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    we are still holding our ace
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    Rishab Pant Has Scored a Century Overseas So Early In his test Career.
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    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Don't know about Pak but here is the playing X1 against HongKong
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    Harsha - what do you think of pant's knock Swann - my fav left handed batsman now.. Sanju - easy test runs. Swann - No one said cook scored easy test runs? Don't take anything away from the young lad
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    Or bowl with Varon aerons mask on
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    Some pics from my visit to the Oval today:
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    Rahul Pant Partnership

    Regardless of results or whether there was pressure or no pressure or against "tired" bowlers, this partnership was awesome. Partnership of 204 overseas on a 5th day pitch is awesome. Rahul shot of 6 off of broads short ball and then that swat over mid on to bring up his 100 was majestic. Pant cutting and flicking against broad was so pleasing to watch. It was a high quality partnership. One you can watch on highlights for years to come. Really enjoyed today after I was pissed off in the fourth test. to Rahul and Pant. Fearless batting
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    Is Ravi carrying their 'love child' in his tond
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    Happy Rakshabandhan

    To my ICF sisters @beetle @Mariyam @UrmiSinhaRay @Rasgulla
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    Yeah Anderson will bowl 155 kph bouncers and Cook will hit 50 ball century.
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    Fighting for the independence of Tibet, a good cause
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    The right time was 2015. so we are 3 years too late anyways
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    Cricinfo comments: "Meanwhile, Murali Vijay is progressing nicely for Essex at Notts. 44 n/o."
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    Beaches Coral reefs. The Indian team performing at the Opera house with Sanjay Manjrekar as the lead performer. Anushka sharma clicking selfies with her obnoxious duck face!
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    Some of you may remember after the first day of the first Test at Edgbaston I had a few rants about Kohli and his conduct. Namely the send offs of Root and Bairstow. I just wanted to say how he's won me over. Such a fascinating character. He may be intense and fiery on the field but his honesty and grace off the field has been exemplary. Always seems to have time for people. After day 1 at Edgbaston I wanted to wait outside the entrance on day 2 to abuse him. Now I want to meet him tomorrow at the Oval and give him a pat on the back and say what I really think of him. Virat in the unlikely event you are reading this. Thank you. Thank you for your passion for the game and especially Test cricket. Thank you for entertaining us this summer and showing us your skills. Thank you for leading your side so well to play hard but fair. On behalf of the English cricket community I thank you again and wish you every success against the Aussies.
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    The current Indian selection committe. M. S. K. Prasad (Chairman) Played 6 test matches and 17 ODIs Devang Gandhi Played 4 test matches and 3 ODIs Sarandeep Singh played 3 test matches and 5 ODIs Jatin Paranjpe Played 0 test matches and 4 ODIs Gagan Khoda Played 0 test matches and 2 ODIs
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    Tondulkar talking like a proper bambai chawl gunda. "Koi tereko technique badalne ko bolega, usko bol mil mereko iss gali mein"
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    Bigg Brother

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Rahul Dhawan Rohit DK(wk) Jadhav Dhoni(Specialist Tips giver) Hardik Bumrah Bhuvi Chahal Kuldeep No need of Pandey who has acquired hazardous trait of dragging match till last from old man Dhoni..We have one man enough to do that chewtiyapa.
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    Shastri was so depressed at the closing ceremony when the English players were all spraying champagne , he was crying so much alcohol was being wasted, instead of helping him get wasted.
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    Dhawan should be slapped hard for performing bhangra in a live international match like an idiot, not the place to perform bhangra, especially when you have lost the series 3-1. And i have heard he has delivered an emotional message after the loss in 4th test match some thing like " we are as hurt as you people"
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    We have now been the no.1 test side for 22 months. Congrats everyone! :)
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    Ashwin is like the professor who has set the question paper so difficult that he's struggling to come up with the answer key for it.

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