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    No one cares what you think, you doofus traitor.
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    The minute we give in to their demands
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    The police have made enquiries about the intruder and found that his name his Velu
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    In the last 8-10 years, Test cricket has never been healthier and more compelling to watch than in recent times. Don't know what Manohar is smoking.
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    To be honest, you're an asshole
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    Priyanka Gandhi enters active politics

    For a second I thought Rajasthan Royals team is looking full of crazy power hitters instead of Rahane
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    What was Karthik thinking?

    Don’t take this series seriously. This was a “give & take” series... You take ODIs, we take the T20s... The pie chucker KruPa becoming MoM in the second match was the indicator. He’s a rank pie chukar...he shouldn’t be in the team... Rohit showed his MI bias to give full series to KruPa... Rohit sucked as captain in this series... pretty mediocre team selection, not utilising Shankar’s bowling. Persisting with pretty mediocre Khalil, who’s a pathetic fielder too. I was hoping for Kaul to play in place of him... If you are experimenting in this series why give full series to those mediocre players like KruPa & Khalil full series while KeJa and Kaul sitting on bench? Dhoni as a WK gives you crucial wickets. His lightning stumping saved India otherwise would’ve been chasing a much bigger score... To me Rohit looks a compromised individual... He can win or lose as per demand without raising any eyebrows...
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    We are ready to babysit

    https://streamable.com/vwvjj Sehwag gets sledged at the end by Aus baby tho.
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    Dhoni"s patriotic act in 3rd T20I

    50 bucks says this fan is the same guy who sells his blood and mom’s bangles to ensure Rajnikant movie runs for 100 days.
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    I get where this guy is coming from. Newly appointed chief and obviously he will hit the right notes “relationship with India” blah blah. However just seems like another stereotypical Pakistani official. This guy is a Brit Pak. Thought he will have a more subtle approach but looks like more things change the more they remain the same. By the way Brit Pakistani are way worse than the average Pakistani living in Pakistan. These guys harbor more hate.
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    Why not get Pujara in contention... while you're at it why not Unadcut and Binay Koomar. MSK Prasad must be perpetually high from Dhoni's ass fumes.
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    Rahane MSK Prasad you g@ndu
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    I don't claim to be an expert, but I just hate the guy
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    M It must be Mohtarma ....
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    Congress welcoming Priyanka in Lucknow..
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    Take out test cricket and all that is left is a masala game.T20 is just entertainment and money,nobody gains respect from t20s.Even in ODIs,only knockout trophies have enduring value.I certainly wouldnt watch cricket if test cricket wasn't there,just tune in once during ODI world cups.
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    MSK is clever...by telling Rahane is in contention, he's telling the fans to be prepared for the worst, so that even if a shocker is there they won't be disappointed much
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    Yes their army is responsible. But the ugly reality is that vast majority of Pakistanis support the likes of Hafiz and Masood Azhar. They werent' created in a vaccum. They are popular 'leaders' who fundraise from the masses of Pakistanis. There's a reason no Pakistani politician wants to publicly call out these so-called "non-state actors". Because he would take a massive popularity hit. Sure, the average Pakistani is a helpless slave to his own military - but in this particular question, it would be hard to argue that the vast majority doesn't happily go along with the military's policy.
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    Dhoni"s patriotic act in 3rd T20I

    He sacrificed his wkt as well so others get more balls to hit big hits!
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    @velu how did you miss this? Watch: MS Dhoni's "Patriotic Gesture" During 3rd T20I Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy Even though he played only 4 balls, he still made sure he got to display that he is the most patriotic guy ever born in India Dhoni needs to be in the XI for his advice to spinners and Pant, 0.099 second stumpings and of-course the patriotism that no one else has ever displayed
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    Scumbags and equally scumbags the Indians licking and interacting with Pak ratd, domestic or abroad...avoid these mofos at all cost
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    Is MSK Prasad a regular in Manish Malhotra's rave parties too? @UrmiSinhaRay
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    Third grade people of third grade nation They live in their own bubble of denial
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    This guy was a Hindu convert to Islam, only thing that bugs me But I won't judge this pic too harshly. The wife and another daughter aren't in ninja suit, so don't think ARR is forcing them. Maybe the girl Khatija is going through a rebellious teenage phase where she wants to stand out from the crowd or go against the flow. I mean all of us have gone through that stage in our lives which if you reminisce about now will have plenty of embarrassing moments, teenagers are difficult !!!! ARR's close sister Reihana is married to a Hindu and follows Hindu customs and traditions still, even their son (GV Prakash) had a Hindu wedding recently with yajna and all that tradition with Mr and Mrs Rahman in attendance....so don't think they are that extreme or inflexible.
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    Sychopathy at next level

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