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    England vs India England batting first 378/7 50 overs. India innings - Dhoni 36(45) not out.
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    Agreed, I am not saying to drop him for Eng tour as we don't have any better options. But we do need to start grooming youngsters instead of recycling oldies and discards like Gambhir, Mukund, Dhawan, Rohit, Parthiv, etc which is what Kohli has been doing since he took over captaincy almost 4 years ago.
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    yes...probably gorging on lamb biryani now...too happy to think dope that one.
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    with rosgulla bhai i am on both sides.. i laugh manically when he dishes against mumbai lobby.. but in receiving end when he dishes on Umesh Phastt Yadav...
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    He's been disappointing. Won't complain if he's dropped unless it's for Rohit.
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    But he has been playing from a long time and there is nothing to show apart from his batting average which is pretty much meaningless as shown from his numerous failures in WCs. You don't need a special player to score runs against weak teams.
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    true kohli was right I dnt think so its about intent, i think its more about self belief. HE already has limited range of strokes and when he goes abroad in that self doubt he cuts down his shots more. Neither his running is gr8 that he can keep rotating n ticking the scoreboard. In subcontinent he plays a lot more shots becoz he is confident abput his ability. If he keeps standing at one end without scoring , its not much of help coz its all about scoring runs in the end. If u dnt score for long, opp will put close in fielder and sooner or later one ball will get u
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    2003 finals was lost more in mind before they batted again, I don't rate ganguly as great captain as he rarely improvised.You have to change team based on opposition and not what worked against other teams..Kumble was the best bowler against Aussies during their league match and there was no need to play Mongia at all. The team meeting during lunch break which Harsha Bhogle where he quotes Sachin talking on how they needed to score boundary every over and he would be going for it from ball one was such a wrong strategy. That was such a flat wicket and India had talent in batsmen to make match closer if not win it.All they had to do was play normally and take stock as innings progressed instead of going bang bang from ball one. 2017 CT finals is worst defeat in my view, I could not fathom how they lost to that useless Pakistan team.
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    Not saying that everyone should learn Hindi or that we should even have a national language, but this is untrrue None of these fields are dependent on English, otherwise India would be ahead of other countries already. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Germans, etc all learn and do science/tech in their own languages. Only Indians have some starry eyed view of the English language with the so-called "English-language advantage." The UN itself commissioned a study which showed that people all learn better in their mother tongue.
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    Gosh when would these idiots stop thinking about camels and goats. In the day time they dream milking them and night time ... nuff said.
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    Countdown to 500 !

    Has these scores been made in India...people would have slammed flat pitches and pathetic bowling than praising batting.
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    Anyway, keeping aside the debate of usefulness of yo-yo test, why is this sharma always a pampered kid. It's annoying how there are different standards for others and this talentless hack.
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    Dunno what's bigger joke Rohit getting special treatmen with 2nd chance or Rahane on standby
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    It is possible to make few phone calls within 2 days. Rohit Sharma will pass this test somehow even it would be nearly impossible to become fit again in span of 2 days.
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    Pant is too Afridiesque. Overly aggressive. Needs to reign himself in a bit and just get his eye in.
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    Austin 3:!6

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    According to Pak fans, cricket in last 1.5 decades is divided into 4 phases: 1) Pre 2012 - Miandad's last ball six. 2) 2012-2014 - Aane do Series 3) 2014-2017 - Asia cup and Afridi's 2 sixes 4) Post 2017 - Champions Trophy final Who cares how many thrashings we get in between from India...we are Pak fans (aka delusional) and we only remember those above games Hold on to CT win folks...because it will take a long time for your team to fluke another win over India. I can already visualize the hammering we are going to dish out in Asia cup (2 matches) and ultimately on 16th June 2019
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    IPL is like a mini world cup. Like Americans, we should start calling IPL winner "world champions." Screw the world cup. It comes only once in 4 years and one small mistake can cause so much heartache.
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    Kaise din aa gaye hai, Indian cricket fans putting a domestic T20 league over their country's CWC fortunes
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    Players themselves take IPL seriously. Few of them are actually very emotional about their franchise and their own IPL popularity... They won’t any way want to qualify in the WC next round... so will make some excuse and then relax...
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    Kya be??? Kaunsi bhasha hai ye...
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    So you prioritize a league over India's WC chances?
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    They would rather have a 1st round exit at the WC than postponing the IPL
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    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    Won't happen. Do you wanna play "If I was BCCI head....."
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    You can make Modi a Muslim or force Isis to become Buddhists ... But ... But.. but... Thou shant askesth of bcci to reschedule the IPL

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