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    First word uttered by any Indian player (facing heat) when comes out and score a few runs or takes wickets . Jaddu is the latest one to us it. The only thing i want to tell him is buddy give 70+ runs in your quota of 10 overs and score less than 5 for next 3 games and then we will see who needs to prove what to whom. I understand some of our cocky ones using it but now have heard the likes of Rahane and Pujara use it. Someone really needs to fix this.
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    Our middle order upon seeing potential chase targets. Had to get the age rights.
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    express bowling

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Shaw finishes with 129 off 81 Rahane out for 3 off 11 So far so good.
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    Let’s analyze the top 3 factors that are responsible for national selection: Captain, coach and selection committee. Selection committee: All over this forum, I see many fans throwing in names of the players they want in the team. Names like Rahul, Pant, Krunal, Gill, Shaw, Siraj, Saini etc. are doing the rounds. Many people on this forum dislike the head selector MSK Prasad, but they should know that he has given all these guys (and more) many opportunities to play for India A & against touring teams in the past few years. It shows that the selectors are 100% supporting younger cricketers and want them to do well. The selectors always picked talented youngsters like these ahead of oldies. This is one of the reasons why India A has always been successful. This rules out the selection committee Coach - Lots of people were upset when Kohli literally got rid of Anil Kumble as coach and brought in Ravi Shastri in his place. Many people are also blaming Ravi Shastri for not giving deserving youngsters like KL Rahul a chance in the team. However, we should take a trip down memory lane. Let’s not forget that it was under Kumble’s tenure that Gambhir & Parthiv were brought back in the test team. Let’s also not forget that it was under Kumble that Yuvraj Singh & Dinesh Karthik were selected for Champions Trophy 2017. Now that Ravi Shastri is coach, I still don’t see anything different going on at the moment, youngsters are still being sidelined for oldies. Neither Kumble or Shastri are responsible of youngsters not getting chances in Team India. This rules out the coach. So whose left? Captain - I believe that Virat Kohli is the biggest reason for what is currently going on in Indian cricket. It seems like he has absolutely no faith in youngsters winning matches for Team India on a consistent basis. Let me explain a bit about what I am trying to say. When Kohli became full time test captain, he immediately brought back 2 oldies into the test squad for our series in Sri Lanka back in 2015, Harbhajan Singh & Amit Mishra. Both had done absolutely nothing to be given a comeback into tests since they had below average ranji seasons that year. Other seniors who had 0 future in the team but made comebacks in our test squad under Captain Kohli were Gambhir, Parthiv and Karthik. When Kohli became full time ODI captain, he immediately brought back Yuvraj into the team from out of nowhere. Just recently, Kohli brought back Raina as well in the ODI squad in our series against England 2 months ago, even though he did nothing in domestic cricket. No need to talk about the present where you can see “EXPERIENCED” Rayudu and Karthik getting chances ahead of a youngster like Rahul. So this clearly shows that it’s Kohli who has a obsession of choosing Oldies instead of young talent in Team India. The problem is not with the selectors or coach, it’s the captain himself.
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    WC2019 don't be surprised 11

    If Yuvi makes a comeback based on performances in: Natwest 2002 T20 WC 2007 WC 2011 Dhoni's belief that Ind cannot win a major tournament w/o Yuvi All Yuvi needs to do to get on the plane to Eng is give a good performance in IPL 2019. And he is already training for it based on one of the threads here Likely 11 Rohit Dhawan Kohli Yuvi (as discussed above) Dhoni (not going anywhere till WC2019) Raina / Jadhav (depending up on IPL form. One good spell would be enough to justify their place as batsmen who can bowl a few overs) Bhajji (Kuldeep and Chahal are likely to be inconsistent with so many LOIs being played. Which will provide an excellent opportunity to selectors to draft Bhajji in based on a decent IPL performance which would include a few good overs and some 6s hit) Jadeja (based on his performance in the last test in Eng and on turners vs WI) Bhuvi (The belief that in Eng he would do well) Kaul / Chahar / Thakur (what is an 11 w/o a trundler, someone who can swing and take the pace off the ball) Bumrah BOL!
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    Absolutely each captain ask keeper, and dadu also was wissy wassy during his nod , understandably due to motiyabind though.
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    Too much donkey porn has spoilt their eyes Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    LMAO.. This is abject surrender. I guess PP would have been blocked for outsiders by now
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    Wilfred Rhodes retired at 52 WG Grace retired at 50 This should be our target.
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    Fine interview. The tragedy is if we have got a Dronacharya in Dravid we also have Duryodhan-Dhritarashtra in Kohli-Shastri .
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    Now I have no doubt Dhongi is influencing team selection and Playing XI. Bloody leech
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    I give complete credit to kohli for building the best limited overs bowling attack in the world at the moment but he is also the reason we have a disaster in waiting middle order. KLR deserves to be in the team. He can shift to 4 and allow KLR at 3.
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    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Chahal is super useless, due to novelty factor and SA ,eng doesn't play spin well he has not been thrashed quite frequently as of now. But he is no different than mishra once batsmen goes after him, he also is the bad fielder and can't hold the bat. Worst of all this idiot ball no balls in every match.
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    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Yes,Experience of failing at any surface,imaginary SENA performer
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    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    But but Rahane has experience.
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    KL Rahul's 50-overs conundrum

    Per my friend's grandma, playing Rahul would be pointless as path is being cleared for Yuvi to make a re-entry to the WC squad
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    i did some googling .. in dubai and uae ( most arab states ) , friday and saturday are the weekend days .. sunday is the first working day of the week

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