too late, they are already better than Biryani. Whats the obsession with its already too late, like just because you dated an ugly girl for years, doesn't mean you have to marry her. Go for the best girl you can get.
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    and u also dont watch cricket. Had u , u wud have seen rayudu struggling against pace in these 2 series and even in 2014 -15 when he went to Aus n NZ. The guy just plays like a blind slogger when given pace , bounce, swing . N ofcourse u wnt have seen his horrible fielding in each game n pathetic s/r
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    Says the guy who batted 60 overs and scored 36 runs. Shut up Sunny you have no clue what you are talking about, Rayudu has no place in this team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The job of our middle order is to make Dhoni look good. And they aced that test today. Just check reddit and cskbuzz.
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    This is what I expect from ICF lol
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    Has anyone said anything for sure? Most of the articles mention what happened. No one has conclusively said anything. Reporters didn't see replay. Till now we have only Karnataka players who were making false appeals in matches anyway and words of fans who magically saw the replay on ground that too while sitting 70 m away. Did you see it? We have online Karnataka fans who didn't see anything and passing judgement.
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    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    BTW, please note Nehraji wistfully letting the ball go free to the boundary until the villain Mishraji does his stunt

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