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    We desperately need a fit Bumrah in this test series. In SA test matches, he bowled with great intensity in most sessions, maintained high speeds of 138 k to 148 k throughout, hit the deck hard and extracted a lot of life out of the pitches and bowled to a plan. He looked hungry to win the tests and never looked like going through the motions. This is what we need ... and not pacers who drop intensity or pace or don't have any plans.
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    These people are also thinking 'last selfie le lo ' before he retires....
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    Ganguly is one of the few men in Indian cricket who knows how to pick youngsters with special talent , back them, motivate them and mentor them. Kohli , on the other hand, does not understand anything about mentoring young talent.
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    You cant get better than 15 Wickets in 2 games.
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    Even at this point, these three are better than Umesh for tests who can leak runs.
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    Bumrah will win us the series.

    Time to look beyond Umesh,Ishant(to some extent)we have others waiting for opportunity,they too have the hunger,Cant believe bowlers lke Umesh and Ishant have been persisted with for so long.Though,Umesh in his entire career, only has bowled with great intensity and pace in Aussie tour of India 2017..but regressed a lot since then,so has given ample reason to look beyond him,Ishant was given a long rope till now in the name of grooming,he actually has bowled with control of late,but going forward dont think he can accompany Bumrah,bowlers like Siraj,Saini should be given decent chances in the longer format as is evident with their recent performances in domestics and A tours,India has the supply line to be best in the world be it in bowling,batting ...but down the line selection panel needs to have some vision,some focus, some planning and lots of honesty with their selection process,not a Rocket Science thing ,can be achieved (glory), with sheer passion to take this team with glorious past to the Peak
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    I would have dropped Ishant if Bumrah and Bhuvi were present. I don't mind Umesh individually but the combination of Umesh and Ishant makes me uncomfortable. I really want us to win this series rather than be fair to individuals. Saini is 25 , Siraj and Rajpoot 24. Pacers need to debut by 22 or 23. Then 2 years or more to mature. If they debut at 26 / 27 and mature at 28 / 29 , how many years will they get bowling at full pace ?
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    Bumrah will win us the series.

    One bowler can’t win series /Thread
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    As we start maturing as a pace bowling nation, I think it is important to reward bowlers who are performing in specific formats and weed out bowlers who are not. As far as tests are concerned, Shami, Bumrah and Bhuvi choose themselves based on performances, as they all have low averages and SRs. Whereas Ishant and Umesh have high averages in tests despite playing for 7 to 10 years. I think some of Siraj, Rajpoot and Saini will do better than these 2 in test matches. We cannot introduce all at once but one at a time. With Bumrah and Bhuvi injured, our pacers could have been say Shami, Siraj, Ishant in the first test. Playing Umesh and Ishant together means we have 2 non wicket-takers and that looks a bigger risk to me. Currently, we have 4 young pacers who have genuine pace. They are Mavi, Khaleel, Nagarkoti and Avesh. Siraj was bowling 135 k to 150 k in the IPL and was quicker than his partner Umesh. And he looked quick in the 4-day A tour game that was streamed live. Saini was bowling 135 k to 145 k in the semi final and final of Ranji Trophy.
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    How is that living in denial ? On what other basis are you supposed to select cricketers on a test tour? That too in England. Someone like Siraj has bowled to Cook in an A game and had taken 7 wickets in these conditions. Shaw and Pant outbatted a senior team member like Vijay in the same conditions. Don't they merit selection based on that?
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    " We are seeing how well those young bowlers are faring against lions. Don’t be under illusion that have great fast bowlers." This is what you said , to which I just pointed out their good performances against the Lions and in other A team matches. I did not say that they will be able to replicate the same against this senior English line-up. You are just changing the goal post here. It is not possible to get readymade great players among debutants at international level. Some above average prospects have to be chosen and given chances in the senior team. All these prospects won't become top players but some of them will. Mavi, Khaleel, Prasidh, Nagarkoti, Siraj, Rajpoot and Saini ... these pacers have the talent and basics to be top international pacers. Among these Siraj, Rajpoot and Saini are ready for test debut and Khaleel and Rajpoot for ODI debut. After debut, they will take some time to mature and even then, only some will come good. For this England test series, if you are looking for a ready and fit rookie fast bowler ... I will choose Siraj based on current form and ability. He has pace and fitness to bowl over after over. I expected him to outbowl Shardul Thakur, Ishant and Umesh if he were chosen for this test series. p.s - I agree that Chahar looks mediocre. 
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    “Beard Of ‘Control’ for Cricket in India” Captain M$D...
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    Shami is definitely not 90 born He looks like Bhuvi and Ishant ka dadu who are also 90 borns. Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    I can understand his pain. He was the man who laid the foundation of a fighting Indian team only to see it being damaged by current regime. In Natwest final we chase 323 in Lords after being 143/5 and 16 years later in the same venue we shut our shop if top 3 gets out.
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    how incompetent bcci internet team is
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    very shameful ,all deserve no less than death penalty
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    Next Pappu should crowd fund his Swiss bank accounts
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    two wrong decisions- PLAYING an UNFIT BHUVI...bhuvi did not bowl one over at 135K so playing bhuvi was a CRAZY decision Dropping KL rahul and playing Kartik ahead of RAHUL...Kartik should have played ahead of DHONI shardul is kinda better than SID Kaul as SId is a total defensive bowler.
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    Patanjali sells Cow Urine for drinking !!!

    Does it come in vanilla flavour?
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    Dhoni should wear tees one size bigger..
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    Vijay - fcuk them, not literally Rahul - enjoy your stay, while it lasts Pujara - meet me after tea
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    Poor bhajji has to be spoonfed to provide something insightful about spin bowling and even then he ends up talking rubbish. But I won't be too critical in that regard as English isn't his strong suit. However he deserves ridicule on things like when he was prompted to talk about which Indian youngsters are most promising and he came out with Karun Nair only for Michael Atherton to embarrass him and mention young talents like Prithvi Shaw & Shubman Gill
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    Rahane is going to be our #4 in WC. KL will be left judging Miss India, Miss Diva, Miss Bangalore, Miss Christ University etc. Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk

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