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    Karachi mein light aa gaya?
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    Aussies coming out of their holes after their test drubbing at home...
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    56 of 89 balls - Hitman

    I hope after the WC, Ind changes it mechanical approach towards opening and batting in general. Shaw should come into the setup and let's make use of PP restrictions instead of 10 overs 40 runs every damn match
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    Positives of the series loss

    Potential exit of Rayudu
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    He is a gone case. He knows how to talk bigs that's it. It's been 2 year since ct 17 where he is not able to figure out that one spot it's really shows his capability as a captain.
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    Positives of the series loss

    potential exit for jadeja? Waste of a spot
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    Positives of the series loss

    GOod luck charm. Winning a series before wc didn't result well in 2007. Whereas losing a series before wc in 2003, 2011, 2015 was good :)
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    Happened to come across this at DFI and couldn't resist sharing it. Pakistan is issuing a "Pakistan Banao Certificate" Fixed Deposit scheme for expat Pakistanis living in the US and Gulf. Rate of return is 6.25% for 3 years. Mode of repayment is.. wait for it.. US dollars deposited directly in the US bank account of the investor (or local Pakistani currency, which is useless printed crap). Pakistani currency keeps depreciating to the USD by 25% every 3 years. So a Pakistani who converts his $ into PKR today, will have his principal amount decrease by 25% at the end of his FD maturity and then they'll add a garnishing of 6.25% PKR and reconvert it into USD at the prevalent rates 3 years down the line. Basically invest 100$ today, and get 80$ 3 years later. Nice scheme meant for low IQ Pakistanis. Munafa humara, chutiyapa tumhara And this seems to be a hit already: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/430827-pakistan-banao-certificates-fetch-1mln-in-two-weeks No wonder terrorism is the only profession tailormade for these jaahils.
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    Things Look fine when u win and all a mess when u loose specially to our captain who at flash of a failure press a panic button . Lil unfair chances given to pant n rahul but they also didnt make it count . We have ended our international schedule with many questions and say whatever IPL will play a role . Kohli has a very short memory and 2 good innings from Rayudu , raina or even yuvi will make him have an orgasm as experience is his fav word. IPL is a good platform for young player but in past few years many frauds has made a comeback due to it . Here are the chances how WC can affect these players chances 1- Vijay shankar- He is not a t20 player and if SRH bat him down the order it can make him have an avg IPL and then everyone will forget that he did will in given chances most of all Kohli . Vijay shankar can loose a spot .....i hope not 2. Rahane- KL rahul didnt get a chance as backup opener and If rahane has a selfish IPL he cud end up have 400 runs which cud make his way for comeback. Waise hi we have this myth he is good in swinging condition which i have never seen him in ODI. Pata nhin konse green mamba milne wale hia inko ENG men . Ofcourse rahane Exp hai 3. Rayudu- They didnt let anyone settle at 4 specially shankar who today also didnt get a chance at 4. Rayudu has always been a good IPL player and he can force his way back. Remember for yrs n yrs this fraud has made everyone beilve he has amazing talent. 4. Raina- Back to his fav format, team still has no answer for No.4 and he is an experinced player and good fielder. If he has good IPL kohli will look at him . Raina 3-4 innings khelega humare desh ki emotional janta aur emotional ho jayegi . N how fat has raina become now, saala rohit bhi kuch nhin lagta ab to 5. Dhawal/unadkat/chahar/kaul- the trundler brigade can make a strong case as no one has booked that 4th seamer slot. Unadkat scares me the most as he is a left armer 6. Yuvraj- last but not the least guy with least chance but u never knw. Kohli is an emotional fool...even though high chances yuvi wont perform but never say never in cricket. 7. Rahul n pant- both have had a gr8 last IPL hopefully they have one more, they are match winners and its always better to look at them then tried n tested failures . But an avg or even above avg IPL can create a problem so they cant afford anything less then a great IPL . 8. Pandey/iyer - they have a slight chance but an oustanding IPL can help Be scared very scared, this 1 n half month can cause a lot of chu***pa .......kohli waise bhi bawla hoga kyunki RCB ki har saal durgatti hoti hai . Shastri nashe men dhoot hoga . MSK se media attention handle nhin hogi
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    you seriously think Pant is going to make any impact in the WC if selected, does he even have the game at the moment to change a match. The likes of Iyer, Mayank Agarwal have a good chance if they have a very good ipl. Obviouly even Rahane to add to India's woes Dont see Ind taking 2nd WK to the WC
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    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    So there wasn't any glaring weakness, he performed acceptably and they still dropped him, dumb fukcers Remember how post his debut, Raina was such a joke against the short ball. But skipper Dravid and later Dhoni persisted with him, groomed him and we reaped the results after 2009-10. Donkey Kohli has no sense of long term planning.
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    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    He was unnecessarily dropped post the SA tour , another one of those Kohli and TM victims. He should still be part of WC squad.
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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    BJP knows it has no aukaat in TN, just like how Dhoni knows he isn't fit to play international cricket
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    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/26248765/pretty-clear-our-xi-world-cup-virat-kohli Also Virat talked about uncertainty about only 1 spot but didnt reveal which spot it is. I think this guy is regurgitating the same BS without any idea.
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    err .. low SR, too many dot balls, lost ability to rotate strike which he was very good at, lost ability to strike boundaries when required which he was very good at before. This coinciding with an age of ODI cricket where pitches are flat and par scores are getting bigger and bigger. It is so blindingly obvious. May be Shane Warne has no idea what he's talking about. He also says Virat Kohli is a terrific captain (which he is not in LOIs).
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    Work cut out for Team India

    Jadeja has been the supposed back up for Pandya in the last 1 year, you can gauge the wisdom of the decision makers
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    Didnt look like a banter at all , looked like normal discussion. Kapil is the most disappointing ,despite being a pace bowling legend ,he dosnt like speed much,have heard him numerous times. With out hype and adrenaline you are not going to be pumped up and wont put in your full effort to bowl at your top pace and as a consequence wont train to keep up the pace .We just like our kaam chalau type bowlers ....produce slow pitches and chor bowlers.And lets not forget about the poor scouting and selection ,some one like saini wouldnt have even got in to the delhi team had it not been for gambhir ,there was so much opposition to his selection .
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    It's mostly symbolic, but it does tell you that China is an enemy state. I have no idea why we bash Pak so much when China is arguably much worse especially given their history with Maoists!
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    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Heard he was making big runs in the domestic scene.
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    The Realist

    Positives of the series loss

    Recall of vice captain Muscles Rahane
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    Cant hear him giggle .He hardly ever passes sarcastic comments ,why would be any different now ? ......... i have listened to his commentary on quite a few occasions and he keeps calling him a medium pacer , have never heard him call saini even fast medium ,thankfully the graphics guys dont classify him as a medium pacer .He is just like any other ind commentator .
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    huawei is banned by many western nations as a proxy company for chinese army .. raise duty on other chinese companies , but doubt this is going to happen
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    And the icing on the cake..he fails to deliver In knockouts ..QF,SF,Finals ..he does zilch.All that was needed of him today was to bat sensibly for a few overs, get some singles and build a partnership which is his game actually but played a rank bad shot to get out.
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    Pant is probably playing with more pressure on him than any other player . With Dhoni still around and his gang of fans and lobbies...every move he makes is under the microscope. Not to mention the utterly biased commentators. Even the slip catch misses are attributed to him.wides are his fault . Today the ass manju even called out Pant when the batsmen took an easy single. It is like they are just waiting for the ball to go in his direction and they start off. When he takes a good catch.. It is the foreign commentator who has to start the good word. Poor guy is playing with dhoni and his PR sitting on his shoulders. No players has had to go though this kind of pressure. Compare this to the debut dhoni had and the all round support he got.

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