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    Your joy reminds me of what I posted earlier...
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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Man this has been an emotionally overwhelming period, kinda miss the build up now. Thanks to fellow ICFers who participated in this thread, wouldn't have been the same without your enthusiasm and bakchodi . Even to the libtards who posted here, sorry (not) for occasional heated exchange of words, thanks for your participation and flame baiting chewtiyapa . Got the result we BJP supporters wanted, maybe in another 7-10 days time this thread will be history . Who knows how many of us will be here during next general election, how our lives would have changed by then? State elections don't have the same feel, doubt there will much to talk about. Hope we have good governance in NDA-2 and Mother India is protected from all harm, external and internal . I have wasted so much time but it has been worth it . And after this emotional high I don't care what happens in the WC. Keeping the ecosystem out of power>>>>India winning the WC . Emotionally spent, won't be as involved in the WC as I have been in previous editions, as such this team is boring. Can watch without feeling pressure because India already won on 23rd May . Bharat Mata Ki Jai
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    How do you find Urdu Writing Style?

    It looks like as if a kid is asked to write all the English alphabets , but all he remembers are letters 'i' and 'j' , so he just keeps on writing them in different shapes and sizes adding a few additional dots here and there. No offence.
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    How do you find Urdu Writing Style?

    I listened to this a few times, and then listened to this while on the treadmill. No sweat.
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    How about you behave like a classy UP guy than spitting paan all over this thread
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    It is pathetic and i explained why and you ran away. You speaking language A over language B has nothing to do with having more or less say in how a NATION is run. Linguistic difference is the basis of having a state. Not having greater/lesser say in how the nation is run. And Hindi speaking states have less representation than they should have in the parliament. This is a fact, which is why a non-Hindi lik me can say it. You have nothing more than nonsense, which is why you continue to run away from basic nation-state policy and our own damn constitution.
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    Clean forum

    Guys, I made this thread specifically to put my point out. Please cut down on negative political discussions in chit chat section because venting anger here will not solve the issue in hand and may further risk desensitizing yourself. I'm neither an apologist and nor an Islamophobe but stuff I read here is very desensitizing. Sure there are major issues but Islam, Pakistan and liberals have been beaten to pulp/abused to such an extent that it feels very hostile here. It feels like a war zone here rather than a casual fan forum. We take pride in Hindus being tolerant but hound on liberals here if they just present their opinion instead of countering them constructively. Actions speak louder than words, right? @Alam_dar no offence but most of your threads are negative, whether it's phobia of BJP/Modi or hating on Islam/Pakistan. Please try sharing some funny experiences you've had in your life, trust me humour/laughter is the best medicine.
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    Prediction thread. My conservative estimate is 2.
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    IPL was more exciting than the world cup
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    Today kohli uncle said he wnlanted to ball first. Bas ek hi match me green top pe practice chahiey thi ya phir aukat yaad aa gayi.
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    Is it only me or this world cup don't feel the same charm? Not at all excited tbh.
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    Stalin's statement clearly reflects the utter incompetence of TN BJP leaders. One of my close aid, who is a legal wing, said that these guys sent a lot of fake reports to the national heads. Even the UPA was in panic mode before the elections hence they started distributing money to the voters along with the promise of RaGa's 6k pm scheme. On top of all that BJP is labelled as an elite Brahmin party of sorts. This is real actually. TN BJP has 2 sections, Brahmin and non Brahmins. These brahmins completely failed to get the pulse of tamils. I have been saying this for 5 yrs, Thamizhisai should resign and a new breed of educated and young leaders should be in BJP if they want to grow here. TN BJP is supported by a lot of common folks who are not even a member of the party. These leaders show no respect to them. It has to change and they should be inclusive.
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    Less than the number of accounts you have on ICF.
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    @Stan AF @Vilander You can't compete with the typing speed of @Muloghonto Please give it a rest. If typing speed can be translated to athletics, mulo is faster than usain bolt
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    seats are based on population at the time of the republic formation.
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    The majority of seats are elected to where majority of people live. And even then, the lesser populated states get disproportionately greater seats. This is the most normal, natural system because national level politics is irrelevant to what language you speak or what food you eat. As soon as you can point out where in entire history of INC did we deem the authority of each and every culture to have equal, confederate say in politics, you can call this phucked up. Not to mention, you still need to explain why your state or your language matters in terms of national policy. Your state is not a nation. I can dig up posts here where I've blasted the Hindistanis for trying to impose hindi in Bengal. I am just not a narrow-minded regional crab like you, i am a patriot towards my motherland - which is India, not Bengal.
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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

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    WI 100 runs in 10 overs in seaming conditions,their unknown batters are battering Boult who ripped our famed lineup just two days ago We against Bangla are struggling to put bat on ball,what a shame,BCCI should grow some pair just to feel the embarrassment which awaits us My expectations have fallen down to zero,sorry
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    I think the team was selected by some baba rather than bcci and mgmt. This must be the lucky team i.e. baba must have said yeh log agar honge toh team ka luck badjayega.
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    BC aur teams ko pakode aur hamein lode..
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    How do you find Urdu Writing Style?

    6 year olds are quite busy these days with pre-school prep, playtime, annoying their parents (since time immemorial), getting ready for spelling bees and junior masterchef... What's your mother tongue Mariyam? Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi or are you a secret Tamil based in CSK headquarters? How many languages do you know? How prevalent is Urdu among Indian Muslims outside Delhi, UP, Bihar, Hyderabad.
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    Australia ? Starc will eat him alive on this Oval wicket. I'll be surprised If he gets a 50.
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    Your posts are not gonna change anything. Stop vomitting all over the forum lol.
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    Bet on India to lose all their matches against the big teams. This team is a joke. Kohli has screwed everyone, couple this with a useless IPL tournament played before the WC, poor team selections and this India team may fluke its way to a quarter final but the moment they play Aust, SA, NZ, Eng, WI, they will be knocked out. They may beat WI but India cannot and will not pass Aust, SA, NZ or Eng. To win in England you need to score 300+ on most occasions. This team will struggle to get to 270, especially if they lose 3 early wickets. Pant will have the last laugh.
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    There is one on ICC official site https://icc.dream11.com/classic/ Same rules as IPL competition, changes every 4-5 matches. Anyone up?? @Forever Indian @Ankit_sharma03 @Straight Drive

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