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    Yes! Panauti captain under panauti Govt (NDA). We are yet to win a single ICC final when NDA has been in power. All our major LOI wins (1983 WC, 1985 World Championship, 2007 WT20, 2011 WC, CT 2013) have come under secular Kangress Govts. We are so doomed .
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    he is trying to loose his bad boy image, he can not control his emotions on field and is trying to compensate elsewhere.
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    Happy Birthday Ganguly

    Happy birthday to the Architect of Modern Indian Cricket!
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    Wtf I saw the same video about Mugabe destroying Zimbabwean cricket yesterday and that is why this popped up in the related video feed. Maybe we all clicked on a YouTube video posted on ICF and went on the same YouTube rabbit hole
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    I don't believe in jinx, anti jinx etc. and I don't care that I would look like a fool if it backfires. I just went by the mixture of my instincts , gut feelings, few objective points, pluses and minuses and the team's recent performances and this is what I honestly feel and believe: India will win this World Cup. I won't lie. I was bit skeptical about India's chances if they were to meet Eng and Aus in back to back knock outs. But from the moment it was confirmed that Ind was facing NZ, I was sure of our chances. The reasons are, 1. For the first time our bowling gives me more confidence than our batting. Batting can only save you so much but with good bowling attack you can win the whole thing. Our bowling unit with Bumrah gives me the confidence to take wickets at any stage of the innings. And this makes me believe India can defend any reasonable score and our batsmen are not bad and they can very well make that Reasonable score. 2. NZ are not in great form. They were huffing and puffing in group stages with their non existent openers. Only KW played reasonable and their middle order is suspect to spinners. Their bowling is also inconsistent. If Ind bats first: Our recent matches with them shows, only if they have very helpful bowling conditions at the top they would be in the game, But even then, I believe we would make a decent enough score like about 250 to defend and win, like Aus-NZ game. NZ could have very well lost with the similar target against Ban and SA if not for KW's luck. And we have better catching and bowling unit than Ban and SA. If India chases against them, it will end like Ind-SL/NZ-Pak game where they can make a decent score but fails to defend, as I believe they cannot hit us for 315+ score. So honestly, I don't see India losing to NZ. 3. England is not invincible as some made them out to be. If they bat first, they tend to lose way in the middle overs. Even against us, they were pulled down considerably in the middle overs. Root/Morgan/Buttler can be contained with our bowlers. Only if we scored at a reasonably higher rate at the top and had not pathetically wandered at the end we could have had a chance to beat them. If we bat first, we have enough quality to score 320 and that would be more than handful in the Final. 4. Australia usually a different beast altogether in the Finals. But if we bat first I believe we can make our way to 300. Top order or bust is the story of the Aus batting so far, so chasing a 300+ target with our bowling is not gonna be easy for them. Finch is not usually great against us and Warner also not been his usual devastating best. Smith, Maxwell, Stoinis has been pathetic so far with only Carey is salvaging some pride for Aus middle order. So yeah, defending 300+ is not gonna be tough in the finals, with their shaky middle order. Chasing against Australia in the Finals. Now this is the only scenario where things will get tricky for us. I believe even if they score 280-300, they will make it really hard for us and if they score 300+ most probably we would be toast. They defended even 260 valiantly in India against us and had us in the floor, only to be saved by Yuvraj and Raina. Now we have no one in that quality in the middle order. So restricting them below 280 is imperative because anything below 280 is Thala's territory and he would put his entire skills, **Insert Liam Neeson's "Skills" dialogue from Taken** on the line to take us to glory in the last over, and even last ball. But will we contain them below 280? I think there is good chances that we will, due to the Aus batting conundrum mentioned in the above para ( No, I don't think Handscomb for Khawaja gonna make any difference). Anyway, to arrive at this scenario, Aus has to beat Eng (50% chance), they need bat first against us (50% chance), India need to bowl bit poorly (30% chance), and they need to bat reasonably well from top to bottom to score 300 (30% chance). This is what? Like, 30% of 30% of 50% of 50%? Like 2.25% on whole to have Aus to defend 300 in the finals and that too assuming we wont chase 300+ against them. So 97.75% the odds are in favor of us. And before we venture into "Cricket is a game glorious uncertainties" or "premature ejaculation" territory, let me tell you I know too well that on a given day any team can beat any team, like Kenya did against WI in 96, I am fully aware of the fact that India can very well be bowled out for 40 runs against NZ and be chased down in 4 overs etc. but the chances of that happening are too less, based on what we have been witnessing in the recent past. So, this is what I believe will be the most possible outcome and I am just waiting out the days till July 14, to have these things developed into reality. :)
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    Lawda mera. Kohli is too dumb to even comprehend Chetan Bhagat. Sun Tzu to door ki bat hai.
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    once my manager at samsung kept praising me when we were working in some non-android platform arnd 2010 ( literally jobless for 2 years ) .. later he gave me the bottom rating ( 5 in the scale of 1 to 5 .. 5 being the bottom 5% performers / trouble makers ) during appraisal saying we as a team were just hedges if android flops and asked me to find another job
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    Kuldeep 55 this WC.
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    He is reading Sun Tzu "The Art of War." Quotes: (1) “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War (2) “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War (3) “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” ― Sun tzu, The Art of War (4) “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”
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    I am getting the same feeling, Ind vs Eng at Lord's with us winning and Kohli doing something special on the way.
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    Razzaq is an excellent Pakistani, infact one of the leading thinkers from Pakistan. One can not judge pakistan as a culture based on world lenses, or what is appropriate in civilized word.
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    Shami of the field

    A text with the message "Good Afternoon" is now "Sexting"?
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    First let’s hope a “38” year old Dhoni doesn’t screw this up by lunging and then we can talk about “39” year old Dhoni in “4” years time
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    Almost every team has a chance in knockouts. Best way is to enjoy w/o worrying about the results
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    Stan AF

    Happy Birthday Ganguly

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    you want to see kohli century or matches won.....we are top of the table inspite of glaring weakness and opening is least of them......BTW so deaperate for kohli century so dont watch wc watch any of the biletral concluded last year.... Kuch bhi thread nikal rahey hai log.
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    I will be too excited to think about this already. This could be our 3rd world cup title and with the next one in India, we can win that too. Imagine 42 year old Dhoni hitting the winning 6 helicopter
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    Otherwise he will just need 2 weeks to make him disappear :)
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    "Defend when the bowler expects you to attack. Defend when the bowler expects you to not attack" -Sun Singh Tzoni
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    Manju strikes back vs Jadeja

    WTF? Do ICF experts have test wickets? Analysis is analysis.
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    Happy Birthday Ganguly

    Happy birthday to India’s greatest captain
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    Just too much sweet...
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    we won champions trophy in 2002 under NDA gov. Kohli has been manhoos for RCB in with UPA and NDA
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    "Great Team" right. Current Indian team is not Great Team. Its a very good team. I dont see our team having chance in case Bhumrah gets injured. I was so effin scared where Bhumrah walked out against Bongs. I just hope that the two pacers (bhuvi and Bhumrah) they survive and our top 3 bats and Kulcha do most of griding in semis and win it for us. If we win, I bet, Bumrahand Bhuvi will bowl at same pace even on crutches
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    Key to India chances is to ensure Dhoni is made to face less than 15 balls or less. Whenever he comes to bat, this clown pulls the run rate down and puts pressure on his partner. Seriously nobody have guts to question his approach in TM. He should be told its better to go victory than respectable loss.
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    Lol I saw it too
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    Team India should play to win...the way they are doing. Kohli's personal centuries don't matter.
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    Ahh man, Another thread with negativity. We should admire and appreciate Rahul who assumed the role so quickly. We must remember that right uptill start of tournament, he was not even in the team lineup. Its just that his IPL form that gave him space in team. Also instead of looking for excuses for Kohli, Kohli fans should blame Kohli for throwing away his wicket at edgbaston phattaaa vs England. Not only that, he is still not the same and match after match, he has thrown his wickets playing silly shots. Allthough, not his fault entirely but he has thrown his wicket. He is best bat and best chance India has got and we will need his hefty contribution if we are to win this cup. He must perform.
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    Happy Birthday Ganguly

    Happy bday dada and thanks for giving chance to nehra ji....
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    So Vijay Shankar's injury was real??

    Hope your second sentence becomes reality
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    Filling DHONI's shoes in ODI's is next to impossible.... Lets be honest here...DHONI is the best finisher world has seen.....He is compared to M. Bevan which is a huge compliment by itself. Remember, MSD is playing as wicket-keeper batsmen.. But pant has already surpassed him as Test cricketer....He got a test hundred in England and Australia which MSD couldn't do it ...... MSD has scored only 6 test hundreds in his whole career....Pant need only 4 more...which could happen in an year or so....it happens even quickly, if it matches are in sub-continent conditions... This guy is the future star...in Gilchrist mode...(Not in terms of technique or shot making but in terms of impact on the game)
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    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    Credit where due, Sharma has done something no one's ever done before. Call it fluke, luck, skills, consistency, etc. You still have to deliver big and he has done it, no complains. Everyone is in awe of his performance and that's what matters.
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    Try Pant as an opener

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    Weird, it was just yesterday I saw a youtube video on my feeds that showed why Zimbabve had fallen off cricket. This dude pops up on that video. Now I come on this forum than see what he is doing these days. Was this a coincidence?
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    So Jadhav can bowl full quarta of 10 or be chosen solely as a bowler? Or will he last a full tournament ? Truth th is Jadhav is a hardworking novelty bowler bowling low trajectory on low pitches - won’t work anywhere else and won’t be able to complete full quota can’t be taken as a pure batter either as a fielder hehe jaddu is your 10 over 50 runs one or no wicket bowler . Batting is a bonus if he clicks but Can stay on crease . Fielding saves 10 runs a match jadhav is a 5 over 20-40 runs 0-2 wicket bowler and a 20-40 run maker won’t comment on his fielding both have different roles to play
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    .... brought a tear of joy to my eyes to see a cricketer reinvent himself in such a way
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    Kohli is smart. In Dhoni and Shastri, he has got two dudes who he can allways blame and Fans won’t question what was Kohli doing? So no, For me, This is simply a standard effective tactic by a manager to make his associate work more. BTW, Shastri is smarter, and isn’t falling for any such Adjectives coming off Kohli. So we nEver see Kohli ever praising our coach
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    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    I'm sure Rohit will graciously acknowledge your encouraging pat and strive to even better his thus far stellar performances in the WC.
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    kuldeep has been utterly toothless at taking wkts this WC. recent form matters more than past record in bilaterals.
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    completely against jaddu in the knock offs,he will be taken to the cleaners by all 3 teams.there is a reason he was dumped after the CT.
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    Manchester weather and tactics

    India had better plan on leaving Boult alone for the first few overs. Rather India be 0/30 after 10 overs, then 2/45. Once his first spell has passed there is plenty of bowlers to take advantage of. Catching up those extra 15-20 runs is easily achievable, esp if Hitman plays regulation cricket shots. Boult is a genuine match winner. He can break our hearts. KL is potentially a walking wicket when he bowls.
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    Thanks to Dhoni , India is playing NZ rather than rampaging Pakistan.
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    "Age is just a random number" Arya bhatta Singh Dhoni "block,lunge,leave- 3 principles of last over batting" Chanakya Singh Dhoni
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    Please delete this thread. Dhoni ka confidence badhaye, we are playing knockout, shayaad Dhoni ICF mai visitor ho. Still has fastest hands in business to squirt ball and run (fastest in team), good stumper. Many of those byes due to Bumrah action and trajectory. Laloo tu a thread delete kar nakh, apre semi pinal ponchigya world cup ma, badha team member ni ijaat rakho, boh dushman bare che, ghar toh saaf rakho.
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    Waise Kohli got two dashers as openers in 2015 WC SF, got a great start at 6 rpo, what happened after that? Stop making excuses for him, 3rd WC, 10+ years in intl cricket, all powerful, good form etc, if he has the ability to find a way he will. And don't for a moment think that if an opener falls early after a quick start Kohli will start scoring 100s in the KOs. Anyways this is a team game, personal stats out of the system.
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    This guy could potentially stabilise your middle order with Rahul at 4. Or i hope they get DK / Pant to open. Otherwise we have Kohli and Rohit shivering with prospects to come. I can’t think of a single major tournament where India lost purely because of selection brainfarts. This will be first one. It’s unbelievable how a potentially great team with top bowling line up has been screwed up selection of frenetic non proper batsmen.
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    Is everyone in Pak squad under 19?
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